Your Country Needs You


Luke Ming Flanagan MEP writes:

Do you want Ireland to be part of a European Army? I certainly don’t. Please watch and Ret


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31 thoughts on “Your Country Needs You

  1. scottser

    the way things are headed, being able to shoot and defend yourself may well be a skill worth picking up

  2. fez

    He could have done with a few flashy videos rather than this which comes across as paranoid conspiracy theorist

  3. Cross Legged Most of the Time

    Its a catch 22 now. The E.U along with ourselves has expanded in to a collective global economic monster. Does he want to run with the hare and hunt with the hound! You cant really have it both ways. Should we be collectively financially expansionary and yet kiss me arse when it comes to united protection. I and probably most E.U. citizens wish for an endless time when military protection for the collective European and global population simply isnt necessary. The wealthier we become the less likely that is to be the case and unfortunately a repercussion of this growing power and wealth is a necessity to protect it. That or we just chance sending the Russians for example a strongly worded letter.

  4. Dr.Fart MD

    if we join an EU army we become more of a target for the one thing a european army is assembling to protect itself from. And it’s something that isn’t threatening us at the moment. What have the EU done for us to warrant giving away irish lives for? We’ve already covered 42% of the entire continents bank debt, that should be enough. But of course, if your dumb enough to do that, expect them back for more. They got our money the last time, now theyre calling on us to sacrifice our lives. And we seem to be doing it. Why do irish politicians undervalue the country, its resources and people so heavily. All flogged off for nothin.

  5. Baffled

    I’m old enough to remember supposedly sensible people saying that passing the Maastricht referendum would result in Irish 18 year olds being conscripted into a “European army”. This is more of the same drivel.

    1. Termagant

      Why are you putting “European army” in inverted commas like that? That’s what PESCO is for.

  6. Alan mc gee

    I certainly don’t want to be in an army with Luke Ming Flanagan. he’d be all ‘hey man let’s get stoned in the officers mess’ and the next thing he’d be promoting himself to comrade supreme leader and ordering your familys execution. no thanks Mong

    1. Ron

      usually one resorts to name calling when they can’t actually engage in debate about the substantive facts of what one is saying.

      Those that cry the same ol rubbish about Ming with the jaded “conspiracy theorist” label usually fit into two buckets:

      Bucket 1: Part of the group of filth who have been lording it over the citizens of this country and whose very wealth and way of life is trhreatened by the exposure of the facts.

      Bucket 2: Just a brainwashed dimwit with absolutely no capability of independent thought and willing to believe anything they are told by those very people in power.

        1. Dr_Chimp

          Bucket 3: they are correct, Ming is what they say he is and you are the one with the blinkers on

  7. ReproButina

    How does a quote from Brian Hayes saying “there is a debate happening on neutrality and there should be” (I’m paraphrasing) in anyway indicate that he is trying to unpick the triple lock? It seems a very selective quote and it’s presented without context.

    1. Topsy

      The auld “without context” explanation has become very popular in debates. Means nothing, but lob it in for effect.

      1. ReproButina

        Well that’s a pretty stupid thing to say. Quoting out of context is a great way to present apples as pears.

  8. john f

    In fairness to Ming he is dead right on this issue. The Irish government loves doing things in this secretive rushed manner when they know it’s going to be contentious.
    Personally, I have written emails to all the elected TDs in my constituency calling for a referendum on the issue of neutrality.
    In the current times it’s relatively easy for people like Ming to get their message out to podcasts, Facebook and YouTube videos et cetera. Before they were semi censored by state media outlets. In these times ignorance is a choice.
    It’s sweet that he is coming to NUIG, it’s 10 minutes away. I will be sure to pop along to that.

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