The Change Gang


‘Change Makers’.

Featuring Gemma O’Doherty, Seamus Maye, Anna Kavanagh and Alo Mohan.

On Monday, August 13 in St Canice’s Neighbourhood Hall, Butts Green, Kilkenny City, County Kilkenny at 7:45pm with a suggested donation of €5.

Activist & Artist Facilitator Johnny Keenan (him off the telly!), writes:

Some of Ireland’s leading campaigners for change come together for an evening to speak about corruption and its impact on democracy and the public good.

From the worlds of journalism, banking, education, farming and the courts, the speakers will discuss their own battles in tackling wrongdoing at the hands of state institutions.

And why local communities need to stand up against corruption in all its guises in order to create a fairer society that holds power to account and makes the best use of public money.

Rhyme  n Reason presents Change Makers in Kilkenny (Facebook)

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7 thoughts on “The Change Gang

  1. Bernie

    Good on you Johnny, you definitely walk the walk. If I was home, I would go, but I’ll be away. Wish you all the best for the night.

  2. Truth in the News

    Whats needed is the restablishment of the Center of Public Inquiry, We should
    start a Crowd Funding initiative

    1. Airey Naïve

      WHy? Didn’t Sinn Fein/IRA rob enough money to fund it and make Frank Connolly O/C. It’s a surveillance organisation FFS.

      Like they’d have investigated Uncle Jarry and Mairia Cahill etc…

  3. Truth in the News

    The most successful heist or robbery was the bale out carried out by Cowen and Co
    and implemented by Kenny and Howlen….then we should look at who funds them
    and how Cowens predecessors got the Provo’s going initially and we need a good
    trawl on who bank rolled the Mad Mullah;s outfit….the bits at blew out of the recycling
    bin hardly told the whole story….Jerry and the Cahill Family are only a side show to
    divert our attention from the “Real Robbers”.

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