Temporary Cover Up


before (top) and this morning (above)

Daniel writes:

Thought you should know. Walking to work this morning and saw that the ‘Disband the Artane Boys Band’ installation in Temple Bar had literally been covered up. The irony…


Last night the protective netting that I placed on the site at Exchange Street was torn down deliberately. This netting was to allow us to put up a new response to Pope Francis’s visit.

This temp piece of work (above) sends out a clear message and is in keeping with the 15-year project that we have been working on on this site.

You are all welcome to visit the site today as we will be erecting the new piece at 9am this morning and we hope to be finished by this afternoon.

I appreciate the concerns of people who thought that someone was covering up ‘Somebody’s Child’ work and Disband the Artane Band panels

Councillor Mannix Flynn

Blanket pic: Ciaran Delaney

Thanks Sarah Tangle

UPDATE: Mannix Flynn (in hi-vis yellow) at Exchange Street Lower, Dublin 2 this morning.

(Pix: Oisín Kane)

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18 thoughts on “Temporary Cover Up

  1. ahjayzis

    This was a fairly understandable reaction, to be fair. The entire city is being handed over to this disgusting foreign cult.

      1. postmanpat

        It originated in the middle east and its headquarters is now located within a separate state within another country at the edge of Europe which is being steadily bought out by China. How more foreign can you get?

      2. ahjayzis

        Whenever anyone tries to treat it as a local body in terms of accountability, it throws the ball to the Vatican who then cite diplomatic immunity. It’s a foreign cult and a hostile foreign state.

  2. RuilleBuille

    Mannix Flynn is in the pocket of the developers. He sabotaged our residents committee protest against over invasive building next to our houses.

    1. ZeligIsJaded

      Yeah seems very aligned with business owners on the quays as well – shooting down any attempt to improve the safety of cyclists on that terrifying stretch of road.

    1. Topsy

      Isn’t it curious that you seem to have a personal dealing, familiarity or knowledge of nearly every issue discussed on BS. Confabulation perhaps?

      1. martco

        entirely plausible if you are over the age of 16, have been out and about, worked in corporate circles, interacted with civic society etc. that you’d have had some direct experiences of many of the characters that get featured on here from time to time. I’m of a certain age and I’ve definitely accumulated a good few.

        so there ;)

      2. millie st murderlark

        No Topsy. I’m actually Bodger’s great aunt.

        Does it bother you or something? But just in case you logic failed you (again) Mannix Flynn is a public servant who has been around for many years and he has dealings with many people so it can’t be that much of a shock.

  3. Papal Bull

    Mannix Flynn would know all about coverups, grandstanding, and disrespectful behaviour.

    The property developers best friend.

    Has Frank McDonald ex Irish Times contacted him about the lack of planning permission for this eyesore?

    In the meantime people are mugged on that street daily by junkies. Bikes stolen. Homeless in doorways. Where’s Flynn? In the Long Hall pub. Hail Fellow Well Met.

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