Éire Would You Get It?


A reminder for the Luftwaffe.

Unearthed in Bray, County Wicklow


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9 thoughts on “Éire Would You Get It?

  1. Ina.

    The gardai can manage to find an old WWII Eire sign, but they lost a 12 foot blood-splattered gate in the Sophie Du Plantier case. Incredible.

      1. Ina.

        It appears someone did post it into the Irish Times, and it wasn’t me:

        Sir, – The gardaí­ can find a massive 70-year-old Éire sign painted on Bray Head, yet manage to lose a large blood-spattered gate in the Sophie Toscan du Plantier case.

        How can they remain neutral in this matter? – Yours, etc,

        ULTAN Ó BROIN,

        Blackrock, Co Dublin.

  2. Airey Naïve

    Did they have planning permission? Why wasn’t this graffiti removed? Mind you, it’s Bray…

    1. Pat

      Ah you gave it a good go Airey but you’re no Ollie Cromwell.

      The position of top troll is filled but maybe BS will keep your details on file.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Adore these. I’ve been trying to seek out some recorded anecdotals from Luftwaffe pilots on what they made of them.

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