Blessington Lakes reservoir, County Wicklow

Dominic Price tweetz:

Panorama of Blessington Lakes – lots of water in Blessington, rivers flowing too – levels lower but not that serious. Capacity, lack of planning by politicians & leaks, leaks, leaks the problem….

But, but, but what if it never rains again?



We’re saved!

County Offally this afternoon.



Privatise this!

This afternoon.

Curragh Plains, County Kildare.


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49 thoughts on “Full Of It

  1. Martin

    All looks grand from a picture eh?
    However look closer and water sources like local wells and springs and you can see water levels are right down,

    The country isn’t littered with massive man made reservoirs up and down the country, if the government tried to build them during the past 20 years they’d be uproar about loss of land, destruction of habitat etc (and thats completely understandable too). when the gov does try to build water pipeline to a large population centre such as Dublin they also get grief.

    seems they can’t win one way or another

  2. Giggidygoo

    My local well isn’t well down on water.
    You haven’t addressed the leaks situation. Maybe if they tried resolving that in earnest we wouldn’t be discussing water ‘shortages’. The shortages are basically man-made (lack of investment) here

    1. Mysterybeat

      And in the meantime, while they are fixing these leaks, what is your plan?
      The water ‘rationing’ is a completely rational response based on the evidence we have, ie that there are soil moisture deficits above 90mm in the Dublin/Wicklow region, meaning it will be nearly a month of normal summer rain before another drop goes back in to Blessington lake.

      1. Martin

        now, now
        don’t be using silly facts.
        clearly the photo shows there’s plenty of water, so its ok!

        1. jusayinlike

          There’s plenty of water Martin and you’re insinuation that water is drying simply because of one well being down is ludicrous, there’s plenty in all greater Dublin reservoirs and I’m pretty sure it’s the same all over the country..

          1. Rob_G

            While I still can’t quite believe that #FakeHeatwave truthers is an actual thing, it is not at all surprising that both jusayinlike & Bodger subscribe to this theory.

      2. Cú Chulainn

        The rivers are still flowing.. in fact, I had a look at the Dodder earlier, which looked much like it always does in July. So, yes, it didn’t rain in 23 days. I just wish IW would be honest that the reason they need to turn the pressure off at night is because and solely because of the level of leaks. It’s just better for a state agency to be straight. That way people will support it. I’m sick of the lies.

        1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

          River by my house is totally dry, you can walk the river bed and get wet, this hasn’t happened since 1995.

        2. Rep

          River in Castlemartyr is very low. The sewage processing plant there is also amazingly overflowing into it which is just lovely.

  3. Mary Mc Gillifaerie

    Stop this pornography.
    Some of us have children who haven’t been exposed to rain yet.

    You went too far this time Broadsheet.
    Never again.

  4. Ron

    Sick of hearing about this water crap. Let’s call a spade a spade here. The majority of our water is wasted through leakage. Government incompetence is the reason there has been no investment in the water network over the years to fix the leakage. It’s the pass the parcel scenario. They always knew it would eventually be an issue but like most politicians they don’t have any long term strategy. They have a strategy that usually lasts about 5 years. It’s called a get relected strategy. The current water bomb just happened to explode during this government’s term. It could have been any of them and they would have all equally been as incompetent in terms of their ability to manage it.

    Now regarding Irish Water, they have been the sleeveens who are trying to tie the narrative of “look at the water shortages” and how “we need water charges” together. This is the underlying message that is being purposely issued to a lazy press who copy and paste government and state agency press releases to fill the pages of the rags that they have the audacity to call newsworthy sources. If they were genuinely interested in fixing this issue they would be forthcoming in the actual mantra of water levels are so low because we are losing the bulk of it to a network of pipes that hasn’t been serviced in years. They won’t do that because to do that actually exposes the real level of incompetence and mismanagement that has occurred.

    They are going to have to find the money to fix the network and they are going to have to do it out of the ample pot of money raised through taxation in this country. That might mean prudent management of the finances and budget. In my job in the real world it usually means having to cut back on spending in some areas that aren’t providing value for money. In my job when I’m told to find 6% savings to a budget, it’s non negotiable and it just has to be done.

    The problem with this crowd is that they lack the competence to actually do the job of fixing , they lack the will to make decisions to cut back on non value add spend because to derail the gravy train for some usually means they expose having all the blinds on the gravy train opened and it gives Mr and Mrs Citezen a rare glimpse into the life of the elite in this rotton republic.

    So to recap, stop with the lazy narrative of water levels are low due to consumer waste and extravagant use in a time of sunny weather. By all means we have a responsibility to encourage conservation in this time. Its always the citizens that effectively bail them out when the poo hits the fan. That’s been a consistent theme throughout. So when Irish Water on behalf of the Government start actually acknowledging their role in this fiasco and start acknowledging how much they have contributed to the current scenario then they have the moral authority to lecture the rest of us on how we should conserve. Until then, and only until then, should we come together to actually fix this.

    1. scottser

      If you must rant for this long you should at least have the decency to get a round in.

      1. Ger Mc

        I’ll have a Guinness. That rant is definitely one for the pub . Ya can sit next to Scottser . My life is short

  5. Jesús, María, and Josépha

    Breaking News: It’s raining in Wicklow.

    Perhaps it will help put out the fires.

    Now what?

    1. mildred st meadowlark

      It’s been persistently drizzly out my way since this morning.

      Sound the alarms lads, summer is officially over. Tis fierce heavy out all the same.

      1. SOQ

        Nope the sun usually shines on the 12th of July and ALWAYS shines for God’s people on the 4th August. That is Belfast and Cork Prides btw.

  6. Nigel

    If only all you people now passionate about water leaks had bloody well joined in during the 2000s when the issue of water infrastructure, particularly in Dublin, came up time and again, and contacted your local politicians and representatives and voted for people who promised to work on the issue, we might have had some work done on the issue when we has cash to spare. It’s some of the same people warning you now about potentially drastic shortages if the drought continues – and this current rainfall may not be sufficient – instead you’re ignoring what they’re saying to whine about the leakages, nearly two decades too late. You have two problems – potential water shortages and leaks. One is short-term (hopefully) the other long. Screeching about the long-term problem 18 years too late isn’t going to solve the short-term one this summer. Hopefully once we get past the short-term one you won’t conveniently let the long-term one slide again until we have to do all this again next year.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Would you ever eff off you preachy little poo. What do you know about what individuals or groups of activists may or may not have been doing “since the 2000’s”? You’re making some large assumptions there. There is a difference between trying to get our rancid succession of Governments to act, and actual action.

      1. Nigel

        When it came to warnings about infrastructure, heritage, the health service, planning, the dangers of overheating the economy and the likelihood of a property bubble, they were telling the preachy little poos giving the warnings to eff off. Same as it ever was.

  7. george

    I don’t think the water pictured has been processed yet though has it? How much water is processed and ready for use? And can it be processed at the rate it is being used?

  8. George

    Can’t help feeling the €500m spent on water meters could have fixed a fair few leaks. We had the money for the meters but not to improve the infrastructure apparently

      1. george

        That would only help with identifying leaks on the household side which is not the main problem. You are wrong. There would be much more effective ways of identifying leaks.

        1. Baffled

          “There would be much more effective ways of identifying leaks”

          I’ve seen a lot of people claim that this is the case, without offering any plausible examples.

  9. dylad

    It’s pissing here in Galway. We should be all getting crypto infections by this time next week.

        1. Cian

          yeah. Lets close IW and give the water back to the councils. It’ll be like 2007 over again.

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