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This afternoon.

Presidential hopeful Gemma O’Doherty (top right) is seeking the votes of 20 members of the Oireachtas to secure a nomination to contest the Presidency of Ireland before tomorrow’s deadline, including from Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald (above left with her party’s Presidential candidate Liadh Ní Riada).

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This morning.

Ahead of Wednesday’s deadline, Gemma O’Doherty has secured a nomination to contest the Presidency of Ireland.

Ms O’Doherty will need four council nominations with Sligo, Kildare, Donegal, and Louth left to decide or the support of 20 Oireachtas members.

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Update: Donegal and Sligo are not holding a vote on nominations and therefore Ms O’Doherty has run out of councils and must now rely on TDs and Senators.

Saturday: Early Evening Presidential Matters


Gemma O’Doherty addressing Dublin City Council chamber yesterday

Yesterday, Gemma O’Doherty was among a number of Presidential hopefuls including Peter Casey, John Goarke and Sarah Louise Mulligan to make their case to Dublin City Council.

Councillors chose to discard all nomination following disruptions during an address by comedy candidate Norma Burke aka Bunty Twuntingdon McFluff.

Ms O’Doherty told councillors:

As a proud Ranelagh woman who grew up just up the road from here it’s a honor to be here today but I would like to pay tribute to the brave young men and women who are currently occupying properties in the city and trying to draw attention to the appalling housing crisis that our city and country now face.

I would like to put on the record of this chamber that I am profoundly disturbed at the sight of men in balaclavas coming down to our city, guarded by our police force, and removing these young people, who are desperate, who cannot afford even to dream of buying a house in this city, never mind renting one, and my reason for seeking this nomination is in furtherance of my desire to serve the cause of truth, justice and integrity for the Irish people.

I believe that our relatively young nation is suffering from a culture of corruption and clientism which is deeply damaging to democracy and to the relationship between politicians and citizens.

I believe that the presidency can set the standard for the sort of democracy that we all want to live in, one that respects citizens’ right to truth and justice, the right to affordable housing, the right to a first world health care service, the right to a publicly owned safe and reliable water supply and the right to a free press.

Most of my work in investigative journalism has focused on exposing wrongdoing within the criminal justice system. A number of my investigations have let to the reopening of murder files including that of Niall Molloy and Mary Boyle, our longest and youngest missing person.

During my work at the Irish Independent, where I spent almost 20 years, I worked with Maurice McCabe and was one of the first journalists to expose the very serious allegations that he was trying to highlight, and as part of my work I was responsible for exposing I suppose an elite that had been operating in this country and continue to operate people who are going onto the roads of our country and doing whatever speeds they liked.

Some of these people were judges, some of them were state solicitors, journalists, crime reporters and newspaper editors.

As part of that particular work I exposed the fact that the Garda Commissioner, the former Garda Commissioner, was also abusing the penalty points system and that resulted in the end of my career at INM. I was forced to take a case to the High Court, where I was successful.

Since then, I have been highlighting injustice and organizing a number of trips to foreign parliaments with victims of state corruption and these have included Stormont, Brussels, Westminster and Washington DC, where I have visited with citizens who have been denied justice and spoke to foreign MPs and MEPs and tried to highlight cases that Irish governments have turned their back on.

As I said earlier I am very concerned about the housing and health crisis and I believe that boundaries of the presidency can be pushed out in order to stand up and defend those who have lost their voices in this country. I believe that there are many of them now.

Many more people become voiceless every day in our city and our country and they are the people I would like to defend.

Thank you very much for listening to me today.

Watch here (from 23.33)

Dublin City Council votes not to endorse any presidential candidate following ‘outrageous’ scenes (Independent.ie)

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They Are Laughing At You

Journalist and presidential hopeful Gemma O’Doherty at Sligo County Council today

Earlier today.

At Sligo County Council.

Where the council heard from several presidential hopefuls seeking a nomination…

Marese McDonagh, in The Irish Times, reports:

Ms [Gemma] O’Doherty clashed with the Cathaoirleach, Fianna Fáil councillor Martin Baker and officials who had asked an unidentified person filming in the public gallery to stop or to leave the chamber after strong objections from Fine Gael councillor Hubert Keaney.

She said the public was entitled to see what is happening “in our chamber” . “What are you afraid of?” she asked.

After the would-be candidates finished their contributions and withdrew from the chamber, Councillor Keaney said he had asked that the rules be observed and he did not want the impression to go out that the council was against free speech.

Seán Gallagher asks councils to nominate other candidates (The Irish Times)

Yesterday: Mid Morning Presidential Matters

Pic: Gemma O’Doherty


Independent Cllr Jimmy Guerin at Fingal County Council this afternoon

This afternoon.

At Fingal County Council.

Independent Cllr for Howth-Malahide Jimmy Guerin – the brother of the late journalist Veronica Guerin – made a seven-minute address to the council in relation to journalist and presidential hopeful Gemma O’Doherty, for which he received applause.

It follows Ms O’Doherty telling people present at a recent anti-corruption meeting in Waterford that she believed there was state collusion in the murder of Ms Guerin.

At the outset of his address, Cllr Guerin said Ms O’Doherty’s comments were “hurtful”, “offensive” and “disgusting”.

He also said:

“For the record, and to be very clear, there was never one cent, let alone €10million found in my shed. And to be very honest, if there was, I’d probably be lying in the sun now, missing you all.

“But it is something that needs to be addressed. In 2014, April, a lock-up, one of seven small units in the building that was owned by me was let out. When a tenant left, the cleaners went in and discovered 43 boxes of large sheets of paper that appeared to be used in an attempt to print money.

“Had it been finished, it could have produced €3.3million. However, it was unfinished. As soon as we became aware we notified the gardai, an arrest was made, the person was prosecuted, subsequently pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced by the court on the 2nd of March, 2015.

“Therein lies the basis of Ms O’Doherty’s allegation that €10million was found in my shed. And if it were my shed, my garden is five miles long.

“And this week, I read on social media, from supporters of Ms O’Doherty, the gardai placed the €10million there to compromise me, others claimed it was an inducement to keep me quiet about Veronica’s death.

“It was also stated by Ms O’Doherty in Clare chamber, and on social media, that I was a bully. People can judge that, some might agree.

“But I do find it offensive and I reject it. And I also find it ironic because I was responsible, with the help of Chief Executive and the staff of introducing the anti-bullying institute schemes for primary schools in seven of the schools in Fingal. And when the money ran out, I undertook and have, over the last week, along with [his wife] Louann successfully raised, I think we had a target of €15,000, we’re at €13,000, so as every other school who applied in Fingal could be facilitated and that’s why I find it hard.

“And I’ve reasons to hate bullies and to be opposed to it.

“Now, as I’ve said, I can defend myself but you see, no one can libel the dead, people can say what they wish.

“And it’s 22 years since Veronica was brutally murdered. Time doesn’t make it easier but it hurts when a presidential candidate, who in my view is going nowhere, for cheap publicity, tries to speak ill of my sister and make unfounded allegations against her and this state.

“A great sense of comfort, at the time of Veronica’s murder, was how this state and the various State agencies reacted and helped us and it was a great sense of comfort for my mother.

“And I can speak probably better than most with authority on this matter. Not just because I’m her brother but because myself and Louann spent years, day in and day out, and we attended each and every one of Veronica’s trials. And we did that because we wanted to learn the truth.

“Because the truth is important to victims.

“So these hurtful, poisonous, unfounded allegations that Ms O’Doherty makes insult not only Veronica’s memory but the many gardai who literally put their lives on the line and challenge the gangs that were responsible for her killing.

“It insults the prosecutors who fearlessly brought the evidence before the courts. It insults the judiciary, who heard the evidence, without fear or favour. It insults the thousands of ordinary people who contacted our family and were a great sense of support for us in a most difficult time.

“There was no conspiracy or State involvement in this case. Veronica wasn’t murdered because she was a journalist. She wasn’t murdered because of what she wrote or what she was about to write.

“She was murdered because she wasn’t prepared to be bullied by John Gilligan into dropping charges against him for a most vicious assault which would have ended in his drug empire collapsing.

“They’re the facts, I know that and I’m satisfied with that. And in 22 years, there are only two people that I have come across that say John Gilligan was not responsible for arranging Veronica’s murder.

“One is John Gilligan, the second is Gemma O’Doherty.

“I always ignored John Gilligan – he’s not worthy of it. For years, I ignored Ms O’Doherty. But now that she’s seeking a nomination to be president, it makes it all the more difficult to do.

“And I know for a number of years she has been obsessed with Veronica. I’ve seen the emails and they too are hurtful. But it’s when it’s brought into the public domain, it’s really hurtful.

“And you know I didn’t want to be coming here today and taking up your time and addressing this subject and it’s not easy but I would rather Ms O’Doherty found something else to use to get publicity. There’s no conspiracy, no State involvement.

“And I would ask her to allow my sister rest in peace.”

Follow the proceedings in Fingal County Council here

Presidential hopefuls at Kerry County Council including (right to left) Gavin Duffy, Jimmy Smyth, Gemma O’Doherty and William Delaney

This lunchtime.

On RTÉ Radio One’s News at One.

Paschal Sheehy reported from Kerry where several presidential hopefuls addressed county councillors – including journalist Gemma O’Doherty – in a bid to secure a nomination for the presidency.

Before playing a clip of Ms O’Doherty speaking to members of the media, Mr Sheehy told show host Claire Byrne:

“Gemma O’Doherty is running on an anti-corruption platform. Now, she refused to discuss with us, afterwards, her reason for raising, sorry..she refused to discuss with us her allegation that Veronica Guerin had been murdered by the State. But she did go into the reasons why she is running for a nomination for he presidency with us.”

Ms O’Doherty then said:

“Well, I believe that the Irish people are greatly concerned about the toxic culture of corruption and cronyism that has infested our state. And I think there is huge concern about the fact that their taxes are being squandered by this government on a daily basis. I feel an awful lot of citizens have been denied the right to truth and justice. They have great concerns about the functioning of our criminal justice system.

“They feel they have been denied the right to a decent healthcare system, to affordable housing. I’m greatly concerned about the crisis of homelessness in our state and really I think that people feel that there’s a disconnect between the political elite, the media and citizens on the ground.

“And these are the areas that I want to raise and I believe that the presidency can be a sanctuary for people who feel disenfranchised and feel alienated from the governing elite in this country.”

Listen back in full here.


Top Pic: Kerry County Council

The Change Makers.

In Balor Arts Centre, Balleybofey. County Donegal at 8pm.

Presidential hopeful Gemma O’Doherty writes:

Tonight we will be in Donegal for the next leg of our anti-corruption tour of Ireland.

We will be discussing how taxpayers’ money is being squandered to look after the tiny golden circle who run our country.

Cavan farmer Alo Mohan will be talking about fraud in agriculture, which is a huge drain on the public purse.

Businessman Seamus Maye will speak about the cartels that dominate Irish industry preventing small indigenous firms from getting ahead. He will also focus on post office closures, their impact on rural communities and the solutions that are being ignored.

Bundoran local Patricia McCafferty will talk about her work as a traffic warden which came to an end after she refused to bend the rules.

I’ll be discussing my Mary Boyle investigation, Garda malpractice and how the mainstream media is failing the public by turning a blind eye on stories of huge importance involving the abuse of citizens’ rights.

We look forward to hearing how corruption has impacted on your lives too.

Everybody’s welcome. See you tonight!

Gemma O’Doherty (Facebook)

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They Are Laughing At You

This afternoon.

Meath County Council, Navan County Meath

Gemma O’Doherty, among a number of Presidential hopefuls making their pitches to three local councils.

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Journalist and Presidential hopeful Gemma O’Doherty

A selection of tweets from journalists this week following Gemma O’Doherty’s declared intention on Sunday night to seek a nomination to run for President of Ireland.

Including messages from Peter Murtagh, of The Irish Times, Matt Cooper, of Today FM, Kitty Holland, of The Irish Times,  journalist and broadcaster Eamonn McCann; Róisín Ingle , of the Irish Times and a tweet from Michael O’Regan, of the Irish Times highlighted by Diarmuid O’Flynn of Ballyheas Says No.

The Aras tilt follows a speech given last month at the Danielle Carroll Summer School, where, with a particular focus on the media, Ms O’Doherty attacked corruption in Irish life.


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Top pic: Rollingnews

Tweets from banking whistleblower Jonathan Sugarman and Presidential hopeful Gemma O’Doherty last night.

Presidential hopeful ‘stalked online’ (Jennifer Bray, The Times Ireland Edition)

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Jonathan Sugarman on Broadsheet

Gemma O’Doherty on Broadsheet