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A makeover at the intimidating Carlisle Grounds, home of Bray Wanderers, League of Ireland First Division behemoths and Broadsheet‘s local side.


Ah here.

Ah now.

Bray Wanderers’ Gary McCabe (number 3) embraces John Sullivan (11) last season

After failing to meet an agreed deadline of paying wages owed to players, the FAI announced that sanctions will be imposed on Bray Wanderers, sanctions that don’t go far enough according to Stuart Byrne [who said:]

Shame on the people at Bray Wanderers on the way they have treated the football club over the last three years.

‘You can’t treat it like a Mickey Mouse league’ (RTÈ)

Gerry Mulvey?

Bray Wanderers hit with FAI sanctions over unpaid wages (RTÈ)

Pic: RTÉ


bwplan1862 Bray Athletic Grounds/Carlisle Grounds, Bray, Co. Wicklow (top), Bray Wanderers Strategic Plan (above)

Further to the Sunday Business Post story on the future of the Bray Wanderers and the inclusion of a new 4500 seat stadium in their future strategic plan.

Bray Wanderers shareholders will lobby present their plans to Councillors tonight in Bray at a public meeting.

Bray Wanderers who currently lease the Carlisle Grounds from the town council cite that the old grounds are not big enough for their future plans and that there is a need to aquire a site outside of Bray for their new greenfield leisure complex.

Steven Matthews, Green Party said:

If they (Bray Wanderers) want to go, it’s up to them, we haven’t initiated any process to ask them to leave. It’s the remit of the councillors to decide what happens to the land. It’s public land, it belongs to the council and we have no plans to develop it.

Any developer looking at Bray would say: There’s one I’d like to keep an eye on.

*drops fish and chips*

Save The Carlisle Grounds (Facebook Public Group)

Bray Wanderers Owners Push For Carlisle Grounds Land Swap (Sunday Business Post)

Paul Cahill (photo credit: Bray Wanderers Strategic Plan)