Five Fweed Tees To Find


Can you find the Fweed tees?

1. Ranelagh Kush – Men’s Medium Fweed Logo T-Shirt

Hint: “In the nick of time, it perks you up

2. Donnybrook Diesel – Girls Medium Legalise T-Shirt

Hint: “Bandstanding for an exhibitionist”

3. St Stephen’s Cheese – Girl’s Medium Regulate T-Shirt

Hint: “When it’s a good read, it’s top of the list”

4. Merrion Haze: Men’s Medium Fweed Logo T-Shirt

Hint: “Altogether Now, It’s a sporting life that’s back on track.”

5. Oscar’s OG: Girl’s medium Fweed Logo T-Shirt

Hint: “A broken monument, where the water doesn’t run.”

Fweed writes:

Fweed, the campaign to regulate cannabis for Medical and Adult use has five t-shirts to give away to Broadsheet readers.

All you have to do, is pick the t-shirt you would like (only one go allowed) then try and identify the virtual location on the map, by following the hints (above).

Once you have the answer, leave it below or send us a direct message on our Twitter account @Fweed_ If you’re the first correct answer, you win the T-shirt. It’s that simple.

Lines MUST close at 9.45pm


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58 thoughts on “Five Fweed Tees To Find

  1. rotide

    1 is nick’s coffee.

    I don’t want the t shirt though. give it to some 17 year old , it will go nicely with their 420 wristband

  2. Rob

    Nick’s Coffee for a medium man!

    My friend Eoghan has an office nearby and would love the t shirt.

      1. Cupofteaanyone

        Woo Hoo
        Thanks. I don’t think a girls medium will fit me but I know someone who would like it.

      1. bisted

        …I don’t smoke so I’d be giving the t-shirt to a Broadsheet commenter…the t-shirt would fit the person I have in mind but I’m not sure he’d get it over his head…

        1. b

          Lol you’re a scamp and my question was nicely swerved, I can’t ask who the certain someone is now, without you indirectly insulting them ;-)

      1. realPolithicks

        On a completely unrelated note, every time I leave a reply I have to re-input my Name and Email address. This used to populate automatically, is anyone else experiencing this?

  3. Fweed

    We have three winners already. Just two T-shirts left.

    Sorry about the sizes, the factory screwed up the order by sending us Medium sized men’s and womens!!!

  4. millie st murderlark

    I have no idea what’s going on here whichsurely qualifies me for a tshirt or something.

    A hat maybe.

    1. :-Joe

      Give it to millie she’s smoking a blunt in her profile pic…
      -Assuming you are a woman that is… internet is not to be taken for granted etc.


  5. :-Joe

    Is no.4 the name of a horse running at Killarney?

    I had the Oscar one but was trying to figure this one out…


  6. Confused from Bewilderedstown

    Way too complicated.
    Far too convoluted.

    Play to your audience and stop trying to appear clever.

    1. Confused from Bewilderedstown

      The ‘winners’ won’t even wear them.

      You didn’t think this through, did you?

  7. Frilly Keane

    Ah yeah

    This is more ov’it now la’

    Feckin Dublin dis
    Dublin da’
    Tis all ’bout Dublin

    Shove yere mona’ ments and dos’ mankie t- shurts
    Shower ah’ Jacks ah’right

  8. :-Joe

    4. Paddy Cullen’s Pub – Merrion Road (or another rugger bar nearby)

    or maybe Altogether now is a reference to The Farm song and it’s something related to a football pitch nearby..

    Who knows?… I don’t want to phone a friend… FINAL ANSWER:
    ” The pope’s children have become the vatican’s elderly last hopes of new subscribers”


  9. Fweed

    So congrats to all for providing the right answers

    Darragh who guessed correctly that it’s Nick’ Coffee Shop in Ranalagh. Darragh sent a direct message to us at Fweed_ on Twitter, so apologies to Rob who was also correct (if we have a spare one we’ll send one to you as well)

    Cupofteaanyone who guessed correctly that it’s Bestseller on Dawson Street.

    Donal who guessed correctly that it’s the bandstand in Herbert Park.

    BOJ who was the first to identify the Rutland Fountain on Merrion Square

    Ouch for guessing that it was Railway Union.

    Winners should contact Broadsheet directly and we will distribute the T-shirts in the next week :-)

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