4 thoughts on “Plastic, People

  1. Skipdogg

    I was staying at a camp site at the weekend, everyone there was drinking bottled water, our group of 7 people must have gone through 20+ water bottles of various sizes. Each camp plot actually had a tap with drinkable water, there was a kitchen with drinkable water. But no one seems to trust tap water and a shed loads of bottles of water from Aldi cost a couple of euro. Are people terrified of tap water? My office in Dublin has a high tech filtered tap and a normal tap. Yet so many people are drinking their own bottled water. A lot of people refill from the filtered tap, that was briefly out of water and a number of people questioned “was it safe” to get water form the normal tap? What is the phobia of tap water?????????

    1. Termagant

      My tap tastes of chlorine. I have to get my drinking water from a well on an industrial state in Wicklow.

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