“He Condemned It As ‘Caca’, Literally Filth As One Sees In A Toilet, His Translator Clarified”


This evening.

Pope Francis met survivors of clerical child abuse at a private meeting in Dublin .

Paul Redmond and Clodagh Malone, of the Coalition of Mother and Baby Homes Survivors [CMABS}, were among  six survivors present at the 90-minute meeting.

CMABS write

“The meeting was cordial and polite…

Clodagh Malone who was born in Saint Patrick’s Mother and Baby home in Dublin and adopted at 10 weeks old, asked the Pope to clearly and publicly state that the natural mothers who lost their babies to adoption had done nothing wrong and call for reconciliation and reunion for these families broken by the Catholic Church both in Ireland and around the world in countries such as Spain where approximately 300,000 single mothers lost their children to adoption.

The Pope agreed to include the message in his mass tomorrow.

Paul Redmond who was born in Castlepollard Mother and Baby Home and adopted at 17 days, asked the Pope to publicly call upon the orders of nuns who ran the Mother and Baby homes to immediately accept their responsibilities for the horror that went on for generations in the Homes. And issue an unqualified and sincere apology and, pay the full costs of Inquiries and Redress in Ireland as a matter of urgency.

The Pope did apologise to all of us for what happened in the Homes.

Pope Francis condemned corruption and cover up within the church as “caca”. Literally filth as one sees in a toilet his translator clarified.

Pope Francis was presented with a copy of Paul’s book, The Adoption Machine, which contains details of the thousands of deaths and horrors of the Homes.

Paul said: “We feel hopefull there will be more movement from the church on the issue of Mother and Baby homes. The Pope was genuinely shocked to hear about the 6000 babies who died and the 3000 Banished Babies and the vacinne trials and lifted his hands to his head in shock.”

Clodagh said: “[It was a] Very powerful meeting. He listened with a genuine interest. And he asked many questions about Mother and Baby homes. “

Coalition of Mother and Baby Home Survivors (Facebook)

Pope spends one hour with clerical abuse survivors (RTE)


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12 thoughts on ““He Condemned It As ‘Caca’, Literally Filth As One Sees In A Toilet, His Translator Clarified”

  1. Ina.

    He always does this. It’s meaningless. The Pope will do feck all about it when he returns to Rome.

  2. Cú Chulainn

    I think anyone going to see the pope today, after what happened yesterday, is a traitor to this country.

  3. Dog

    What the hell is the point of taking the high moral ground on this one and taking all the skeletons from the closet again and again? Literally no one cares about this stuff now and people banging on and on abjure all personal decorum

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