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  1. Ollie Cromwell

    Boris back for the Telegraph.What a great signing.
    Excellent writer,hugely knowledgable,witty and popular.
    Can knock out a thousand words while other hacks are still sparking up a gasper for inspiration.
    Not cheap but worth every penny.
    AND he gets to make a personal statement in the Commons on Monday after his resignation.
    With that and some Moggster-engineered amendments to the Brexit bill due next week May is in for a rough few days.

      1. donald

        Not so
        He just speaks like a public school boy a Billy Bunter type but saying that he is a British MP who is looking after Britains interests
        The UK voted to leave the EU and it could of been prevented if the EU had bent a little and gave Cameron a few concessions to bring back home so he could of pushed a yes vote and won
        Sadly the EU caused this and now we face a Europe falling apart over migration
        Listened to George hook interviewing Brian Hayes and Hayes let the cat out of the bag
        He stated migrants from north Africa and the middle east ,not Syrian refugees
        George hook mentioned that the numbers could be 75000 and Brian Hayes said no but later on stated the figure will be based on performing economy and size of population and due to the fact our economy is booming I would say it will be more
        What ever happened to the Dublin accord?
        And where will they house 10000 migrants let alone 75000 or more
        I see a situation that we too will leave after the UK because after brexit our position will be untenable

        1. ReproBertie

          More garbage from david. The EU gave Cameron concession after concession after concession. Cameron kept going back to the UK with his pocket full of concessions to appease the Sasamachs instead of having the spine to face them down. Had he done it once the UK probably wouldn’t be facing the looming disaster. Hilariously david thinks this makes it the EU’s fault.

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    Well they’re both conservative Brexit-supporting newspapers which reflect the views of the winning side in the referendum.
    The Daily Mirror,which used to represent working class views,is a Remain newspaper which is probably why it’s circulation has bombed from 716,000 in Dec 2016 to 587,000 the following year.

    1. scottser

      So ollie, can we have your opinion on stranglewank raab’s contribution so far? He’s got form in not paying his debts, eh?
      Anyway, enjoy your ‘trade deal’. All that public school must have prepared you well for the complete rogering you’re going to receive ;)

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        “stranglewank ”
        Awww,bless – he’s learned his first dirty word at school.

        1. scottser

          Aww, if you look up raab on wiki it’s in the lead paragraph. Care to address any of the points put to you?
          Nah, didnt think so.

  3. Being British, Can I Just First Apologise For...

    That Times picture….

    Who is Trump’s tailor? Look at the size of that left trouser leg. One simply wonders what could be within…

    1. Gabby

      In mitigation it can be noted that T-Rump’s stockings have a demure modest colour, in contrast to Leo’s loud tones.

        1. SOQ

          Remember when she was dying?

          Or when she had the leg bracelet on?

          Or when she was part of that paedophile ring?

          Good times.

          1. jusayinlike

            No I don’t remember..

            Hillary wears pants suits to disguise her need to use a colostomy bag..

          2. Nigel

            And the ankle bracelet that’s part of her house arrest for being part of a paedophile ring.

      1. mildred st meadowlark


        Isn’t it totes hilaires.

        Coz women’s are never, ever commented on in politics.

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            Yes, I believe it was Giacomo Casanova who said,
            “When in doubt, woo her with a 7 year old One Direction pop video”.

  4. Bernie

    Trump seems to have aged all of a sudden, Melania should trade him in for a younger model…before he does her the dishonour…

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      I can only assume they have a panicky work experience intern on today vetting the posts.
      Probably crapping his strides thinking Jarry might come knocking on the door having been traduced by a cutting-edge comment forum.

      1. Jesús, María, and Josépha

        Obviously you believe you’re on The Journal comments section….

  5. Clampers Outside!

    So, by trans activist logic, no trans person should ever play the role of a person born with the gender they are comfortable in, a ‘cis’ character, if you will… kinda shooting oneself in the foot there…. twits!

    the feckin’ bullies.

    context: Scarlett Johansson’s been bullied out of playing a trans character in the now likely to be canned movie ‘Rub and Tug’

    1. reddit

      Not really, it’s far more nuanced than that, surprised you can’t see that, to be honest. In terms of promoting a better acceptance of a deeply victimised and bullied minority, it would be great if filmmakers were to give trans people a legitimate platform, instead of having “cis” (as you call them) people representing them, as though actual trans people were unpalatable.

        1. INSTAGRAM

          The point is he/she doesn’t use it, but the fact remains, your stance is still at odds with a progressive approach to trans people. And if you continue to miss that point it will be patently obvious to everyone what your real motivations are.

  6. jusayinlike

    As per usual, Suzanne Lynch spreading misinformation about Trump, why isn’t she reporting on the explosive Strozk testimony!!?

  7. Jesús, María, and Josépha

    Kitty Holland nails the Meghan Markle BS in the Irish Times. Much needed injection of sanity. Sindo readers and DLR West Brits choking on overpriced Cavistons as we speak..

    “The fawning over #HarryandMeghan has been pretty nauseating. For clarity, Meghan is no feminist if we care about all women’s rights. They’re a vestige of feudalism and not the company progressive people should keep. A lot of people should have known better.”


  8. johnny

    Digicel Death Watch-test

    Bonds continue to move against the market,downwards hitting new lows this week-mid 60’s.
    IT covered it with a rather odd lede-its just a wrong metric.
    “Digicel debt investors demand 30% interest rate as $2bn refinancing looms”
    The interest rate remains the same,its the price off the bonds that changed NOT the rate,investors are NOT demanding more interest,they are pricing in a default.That 30% assumes you get paid the principal in full which is not reflected in the price,rendering the 30% interest rate metric bananas.
    Rest piece as been covered on here in more detail.

    SBP-‘reveals’-the NTMA is a owner of Digicel bonds-again ‘revealed’ on here earlier in week !

    (this is a test as I’ve had ahem one/two issues with posting and editing-no edit function recently,as a ‘math’ guy my writing/spelling skills are awful,without the edit function,my comments unreadable,apols anyone who tried)

    If this works and as its raining here,I will try post a detailed list/analysis of the Debts owed by Digicel and timing.
    Digicel is running out of time to refinance its bonds,there is considerable concern that it will not be able to execute its planned asset sales to reduce leverage.Its considered a distressed seller and the sharks are circling,who wants catch a falling knife ?
    There is a very small pool of buyers,why buy now when you can sit it out as they are only getting cheaper as deadlines approach.

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