Lost In The Zoo


From top: Map of Dublin Zoo: HTC One M8

Italia ’90 writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but, can I ask your assistance in trying to reconnect my lost and very lonely HTC One M8 that I lost on a recent trip to Dublin Zoo.

G Raffe has been of great assistance but can only see so far out of his enclosure. It was last used inside the zoo according to my tracker and whatsapp and I had it in my hand on Chesterfield Ave, directly opposite the zoo entrance.

I put up a couple of small Lost & Found signs on a tree behind a white bench as that’s where I sat for a few minutes and contemplated how good life can be from time to time. :)


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15 thoughts on “Lost In The Zoo

    1. italia'90

      Cheers Joe. Have the 9 & 10 for work. This had no sim and anyone in the family could use it wherever they could find free wifi :) just photos of trips and contacts and a few decent apps on it. We’ve had it a long long long time.

      1. Joe Small

        So obviously no phone finding software to help then. Pity.
        New HTC was a bit pricey for me so switched to Xiomi – also good but cheaper.

  1. dav

    since we devote so much of lives to our mobile devices, is it not wise to back things up more often??

    1. italia'90

      it’s a generic phone, but we back it up every Friday, along with everything else :)
      it was a monkey in a blushirt who ooh ooh ooh did it right? :) :) :)
      Hope all is well with you Dav

    1. Boj

      Are you having a Giraffe? It looks like some other long necked mammal, it’s just on the tip of my tongue (which is 18-20 inches away from me).

      1. italia'90

        Good man Topsy.
        Stick with the therapy, it’s obviously working wonders for ya me oul shagocia.
        There’s remedial spelling books available in all good libraries if you care to venture out from your Mammies…

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