Limerick You’re A Payday


Bring Your Limericks To Limerick.

And win FIVE HUNDRED euro!

A celebration of humour and bawdiness in anapestic meter.

Part of the Limerick Literary festival, August 24-26.

Lisa and Dominic, of the Limerick Writers Centre, write:

We wanted to reach out to let you know about our limericks competition  [details below]final in Limerick.  The first prize is €500 this year…

…After this year’s event we are going to try to get the final collection of the Limericks published and we will publish some of the performances on YouTube….

Samples welcome below.

4 thoughts on “Limerick You’re A Payday

  1. papa p

    There was a young man from Limerick
    Who didn’t know how to write Limericks
    So instead he wrote a Haiku
    And did that incorrectly.
    Boom. Your welcome.

  2. Fuzzy Duck

    Should you find yourself sat in a cab
    En route to a city so drab
    That its only claim to fame
    Is a poem of the same name
    Write your own; just give it a stab

  3. Paulus

    Well at least here the prize that they proffer
    Is worth chasing them up on their offer
    Unlike Broadsheet’s voucher;
    should I prove I’m no sloucher?
    And try adding this loot to my coffer.

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