Bray Wanderers’ Gary McCabe (number 3) embraces John Sullivan (11) last season

After failing to meet an agreed deadline of paying wages owed to players, the FAI announced that sanctions will be imposed on Bray Wanderers, sanctions that don’t go far enough according to Stuart Byrne [who said:]

Shame on the people at Bray Wanderers on the way they have treated the football club over the last three years.

‘You can’t treat it like a Mickey Mouse league’ (RTÈ)

Gerry Mulvey?

Bray Wanderers hit with FAI sanctions over unpaid wages (RTÈ)

Pic: RTÉ

5 thoughts on “Pay Wanderers

  1. Andrew

    What does John Delaney have to say about this I wonder? How much are O’Neill and Keane being paid? Is Denis O’Brien still funding?

  2. Ciaran

    McCabe is number 11 by the way.

    Also what “Stuey” Byrne knows about football wouldn’t fill the back of a postage stamp with a picture of him aimlessly hoofing the ball up the wing.*

    * Admittedly no such postage stamp exists as far as I am aware.

  3. scottser

    let me get this straight. bray wanderers want to build 350 apartments on ground owned by the council and then sell or lease them either privately or back to the council. they have no equity themselves but are promising a new stadium and academy somewhere else on the strength of this proposed income. this business plan being conceived by a party who on the brink of liquidation.
    it’s like 2005 all over again.

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