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      1. Airey Naïve

        It already does look daft, but if we’re keeping a running total, I actually make it (at time of whinging):

        Oirish paper: 1
        People’s Rep of Cork: 1
        Brits: 6

        Of the latter, the FT Weekend Edition is still the best thing in print journalism.

        In terms of content, is there anything more vile than those embittered old Du Plantier creeps and their toxic and twisted BS Wickerman-like hunt for “the truth” and “justice” (Birmingham Six style), aided and abetted by some members of AGS by proxy? French Connections 2.0.

        Take it up with local Gardai…

        By the way, why didn’t “ladies man” Daniel Toscan du Plantier not go to his murdered wife’s funeral?

        Christmas dinners must have been laugh a a minute with that family…

        1. Cú Chulainn

          On a more serious note: it has been known for some time. Shame on the ‘judge’ on the civil case.. if Ian Bailey wasn’t a Brit .. most likely he’d be coming off a long stretch about now..

          1. Airey Naïve

            Where were the French in Cork when we needed them in 1796? Bantry Bay expedition? A flop.

            Nothing good ever comes of French involvement in Cork.

            “Is zer sumzingt i can ‘elp?” Spreading butter on spuds in an ad. Great.


            And off they go two years later to try and rescue Mayo – General Humbert and friends. Another triumph.

            Mind you, some of the Cork natives aren’t exactly compelling dinner party guests either – Sunday Independent writers being a case in point – O’Connor, Harris, etc.

  1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    Shane Filan went bankrupt some years bank, now his wife is a bankrupt. No point blaming the vulture fund if you keep fuppin it up.

    1. Giggidygoo

      you’d feel sorry for them, as they haven’t got the back up of a TDs pension. Unlike a similar double bankruptcy.

        1. johnny

          Looks like they both signed personally for loans to develop some property in Sligo with Ulster Bank-Cerberus (yank vultures) picked up the loans for pennies and have forced her into filling.
          They come across as very decent people,childhood sweethearts with 3 kids, more than a little sporty of the yanks to pursue her,bit bloodyminded and hopefully they get nothing.

          Piece in IT about Goodman picking up his neighbors farm cheap from Cerberus,who’s main man in Irl is his BFF x KPMG managing partner Bolger.

          1. Topsy

            Funny when people mess up with money through greed and foolishness (in the pursuit of wealth) joe public (me) carries the burden. However when they attain wealth they never offer to share that wealth with joe public (me).

          2. george

            The abridged version is they are rich people who had more money than they could ever need but got greedy, wanted more and squandered their money on bad investments.

          3. Johnny

            If your good at anything and continue doing it,amassing wealth along way,that’s business.Problem here is this couple signed personal guarantees which were enforced (on her) by a offshore vulture.They weren’t very good at real estate development,or asset transfers,but they speak sensibly about the mental health impacts.
            Your summary reeks off financial immaturity.

  2. Giggidygoo

    Zappone more or less not interested in justice for those adoptions. She’s hiding behind the gardai saying that some of the people involved would be dead, and others would be elderly. So what? Elderly people are being brought to justice regularly for ‘historic’ crimes. Most notably german elderly.

    1. andy

      The state was complicit
      So the state are also guilty
      Hence no justice
      Meanwhile the grey vote get a hike in pensions
      Yes a hike which is a princely 5 euro
      Just enough to treat oneself to a burger and chips a week
      Its quite insulting using hike

    2. Huey Luas on the News

      In Ireland the old coffin dodgers aren’t brought to justice but rewarded: we now have a “granny grant” mooted instead of taxing the living daylights out of these pee-smelling empty nest property owners.

      1. Lilly

        That’s really mean. Many of them are only too well aware that they’ll soon be forking out a king’s ransom to be cared for in an old people’s home surrounded by strangers because we’ll all too busy trying to keep the wolf from the door to look after them at home.

    1. Nigel

      Of course they’ll keep flying. Because there will be no such thing as a No Deal Brexit. There will be some deals about some things because there have to be.

      1. andy

        The EU will not deal as if the UK get a special deal because of Ireland others will want the same
        I give the EU ten years before it eats its self from within
        The sad thing is the GFA is in grave danger
        Our illustrious leadership are oblivious to this danger like the last time fine Gael were in power and they presided over the failing in the 1990s
        It took a change in government both sides before the ceasefire was reinstated

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      I think he is worried that the result of the vote for partition will be reversed, oh wait………..

      1. Johnny

        Initially I thought he was referring to Arlene and the possibility of a lap dance,but they only happen in the Dail amongst Finn Gael members……

  3. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    Does the left on the continent hate Jews too, or is it just the left in Britain and Ireland?

    1. Huey Luas on the News

      It’s the Right who hates Jews in Ireland. Blueshirts despise them within their own party.

      1. Lilly

        Alan Shatter is a special case. Even if he were pope, he would rub people up the wrong way.

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