28 thoughts on “Everyone Stay Cool

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      Yeah I like them.
      I’d have a mat there at the door though.
      ( with a pitbull sitting on it waiting for the cat)

    2. Brother Barnabas


      i like the colour of the front door

      but matching the draught excluder with the brass handle is a small bit tacky

        1. Giggidygoo


          Shine up your buttons with Brasso
          It’s only three ha’pence a tin
          And if Brasso ever goes off the market
          Then shine up your buttons with Vim

          Brasso is great. For instance, if you have those suncream fingerprint marks on your car paintwork, a wipe with brasso (not brillo) gets them off….for a few days while you sell it.

        2. Brother Barnabas

          going to have to disagree

          gently weathered brass has a depth and character to it

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Brass door furniture is all a bit 1980’s hunger strikes and flares.
        Chrome is the way to go these days especially up against those tiles.

    3. Martco

      there’s a fair trend for those Edwardian floor tiles at the moment

      the genuine salvage ones go for insane money…the ones used on fireplaces & the red/black “quarry tiles” are often a subject of theft (yeah out of someone’s gaff)

      re the laying those kind of tiles I have a good diy tip – it’s possible these days to get your project done up in advance like a mosaic mat which levels out the the competency situation – pretty cool process – small Irish company their unit is in Fonthill next door to that shopping area who have done flooring at the Emirates and some other clubs…called Mosaicassemblers

      1. Termagant

        jaysus it’s as well they went into tiles and so on instead of naming companies isn’t it

      2. Frilly Keane

        Would they do wall tiles as well Marco?

        Getting a new splashback

        C’mere on BakeOff matters
        I got meself one ah’ them fancy island pop-up plug boards
        Only swankier than the ones in the tent
        It’s got a usb charge point
        And sum’ting else I haven’t figured out yet

        1. Martco

          yep Frilly…I think anything with the smaller format tiles walls or floor but using their tiles like….u don’t go into them with a box of your own – I did a floor one myself for a door treshold inlay very old school only because I searched high n low couldn’t find a tiler who knew how to – worked out decent moneywise too

        2. Martco

          sounds like you’re into the fancy gear there alrite with the pop up sockets – will we be seeing a baketube channel sponsored by Miele sometime soon then? ;)

    4. Starina

      Those tiles are the first thing I’d have installed if I ever get to buy my own house. obsessed with black and white tiles. If I won the lotto I’d get Twin Peaks ones put in the kitchen.

      Happy Friday, everyone.

  1. b

    Hey knobs, the subject is the two cats, not whether the tiles are laid correctly or draught excluder etc.

  2. b

    You wouldn’t like your home under scrutiny after sending an image to BS would you? It’s mean.

    Lovely cats.

  3. Frilly Keane

    I have no clue what this is supposed to be

    a cat checking out the new tiles
    or the scaredy cat behind the tyre

    whats the stealth thing about; the water meter?

  4. Airey Naïve

    If they leave the door open like that shouldn’t be too difficult to go in an whip the tiles. Eventually, the D7/D8 blow-ins will learn their lesson.

    Cat burgler etc.

    Slow news day obviously. Even slower day for likes on Instagram I guess.

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