Poolbeg, Dublin, yesterday.

Sea Fishing Ireland tweetz:

More plastic nightmare at #Poolbeg over the Bank Holiday. Dog poo in bags. Was going to do an #angling version of #Plogging called #Dogging, but Er… #lostintranslation#savepoobeg (sic) #fishirl@broadsheet_ie@CleanCoasts#2minbeachclean

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47 thoughts on “Dog Bagging

  1. Starina

    There’s nothing the doggie baggers can do if the bin’s full. They’ve done the most approximate thing to putting it IN the bin that they can. This is the council’s fault, not the dog-walkers.

    1. Conski

      I know this is quite a left field though, but bear with me, they could find an empty bin and put it there. Either at home or out and about. It is their responsibility, we all use the area.

    2. GuessWho

      Not sure I agree with you there. I walk my dog everyday and I wouldn’t leave my poo bag like that. Find another bin that isn’t overflowing perhaps?

    3. Custo

      They could take it home instead of leaving plastic bags full of dog doo dah lying around ‘near’ a bin..

    4. Andrew

      This is the council’s fault? Really?
      Says a lot about you. Bring your dog waste home or don’t have a dog.
      Dog ownership seems to have exploded in recent years with one dog not enough. A lot of these dogs are left alone all day. It’s disgusting and selfish.

      1. Starina

        I have cats so they poop in trays in my house and there’s no escaping the smell except to clean it up.

  2. edalicious

    At least they’re bagging it. Someone’s been letting their dog shit in my driveway since we moved in there (probably from before then too) and I’ve yet to find out who it is. I’m tempted to set up a webcam so I can catch them.

    1. millie st murderlark

      We had a similar problem. We eliminated all likely candidate (ie those with dogs) and managed to find the suspected culprit. We waited for proof, and lo and behold it was someone letting their dog wander the estate while everyone was at work.

      Our response was to pick up the shit each time we found it outside our house and leave it on their doorstep.

      They stopped pretty quickly after that.

      1. cupofteaanyone

        We had a dog wander the estate as well. Everyone knew where the dog belonged. One day someone just picked it up and dropped it into the local vets and said he found it wandering (which was technically true) The dog wasn’t chipped so he waited a couple of days to tell the neighbour where it was.

        I have seen the dog since but he isn’t wandering anymore.

    2. Elly

      If you have an old android phone around, there are webcam apps that you can install, just need to leave the phone plugged in and pointing the right direction. No need to buy a webcam for a one off thing like this.

    3. Andrew

      Is wrapping it in non-biodegradable plastic really making it any better? I’d argue it makes matters worse.
      Dog owners need to start thinking about this a bit more deeply and the effect their dog ownership as on the rest of society.

      1. small ads

        Dog poo bags – the ones sold specifically for that, anyway – are biodegradeable, though it takes a while for them to rot down. Dangerous for ruminants, though, as the people who throw the bags over hedges obviously don’t know; they’re condemning the animals that eat them (and dog poo is, strangely, attractive to grazing animals) to a nasty death.

        The council doesn’t seem to have any system for emptying bins over bank holiday weekends, the time when they are most likely to fill up.

        The idea of bringing the bags home is an interesting one; just how interesting you’ll find out if you ever put one in the boot of your car and discover how the smell spreads incredibly and smotheringly through the whole car within ten minutes. The idea of walking along till you find an empty bin is also an interesting one, given that the council doesn’t empty bins on bank holiday weekends…

        1. cupofteaanyone

          Just a bit of advice. If the smell is spreading around your car then you aren’t tying the bag correctly.

        2. Andrew

          Don’t own a dog if the smell and disposal of its waste bothers you. It’s a luxury and a responsibility owning a dog.

  3. postmanpat

    Dog licenses should be €1500 for urban residence and €1000 for suburban areas and strongly enforced. You’ll get a better class of dog owner then plus less puppy farming , dog eggs on the ground, piles of plastic bags filled with poo going into landfill. nuisance barking throughout the night. I like dogs but I hate dog owners , bunch of odd balls mostly. They think the dogs love them back because they feed them, its just sad.

    1. Dhaughton99

      So true. Looking out the window at 20 houses. 10 have dogs including myself. 2 dogs ever get a walk.

  4. Dhaughton99

    Just after cycling through James’s hospital and a yolk with her yolk friend just no shame dropped her Red Bull can on the path in front of me. Shouted at her to pick it up and called her a dirty bitch but wasn’t go to stop coz they had that scaldy flat complex look about her. Scum.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        thats the sort of the thing you should be whispering into a lover’s ear, not posting on broadsheet

          1. Brother Barnabas

            ahem yourself, young lady: for me, posting on broadsheet IS whispering in a lover’s ear

            (it’s just that she’s not listening very well)

          2. millie st murderlark

            Try harder so. A tent outside the family home, that sort of thing.

            That’s how Bertie won me over. That and his amazing Antonio Banderas impersonation.

          3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            “LICK THE BAG!” he whispered through the bedroom window, leaving his meaning open to interpretation.

          4. Bertie Blenkinsop

            “That’s how Bertie won me over”

            The rest is noise.

            waiting outside someone’s house for months on end to win their affections looked far more romantic in Cinema Paradiso than it was in real life.

          5. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I should. One of those self-published ones with a painting done by the author’s aunt on the front.

          6. millie st murderlark

            I’m just waiting for Andy to stroll bu and roar LICK IT at you.

            Y’know, just coz.

    1. Airey Naïve

      Hang on with that comment that “This is the council’s fault”.

      No. It’s the dog owner’s fault. Like there’s no room in that SUV they arrived in with their dog(s) anyway. A long-standing problem not unique to Dublin:


      Sir, – In my experience there are three kinds of dog owner. Those who never clean up after their dog, those who only clean if someone is watching them and finally those who clean up after their dogs on every occasion.

      The last group never gets a mention on the letters page. – Yours, etc,


      And then:


      I beg to add another type of dog owner to Dermot O’Rourke’s list (February 1st).

      Those who clean up while being watched and then, when safely unobserved, throw the bag away or hang it from a suitable branch in a park. – Yours, etc,


      So we even have an ontology of fouling owners. But it’s not the council’s fault, nor the dogs. It’s the owners.

    2. Airey Naïve

      I’ll tell you who to pick on – CYCLISTS who cycle with the DOG on the leash. Do my head in. Especially when the dog wants to stop at a red traffic signal but Mrs Lycra wants to break the lights. Such a bad example to other dogs. They have to go

      But then there’s also the other type of lazy, obese types who stand in the middle of the park in their relaxed fit Lulu Lemon chatting to each other about what they’ve just read in the Sunday Independent or Irish Times property section and then staring into mobile phones while their dogs run around causing havoc. This is what constitutes walking or exercising the dog in dog-friendly parks in South County Dublin.

  5. martco

    on a slightly side note I noticed yesterday that at least the local Supervalu to me fair play to them have started using those newer compostable tear bags (you know the smaller ones for the weighed up fruit and veg)
    they feel a bit weird to the touch (errugh, cant explain go figure) but they are as anyone who walks the dogs will know a good thing, always make sure I quadruple bag the carrots when I go shopping if u know what I mean ;)

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Ps I know what you mean about those bags. They feel like the inside of those white plastic gloves.

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