From top: Mr Adams’ driveway last night and a tweeted response this morning

The homes of two prominent Sinn Féin members, Mr Adams and Bobby Storey, were attacked with explosive devices….The PSNI have said they discovered the remnants of large industrial firework-type devices, capable of causing serious injury, at both scenes.

Adams thankful no one was hurt in ‘serious attack’ (RTÉ)

Top pic: Sky

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6 thoughts on “Dissed

  1. donald

    Very ominous
    The last few days shows groups are up to their old tricks
    Leo coveney need to start getting their act together
    Its funny that when the good Friday agreement broke down last it was under a fine Gael led government
    This needs to be nipped in the bud
    Brexit could put an end to the GFA

  2. RuilleBuille

    I notice only the Alliance party and SDLP have condemned the attack on Adams. Leo made a mealy mouthed plea about violence whilst Martin, Howlin and the unionists are silent.

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