Looking After The Big Man


This evening.

Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Derek F writes:

Nice to see an Isle of Man/Maltese owned company under tribunal investigation getting a state contract and a nice slice of the €32m + pie. #AbuseFest..

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5 thoughts on “Looking After The Big Man

  1. bisted

    …sure who else would get the contract…isn’t Denis up on the donation wall in the vatican…

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      In keeping with the whole criminal element angle, [REDACTED] O’Bribe keeps his criminal friends close and his moneybags closer.

  2. anne

    Shameful how many are sleeping rough how many kids are hungry and how many ill cannot get treatment or a hospital bed ,do Irish public not see how wrong this is I would have thought a Mostly Christian Country,,would find this appalling /???? I guess they not really Christian but followers of the Catholic Church regardless , no Conscience no apathy no Morals . in fact no minds of their own just follow like Sheep so sad .

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