Hang Out Your Brightest Colours


This afternoon.

RDS Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

The LGBTQ Choir along with journalist Ursula Halligan (pic 4)  and LGBTQ Pride Manager Eddie McGuinness (above) held a short protest outside the World Meeting of Families having been excluded from having a stand at the event.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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57 thoughts on “Hang Out Your Brightest Colours

  1. Worlds Biggest Ranter

    Amazing really. Tell people they actually cant be part of something and they’ll want it even more! I dont get it! The Catholic Church think these people are evil deviants. Why in the name of the flying spaghetti monster would they even want to get in! Its like a Cluster Flip of idiots.

    1. newsjustin

      The Catholic Church does not think these (or any other people) are evil.

      Why didn’t they buy tickets like other attendees and participate in the Q&A sessions?

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        There are certain of their own people that the Catholic church should have branded as evil but didn’t.

        1. newsjustin

          Firstly, LGBT Catholics are our “own people.” They are as much Catholics as the Pope.

          The CCC doesn”t brand anyone as evil. You’re correct that there are a number of people who have done profoundly evil crimes within the church – of commission and omission.

          1. ZeligIsJaded

            What’s the word they use? Disordered?

            Sneaky beggars are always shifting the goalposts.

            It’s as though they’re making this guff up as they go along.

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Hmm. So where child abuse is concerned it’s “an evil thing done by a person” rather than “a thing done by an evil person”? I see it as the latter: maybe a kinder person might be able to see it differently.

          3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            ps Justin I must reiterate what others have said. Fair dues to you for coming on here day after day to rebuff, in a calm and measured way, the wave after wave of relentless negativitys shown towards that which you believe in.
            You lunatic.

          4. Andrew

            They’re sinners though aren’t they?
            Could you clarify? I assume Catholic teaching regards homosexuality as a sin. Correct me if I’m wrong

          5. newsjustin

            Andyourpoint – thanks!
            The RCC – maybe no religion, I dunno – teaches that anyone is intrinsically evil. Even people who we would naturally describe as monsters, filthy abusers, are just people. People who have done appallingly evil things.
            Personally, and taking religion out of it, I think this approach is more condemning of the abuser. It is too easy to call someone a monster or evil. It let’s them off the hook in some way. They actively chose to do vile, evil things.
            The fact that no one is intrinsically evil also has the upside in that everyone, and I do mean everyone, has the potential for redemption.

          6. newsjustin

            Andrew – homosexuality is not a sin and there are, of course, lots of people in the church who happen to be attracted to people of their own sex.

            Homosexual acts are regarded as sinful, as are any sexual acts outside of marriage….and maybe even those inside marriage not open to bearing children (not sure about that last bit).

            And, bear in mind, the church is full of sinners. It was made for sinners. We’re all in this together.

          7. Andrew

            Surely if a homosexual continues to engage in homosexual acts and does not repent, or even feel they need to repent; then the Catholic church is not the place for them?

          8. newsjustin

            Andrew. I think that’s for them alone to decide. And i wouldn’t recommend it. The Catholic church doesn’t throw anyone out really. Even excommunication (which I’m not recommending obvs!) Is considered a teaching tool, not banishment.

            I do things the RCC considers sinful (no, I’m not gonna tell ye what). I repent sometimes. But I have no interest in leaving.

      2. Confused from Bewilderedstown

        @ newsjustout;
        I thought the tickets were free.
        I thought you just had to hang around after Mass and ask the priest.

        Surely it isn’t a money-making scam like you suggest?

        It wouldn’t cost us €30m if I’m wrong, would it?

        What part(s) of it do I not understand?

        1. Confused from Bewilderedstown

          The Government’s commitment to security is part of their job.
          It’s what we pay them for.

          When they pay €30m of OUR taxes to protect a pedophile ring that has 30% (blinkered) support at most… I continue to be confused.
          You continue to obfuscate..

          THIRTY MILLION, and most of us want no part in it.

          Explain it to me again.
          I still don’t understand.

          1. Confused from Bewilderedstown

            €3.00 is too much*.
            You obfuscate too much.

            *I’d expect change, but that isn’t going to happen, is it?

          2. Cian

            Wait. There are hundreds of thousands of people going to see the pope. Most of them are there to support him, and most of them are taxpayers.

            So the State paying out €3m to allow 100s of thousands of citizens to safely see the pope seems reasonable.

          3. Confused from Bewilderedstown

            Yeah but…
            These are MY taxes.
            – Paid to protect an entity that protects a ring of pedophiles.

            I think I deserve to have a voice in the matter..
            I’m not attacking your beliefs. I don’t understand them.

            I’m defending my own belief that this is a waste of public funding, to appease and bolster an out-dated medieval theology that has no place in modern society

            Pope Francis is the ‘nice’ face of a horrible cabal.

    2. Cú Chulainn

      Ah, you know I do take your point and normally I’d agree with you. Just sometimes you need to stick it to them. And it’s a great night out, lots of fun and a couple of pink gins to finish off. Waving, smiling and singing the whole time.

    3. tommy

      Maybe our gay tea shock might have a word in his ear?
      Sadly varadkar will play political gimpism when meeting him

    1. Confused from Bewilderedstown

      It’s called self-immolation.
      Or as Nelson put it, ‘Stop hitting yourself’.

      Just ask your rainbow-coloured cat.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Welcome to the World Meeting of Families!

    Consenting adults – No
    Child abusers, their apologists and their protectors – Yes.

  3. missred

    At least a couple of rogue crisis pregnancy agencies have stalls at the event but these people don’t. Well done on the choir and the protesting.

      1. rotide

        Seriously? I’ve always thoght the adoption of the rainbow flag was a particularly brilliant piece of branding/marketing/iconoclasm. It instantly sums up the spectrum of what the LGBT community stands for. It’s somehow weakened by the ‘T’ having their own flag.

        Trans people, the sectarian northerners of the LGBT community

          1. rotide

            Every article I’ve ever read on that sort of thing tends to be an exceedingly tedious excercise in agenda pushing and vitue signalling.

          2. Confused from Bewilderedstown

            @ toeride

            You don’t know how to answer, do you?
            – You just muddy the waters.

            Don’t bother ‘answering’.

          3. rotide

            “You don’t know how to answer, do you?”
            If there was a question somewhere, I’d know how to answer. Do you know how to read?

        1. Dhaughton99

          I find the use of purple these days a marketeers dream. Female but not like that offensive nasty pink.

  4. Nullzero

    “hear our voices”, because LGBTQXYZ people never have their voices heard in the cruel orwellian distopia of modern Ireland.

  5. SOQ

    Irony is, the percentage of ‘practising’ gay catholic clergy is way higher than any other section of Irish society * 10. Each to their own but some hypocritical queen who can’t be bothered switching off Grindr or Growlr while preaching from the pulpit is taking the pi$$.

    Gloria highlighting the ongoing discrimination is to be commended. Every rainbow flag in Dublin along the pope’s route should be on prominent display as a reminder of how they continue to preach Christ’s love yet ‘practise’ the exact opposite.

  6. :-Joe

    All the LGBTxyz people looking for a way into this thorny swamp of theological (nonsensical)sh1T3…..

    I’ve no sympathy for you…

    First, you wanted and deserved equal rights and respect and I backed you all the way…

    Second, you had the mentally deranged but mostly heightened confidence notion and idea to want to get in on the marriage charade… fine go for it… you want it that bad… I’ll back you again…

    Now, you want equality from a cult of ignorance, bizarre marketing of bronze-age idealism, faulty soap opera dramatic plot structures dependent on magical ideas, fantasy beliefs and mind control and just to make it more exciting… mass, repeated, inter-generational child sexual abuse that continues as I bang my head off this typewriter…(Ok.. It’s my dear Mrs. computer.. ssshhh.. don’t say anything)

    I’ve lost a lot of hope in the concept of diversity in the human race….

    If you’re that f-bombing determined to be that f-bombing daft, you’re welcome to it….I hope you get what you want or feel you need,

    It’s a poisoned chalice, even after your enemy has already drank from it…..


    P.S. .. and died a miserable and horrible death.


    1. SOQ

      Most gay people had and have no intention of getting married but being told you are not allowed for no other reason than sexuality meant that we collectively pushed it over the line. But it wasn’t just about marriage now was it? Conversations and debates about gay people’s rights took place in practically every home in Ireland. Even if we had to lost we would have still raised a lot of awareness about the issue which in some ways was more important.

      And this is exactly the same, if not more so. The treatment of LGBT+ groups was disgraceful. The fact they are raising awareness and bringing this issue right into the core catholic faith is a good thing because deep down everyone knows it is wrong and Mary McAlesse’s views are far more representative of mainstream Irish opinion than those who dismiss the whole thing.

      You do not have the right to sit in judgement of gay people of faith, just because they are gay, otherwise you are doing the exact same thing as the catholic church. It’s not good enough to tell them to walk away because you can’t be bothered thinking about it. Shrug your shoulders if you want but do not do the CC’s job for them otherwise, you are behaving in exactly the same way. They have every right to protest and every right to be heard.

      1. :-Joe

        Ye I was a bit over the top because I do have sympathy and empathy for people regardless of the collection and configuration of their molecules…

        I was not specifically judging gay people of faith or judging anyone else. I was expressing my belief that all people who believe in lies and fantasists who promte them are equally just as daft as each other.

        I understand and agree with everyting you said but my argument is simply best of luck to you if you want to join and support a backwards facing, corrosive and regressive institution. I think you or anyone else is daft to not try anything else and at least help the human race keep making progress.

        We can disagree and have different opinions and I thought my comments were clear enough but you’re still right to call me on rights issues. I’ve no problem with that. I understand people should have all have the same equal rights and I also understand that in reality they don’t and if you want to get technical human rights are not guaranteed and can be taken away whenever your leaders or a powerful political force wants to.

        I also understand why people need religion and why it will most probably exist in one form or another long after I’m dead because the human race has not yet evolved out of the existential need for it.

        My anger and frustration is that I just always thought the LGBT+ community would be more intererested in a progressive shift away from this kind of nonsense and champion a new vision of what community could be. I know that statement is already true to some extent and perhaps this acceptance by religion has to happen first for that vision to progress further along with everyone else who also wants the same.

        Perhaps LGBT+ being equal and even more prominent in religion is the only way for Irish society to progress and evolve as a collective community. Even if has to be by way of eating out the cancer from the inside like a crack military team of covert special operations, fighting the insanity from within and behind the enemy lines.

        I don’t know for sure to be honest, I can’t claim to be a scholar of human rights, LGBT+ issues, theology or religious history. I still just think it’s all too slow and the risk of society having to argue even more with a whole new cabal of empowered LGBT+ religious fundamentalists does not appeal to me at all… less nonsense not more nonsense, whatever about equality, rights and religious freedoms..

        Ultimately the catholic institution needs to run it’s course and fail like I believe it already has or be destroyed and then be recreated in a new form like the other thousands of religions before if that’s necessary. It most likely will be recreated in a new form anyway, so why not focus on that new religion, the rcc 2.0 and save yourself some time kicking a dead horse?

        Even better why not focus on new ideas of community and spirituality, we can still break bread, have wine and create colourful artwork so what’s the problem? Just lose the celestial dictator from the equation and all the other bad stuff like not dealing with child rapists in your own orginisation.

        Anyway, it turns out being angry, frustrated and disappointed with LGBT+ and religion at 3am after a belt of red wine is perhaps not the best way to communicate a clear point of view…

        I didn’t realis I was using “LGBTxyz”, that’s probably offensive, is it?..
        – I must have just copied another commeter.without realising it.

        Thank you wine….


        1. SOQ

          We’re all guilty of ‘when the wine is in the wit is out’ is out Joe. Problem is that as it is just words so nobody can tell the difference and react accordingly.

          Let me put it this way. There is as many variations of gay as srt8 and if gay Catholics, Protestants, Muslims or whoever else feel aggrieved, the rest of us have their back. It may not be my thing, but I trust them.

          Given the downright dismissal of catholic LGBT+ groups in the run up to this visit, I expect abuse victims must also be feeling that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  7. b

    That was a well worded and reasoned response, SOQ, you’re debating skills have improved no end, the rest did you good.

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