Media Barred


This morning.

Pre-Budget Forum, Dublin Castle, Dublin 2


Pic: Michelle Byrne


Minister of State with special responsibility for disabilities, Finian McGrath and  Minister for Employment Affairs Social and Protection, Regina Doherty speaking to the media outside the forum’s main session.



18 thoughts on “Media Barred

  1. king alatriste

    the media may be barred but inm columnist and consumer expert Sinead Ryan seems to be sitting at the table.

  2. Jake38

    Boy, that sounds like a riveting meeting. I can understand Kittys fury at not being let in.

  3. Optimus Grime

    Hmmm are they not all down in Kerry hill walking? It can only mean one thing they are flying kites about cuts to social welfare!!

  4. A Person

    Get over yourself. FFS why do journos think they are entitled to be at everything? Maybe they are banned as they give a warped “judgement” of what really was said. Even Broadsheet do the same – read postings on the McCabe tribunal.

  5. john f

    Jesus a couple of months ago the media scandal was the strategic communications unit (or the Ministry of truth). Then there was the scandal involving the government taking out ads for Ireland’s 2040 that were presented as favourable articles. Nowadays it’s this sort of thing and all the crap coming out at the disclosures tribunal.
    We need to take a serious look at media ownership and operation in Ireland. Politicians have sidestepped this issue for years.

  6. realPolithicks

    Hardly surprising as regina docherty comes across as a very arrogant person, but sure they weren’t barred they just weren’t allowed in (aka mandatory but not compulsory).

  7. Andrew

    I’ll take with a pinch of salt anything Kitty Holland says. If another journalist backs up her claim then fine.

  8. Jesús, María, and Josépha

    Gwan the Kitty! Best journo in the Irish Times!

    But just count the number of wimmin on the top table. Gender balance?

    If goes to show the issue is not gender but class and power. Though the correlation is that women are in a class with no power.

    Still waiting for the IT Women’s Podcast with the two white middleclass Sandymount that do it about the Danielle Carroll summer school. Can someone share the link?

  9. donny

    I suppose Leos SCUnit will be active spinning the facts
    Meanwhile brexit looms and we have no clue what is coming
    All we know is the WTO has the final say
    Even the EU has to play by the rules

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