The Rap Less Travelled


RTL – 432_uncertainty

A stunning new EP from RTL – aka Wicklow-based rapper Rob Toal Lennon- dealing with mental health, the creative process and ‘the uncertainty of the road less travelled.’

Rob writes:

For the past 2 years I have been plagued with doubt about what I want to do with my music, my life & the direction I want to take them both.

I find myself constantly constricted by my own thoughts as I long for one thing but chase another. Consistently harming my mental health & my close relationships which I find crucial to my life.

This innate desire to create something that my friends & family can appreciate & enjoy is something I need to satisfy, not only for myself, but for those I actually care about to make them feel like they have invaluable input into my life & my happiness.

But this process has been challenging & the path less travelled is riddled with uncertainty.

This album represents this. This album is about this growing uncertainty I constantly stare in the face. Waiting for something special to happen & not appreciating the journey. Never really knowing what I want but fighting to make sure everyone else does.

Lying to myself about what makes me “ME” but making sure you only see truth. I do not like this uncertainty. I welcome this uncertainty. Life is about the push & pull between doing what you want to do & doing what you feel like you have to do. And I have to do this.

Accurately representing this journey that I’m on while still making some decent tunes in the process.

This have been my labour of love & hate for 2 years. Thank you to my family & friends, this album is dedicated to yous, & if any of you get anything out of listening to this, that’s job done.