We Couldn’t Get Much Higher


Saucer-eyed ‘revellers’ at Electric Picnic 2017

Every week, we give away a voucher worth TWENTY FIVE Euros to spend at any of the many Golden Discs Stores nationwide.

This week’s theme: Festival high.

What live performance at a Summer festival – in Ireland or ‘abroad’ – remains burned in your memory FOREVER.

One glorious moment in a field off your bin or just high on life.

To enter,  please complete this sentence;

‘My most euphoric festival moment was watching________________performing______________because_________________’

Lines Must Close at 5.15pm extended until MIDNIGHT!

Golden Discs

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88 thoughts on “We Couldn’t Get Much Higher

  1. Optimus Grime

    My most euphoric festival moment was watching Mercury Rev performing The Dark is Rising at Witness many moons ago because it was so mind blowingly expansive and beautiful I could barely take it all in…coz I was so drunk!

  2. Bertie Blenkinsop

    I have been to a million gigs but I’ve never been to a festival, I don’t like sleeping away from my own bed. :)

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Same here! Well, same here re: a festival. My issue is Portaloos. *shudder*

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Sadly, we shall never consummate our torrid relationship with the sex now I’ve heard that.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            this was yonks ago

            colon cells regenerate after a week, entire skin is replaced every month, blood cells within a year, you get a new skeleton entirely in 10 years

            I’M A NEW ME

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Bet you still have a bit of a bang of chemicals and poo off you, though.
            It’s like Proust’s madeleines. Cept not really.

          3. Bertie Blenkinsop

            This is like Love Island, Mildred and I might be restored as the nation’s sweethearts again…..

          4. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Ah, you were never knocked from the pedestal. We’re arriviste idiots: you two are The Originals(TM).

          5. Brother Barnabas


            they’ll be still taking walks along the beach, while we’re at it like a pair of bonobo chimps

  3. Boj

    ‘My most euphoric festival moment was watching Daft Punk performing Alive @ Oxygen 07 because it was a complete eye-opener which genuinely changed me. Up until then I was completely quite conservative and against the whole festival thang. That weekend however, I ‘flipped the lid’ and ‘went large’ BIG TIME! I got completely (over) engrossed by the whole experience, everything that could happen to someone at a festival, happened to me that weekend. It basically taught me…not to care!!! Stuff robbed, tent burned, car tires burst/windows smashed, lost friends, found friends, lost everyone. No wallet, no memory, no cop-on. I crowd dived, I did drugs, I had sex and I danced. It was simply fantastic.
    (after reading that over I sound a bit like TerryMcM…haha)….*feel free to take that bit out*

      1. scottser

        definite winner, except i wonder would boj actually know what to do with a vinyl record?

        1. Brother Barnabas

          wont be a problem – i think broadsheet prizes are more theoretical than actual

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Untrue. I got cinema tickets once! Took weeks of badgering, though. Not Broadsheet’s fault; they were ver’ helpf’

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?


            *jealous due to missing chance of punnage

        2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Boj, hey buddy are you looking for a friend?
          I always get sidetracked by the name.

  4. Yep

    Most most euphoric festival moment was watching the Beastie Boys at the Big Day out in Galway playing Sabotage because… We. All. Lost. Our. Poo.

    Wet day. Damp performances (Cornershop lost their gear and had to play an acoustic set. Odd). It had that q for your token then drink deal but when that tune kicked in those precious pints were dropped or thrown with a smile as thousands screamed Sabotage and began moshing/dancing/flailing to that tabsolute banger of a tune….Jaysus it was great.

  5. $hifty

    My most euphoric festival moment was watching Underworld performing at the first Homelands gig in Mosney 1999, because it was the first ever proper dance music festival in the country, and Irish people just weren’t at all prepared for it. There were lads wearing shoes and shirts, birds in dresses and miniskirts and basically three quarters of the crowd were dolled up like they were going to an 8 hour long nightclub. At one stage, late in the evening, I overheard some youngwan lamenting the fact she was going to have to dump her 6-inch high heels cos they were getting stuck in the muck, were too manky to clean properly and were pretty much useless. The train journey home was surreal, it looked like the waiting room in Beetlejuice.

  6. Joe cool

    my most euphoric feeling at a festival was definitely faithless at witness. Unbelievable with tiles coming off the ceiling they were that powerful

  7. scottser

    my most euphoric feeling at a festival was standing at the top of a tower of people at feile 1991 while christy moore sang ‘lisdoonvarna’, while high on budweiser and really bad dope. i lost 2 teeth when the tower collapsed :)

    1. Cian

      Gosh – that reminds me of seeing a crown try to build one of those towers at a RHCP gig in the Phoenix Park.
      When a security guard went over to give out to them and tell them to stop, they grabbed him and started dragging him up the tower.

      What jolly japes!

      1. scottser

        also, a pogues christmas gig in the point around 2003, i think? bouncers trying to pull all the moshers out and meself and the lads pulling them back in, much to their chagrin. it was deadly craic letting them get hold and then wriggling free. no teeth lost, but i still have no clue where my t-shirt went.

        1. Bertie Blenkinsop

          Those Pogues Christmas gigs were nuts, mild compared to the Housemartins in the Olympic Ballroom though back in the day….

  8. seanydelight

    My most euphoric festival moment was watching Flaming Lips performing at Forbidden Fruit (the first time) because we’d shimmied our way to the front and as I turned around to see the crowd behind, the huge multi coloured balloons that Wayne Coyne was throwing from the stag were starting to pop – they were filled with glitter confetti, and the sun was setting in the west behind them (the way the stage faced at that time). I never listened to the Flaming Lip before that moment. Magic. When I turned back the stage was full of dancing Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz characters. Think they opened with Race for the Prize, but cant remember that bit.

    Also he done this…..


    Total showman! Blew me away!

      1. Frilly Keane

        No actually

        It was just the oceans of the stuff ….
        Like been lost in the Everglades Swamps
        Only colder and wetter
        And muck….

        Getting shivery now just being reminded

  9. Starina

    My most euphoric festival moment was watching New Order performing at Forbidden Fruit in 2012 because I’d been a huge fan since I was about 15, wayyy back in the mid-90s, and had never gotten to see them. I grew up in small-town America and you don’t get actual good bands touring there. Watching New Order was so surreal, here were some living legends right in front of me, and I knew so many anecdotes about their lives it almost felt like seeing friends. I admit, I cried some happy tears.

    On a related note, my second-most euphoric moment at a festival was seeing Johnny Marr at Electric Picnic in 2013; he started playing ‘Getting Away With It’ and I let out a huuuuge whoop…in an otherwise completely silent tent. Marr started laughing. Bliss.

  10. millie st murderlark

    This is an all out lovely post. Some truly excellent commentage.

    I leave the country for half a day and look what happens. Great reading altogether.

    For what it’s worth, I genuinely can’t remember the best night ever. Something to do with YOKESYOKESYOKES

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      You can’t remember it because it hasn’t happened yet.

      (best read in an Antonio Banderas voice)

      1. Brother Barnabas

        genuine LOL there

        read last line of mildred’s comment and thought ‘surely bertie’s got something to say here’

      2. millie st murderlark

        My reply is not the type I can post here. I’d upset Chompsky’s delicate sensibilities.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            BB sounds like Ross O’Carroll-Kelly and I sound like a slightly more nasal Rachel Allen.

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Can you imagine? Desperate.
            In fact, I just sound like a Mucker-With-Notions.

  11. Eoin

    For me it was Gomez at the Reading Festival in 2000… Lashed rain all day Saturday…tent destroyed… They started off with Whipping Piccadilly and had everyone in the palm of their hands after that…Beck and Pulp followed after…super night

  12. DaithiG

    My most euphoric festival moment was Richie Hawtin performing at Witnness in 2013 because I’d just been arrested for smoking hash but they never found the two yokes buried with the lint deep in my pocket.
    Mug shot taken,
    Lecture given,
    Double drop and straight to the dance tent NOT GIVING A F**K!!

        1. DaithiG

          US immigration don’t look too kindly on those kind of things.
          They let me in in the end, in fact I’m living in the US now, but they didn’t make it easy.

  13. Halfahead

    My most euphoric festival moment was at Feile 92 watching David Byrne through a haze of litter being thrown in the air by the crowd.

  14. Walter Ego

    My most euphoric festival moment was watching The Orb performing Perpetual Dawn in the lashing rain at Electric Picnic 2008, because just 5 weeks previously i had lost a very good mate through a tragic fatal accident. I was devastated and wasn’t in the mood for anything but my friends insisted i go. It ended up being one of the best weekends in my life ever, finishing up with dancing my ass off to The Orb in the Body & Soul area with them on the Sunday night in the pouring rain. It was the catharsis i badly needed that helped me cope.

  15. Termagant

    My most euphoric festival moment was watching Nick Cave performing We Call Upon The Author because I was hardcore mashed on a litre of dark rum and some [redacted] and thought through those lyrics that I’d uniquely achieved a complete understanding of the fundamental nature of life and the universe, in reality I was just spinning around and around.

  16. The only loser on the bus

    Fatima Mansions.
    Finsbury Park, I think, in 1992 or 1993.
    (If you can remember, you probably weren’t there.)

    Where was I? Oh yeah… Finsbury Park, I think…

    The band were MENTAL.
    Cathal Couglan hit himself on the forehead so many times that he started to bleed.
    (That isn’t as gross as it sounds.)
    Maybe you had to be there.

    I went mental too and impressed a young lady from Waterford so much that we had sexual-relations that night. She never told me her name, which was handy. I wouldn’t have remembered it anyway.

      1. The only loser on the bus

        Thanks for not rifiling me gaff when I sneaked off to work the next morning.
        – Were you asleep or just pretending to be asleep?

      2. The only loser on the bus

        It was very judicious of you to NOT tell me your name was Fidelma until after the fact.

        The Head=Nun in my Primary school was called Sister Fidelma.

        Can we change the subject, please?

  17. The only loser on the bus

    Message to the Mods


    I have no interest in winning.
    All of my entries are just casual.
    You can’t spend Golden Discs’ tokens in Tower Records, I think.

    But yeah, still…
    Fatima Mansions… I never witnessed such raw passion anywhere else.
    – Best thing to come out of Cork since the road to Dublin, EVER!!!!!

  18. Niallo

    Has to be primal scream at feile who came back on in semple stadium after the last act finished when most people had left and did what seemed like a 2 hour set with andy weatherall.
    Really caught a lot of people on the hop as this whole “DJ” thing was still relatively new, was the most chilled out yet engaged and uplifting gig i have ever witnessed, and i’ve seen ray charles playing to a crowd in wexford who had no idea who he was and were instantly converted, but thats another story entirely.
    I mention primal screams unscheduled gig in thirles as it only just exlipsed the first time i seen them in the national stadium, that was a strange experience, the crowd was a mix of ravers, punks, bikers, students, old hippies, mods and all points in between.
    It was strange wathcing them all in their own little groups melt into each other as screamadelica melted the barriers between them.
    Come together indeed :o

      1. The only loser on the bus

        I took my son to see Primal Scream in The Olympia last year.
        He said it ‘wasn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be.’
        – A few months later he left a Lee Scratch Perry gig in Whelan’s before the band even hit the stage. I got off with a foreign lady night, so ‘swings and roundabouts’, etc.

        But yeah, Bobbie knows how to please hi audience.
        I love Primal Scream, especially Screamadelica.
        – I bought the t=shirt twice, stole the CD 100 times and had ALL of them stolen when I wasn’t really looking.

        But it’s on YouTube these days, so so what?

  19. The only loser on the bus

    But yeah… Primal Scream.
    Best entry so far.

    I’ve seen them 5 times. I don’t remember much about any of it.
    That’s how good they are.

    Give the medal to Niallo, Or whatever he’she calls him or herself nowadays.
    – Hold on, it isn’t a medal, is it? It’s a Record-Token.

    Is that like what a Book-Token from back in the 70s?

  20. Airey Naïve

    ‘My most euphoric festival moment was watching The Cult performing Love Removal Machine because of the awesome energy, starting with best intro to a a song ever with Ian Astbury telling those “little acoustic ballad” people with their “little mod haircuts” and “Clarks shoes” where to shove it.”

    Reading Main Stage 2001


  21. Airey Naïve

    2nd Entry

    ‘My most euphoric festival moment was watching UB40 performing “Can’t Help Falling in Love” at Feile na Phobail 2017 because it no longer mattered what side of the political or religious side you thought you were on. Everyone sang along.


  22. yupyup

    My most euphoric festival moment was watching Jimmy Cliff performing “Wild World” at All Together Now two nights ago. I was a broken man, my bones were aching and he was one of the last acts to perform at the 3 day event. He brought soothing sunshine into that marquee that night. We were in the palm of his hands as everyone swayed and sang along. It really was a thing of beauty.

    1. yupyup

      PS Underworld were on the night before and came in in a close second to Jimmy. They’re one of the main reasons my aforementioned aching bones.

      A truly great festival and a wonderful weekend. Would highly recommend

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