Ultan Mashup writes:

Bags of dog poop clogging up bin at Carysfort Blackrock dog park. Class Act…


This morning.

Thanks Ultan

3.45pm UPDATE:


Ultan writes:

I called Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (DLRCC.) Tip: quote the bin number too if you can see it as well as location. Kudos DLRCC…

See y’all Plogging next week…


Save poo bag Poolbeg.

Thanks Ultan

33 thoughts on “Dog Pats

  1. Spud

    Maybe ring up the council to get it emptied so?
    Didn’t some newer bins even have QR codes on them for members of the public to let then know if they needed emptying?

  2. capitan alatriste

    it seems to be an on going problem in Dublin as people are using the bins for their domestic refuse. you know the anti austerity types who don’t want to pay for anything.

      1. rotide

        “the thatcherites in power don’t believe properly funded public services”

        Are properly funded public services lying again? What shennanigans have they been up to now? Oh those scamps, I know I sure don’t believe them

  3. Andrew

    Do dog owners not think they should bring their dog waste home?
    Attitudes need to change around this.
    Owning a dog is a responsibility and picking up after your dog and disposing of their waste may be unpleasant but it’s YOUR responsibility nobody else’s.

  4. Bin the Poope

    There’s a couple of houses across the road from it. Price 2mil. Dump it there and let the stream of 182 D2 SUVs arriving there 5-7 pm daily in on the kind of neighborhood Blsckrock is. The DLRCc will soon move it.

    1. Andrew

      What’s it got to do with those residents; unless they are dog owners responsible? Why take it out on them?

  5. Liam Deliverance

    Would that be DLRCC?

    Anyone know what the revenue stream figures are for all those adverts on the bins and what they do with that revenue, does it disappear into the DLRCC Golf Society fund for example?

    The County Councils get large sums of money to carry out their operations but we get very poor services in return, no accountability whatsoever as far as I can see.

    1. Cian

      Apart from the Cemeteries, Events, Libraries, Parks & Outdoors, Local Enterprise Office, Community, Housing, Planning, Transport, and Water & Drainage[1] what does the Council do for us?

      [1] http://dlrcoco.ie/

        1. Cian

          Thanks – I worked hard on that list.

          DLRCOCO have provided me with excellent services in any of these that I have used, namely: Cemeteries, Events, Libraries, Parks & Outdoors, Planning, Transport, and Water & Drainage

          I would particularly highlight the amazing libraries we can access (free), and they host wonderful (mostly free) events. All of the parks in the area are all very well kept.

          Your turn: tell us about their “very poor services” and “no accountability whatsoever”

          1. nellyb

            Having publicly funded libraries (they are not free, you pay for it monthly if above minimum wage) has been a standard offering in many countries, for a very long time, even poor ones.
            Is central heating amazing? Is flush toilet fantastic? We need to distinguish what we consider norm and what is above average, i.e. amazing. Good public libraries is a norm, like central heating or ownership of a smartphone.

          2. Liam Deliverance

            Why didn’t you ask that in the first place, when you reply to anyone’s comments you always seem to be looking for an argument as opposed to a conversation or a debate.

            I imagine whatever my reply is you will find some way to be argumentative about it. Yes some CC services are operated well, some are not. So if the library service is good then its ok to take 6 months for an incident of fly-tipping to be cleaned up?

            Use the context of this article and the comments Cian, bins not being emptied and revenue from adverts on bins. Is this because “voters don’t believe in properly funding public services” and if so what is the funding shortfall and do you think if funding was increased then the bins would be emptied?

          3. nellyb

            in addition to above, min wage earners and people on social protection incomes pay VAT on purchases, so, literally, nothing is free for majority, it’s pre-paid, in part or in full.

          4. Cian

            In fairness – you originally said “we get very poor services in return” – which is very different to your later qualification of “some CC services are operated well, some are not.”.
            *You* made a sweeping comment. I responded to that.
            You also insinuated that the DLRCC was committing fraud!

            As for the bins – well I don’t know when the pictures were taken. The first picture looks like it was taken late at night (I’m assuming last night). And the second one was taken this morning. Personally I wouldn’t expect a bin to be emptied overnight – but perhaps my standards are too low – perhaps the council should be spending the advertising budget on overtime for the bin cleaners.

          5. rotide

            “we get very poor services in return, no accountability whatsoever”

            Liam, You still have not said what you mean by this.

          6. Cian

            @nellyb I realise that the we all pay for these services – either through the Local Property Tax, or indirectly through income tax, duty or VAT.

            The Council host a lot of events, and they do charge for a small number of them. I was trying to differentiate.

          7. Liam Deliverance

            Well I alluded to it in my comment, a fly-tipping incident with 5/6 black bags and old fridge, of course the CC don’t have eyes everywhere so are understandably dependent on folk to make them aware of a problem. I reported it, nothing done for 3 weeks, reported again, no action, rang them and was fobbed off by one person after the next, no-one would take ownership, said they would check with Litter Warden X and get them to call me back, no call back. It was 6 months later when they finally got the problem cleaned up and by then 6 black bags and a fridge was 20 odd black bags, a fridge and a couch, totaling around a ton of waste. This is just 1 incident. The result of this inaction is a far bigger cost to the taxpayer than if they had acted in the first place and also many people give up trying to work with the council to fix issues such as this so the council loses a valuable ally.

            The DLRCC Golf club comment was tongue in cheek, you seem to overact a lot.

            Rotide, do you have an opinion or contribution on the article, apart from your sarcasm above in response to dav’s typo?

  6. Shankillfalls

    I’ve had it with dogs. This thing where everyone has to have one of the pooping, barking, biting monsters to either complete their perfect family or to make up for not having children is too much. There’s shit everywhere. Dogs need big space and to be looked after properly. Get a hobby instead. Number of dogs has tripled in Dublin in the last 20 years. Enough!

    1. Andrew

      I couldn’t agree more Shankillfalls. The level of dog ownership seems to have increased dramatically. .

  7. Zaccone

    Is the problem here not that the bin is clearly not being emptied regularly enough? I doubt the entire bin is full of dog bags.

    And even if it were, surely its better to have it in there than left on the grass in the nearby field. This is on DLRCOCO, not the dog owners.

    1. Andrew

      Why can’t the dog owners bring their dog shyte home if the bin is full? Or find another bin?

      1. nellyb

        DLRCOCO should rollout Dublin-wide bin location app, so a dog owner doesn’t end up walking uknown distance in opposite direction, in search of one. Especially in residential areas.

      2. Zaccone

        “Why can’t the dog owners bring their dog shyte home if the bin is full? Or find another bin?”

        While in theory and in the best case scenario they could, in reality its unlikely someone is going to carry a bag of crap around with them all day if they’re going off to other places. When it comes to urban planning its best to rely on what people actually do rather than what they might do ideally.

        1. Cian

          I kinda see your point – but you still have a dog with you – so any of the ‘other places that you may be going to’ are dog friendly;
          I suppose you might be going to the shops and are going to leave the do outside – but then are you likely to be passing more bins?

  8. Scundered

    If they haven’t the sense to carry their bag home when they see the bin is full, they probably shouldn’t be allowed to own a dog. Show some personal responsibility.

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