He Is Among Us


This morning.

Aras Un Uachtarain, Phoenix Park, Dublin 1

Pope Francis with President Michael D Higgins and Sabina Higgins, where the Pontiff planted a an Irish Oak tree…





This morning.

Pope Francis is greeted by Tanaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs  Simon Coveney with his wife and daughters.

Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews

More as we get it.

Uno job.


Earlier: Let’s Roll


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113 thoughts on “He Is Among Us

          1. millie st murderlark

            Or bucks fizz. Orange juice is a nightmare to get out of brushed silk, or so I hear.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Ah ffs
      I dunno why I was getting excited
      Shur’ he made no effort

      Same hat n’ all

      Like even Megan swapped out for a green gúna
      And Mrs Windsor that time splashed out on a green hat and bag combo

    2. newsjustin

      Lol that apparently sophisticated, well travelled BS heads can’t deal with the standard dress of the RCC. Ye guys probably giggle at Scottish people in kilts too.

      1. Lilly

        What’s up Justin, are we not being sufficiently respectful? Three Hail Marys and some self-flagellation coming right up.

        1. newsjustin

          It’s like listening to ould fellas make gags about the way all these “forengers” dress.

          Priests wear dresses. Lol

          1. newsjustin

            Maybe people just need more life experience or to travel more? Then seeing people in different clothes wouldn’t startle us.

          2. newsjustin

            It would seem so yes.

            It’s ok to see men wearing these clothes. It’s also ok to see woman in trousers Lilly. Other people have tattoos or wear funny hats Lilly. Don’t let it alarm you.

          3. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I’d like to see him dressed as the real representative of Christ on earth, simply, something modest ,
            he’s like the golden calf as it is, false idolitry anyone ?

          4. Frilly Keane

            Ah pull yer horns in Justine

            You’d think he’d a dolled himself up a bit
            Even just a bitta green trim or a bitta’ve pompom on the beret
            Was all I was at

            Given he’s getting a 32 bar plus stopover for himself off us

          5. Lilly

            Women in trousers, Justin? Tats? Funny hats? Wow! Thank you for broadening my horizons, it’s been educational.

            What has really aroused your priggishness here is that we didn’t use the correct terminology in describing your man’s garments. Get over it.

          6. Frilly Keane

            sum’ting else there Lil

            I’d say that rig out is a who’re t keep clean
            And even
            John P Ryan
            the 1st
            Who we know is a dab hand with the iron
            Would struggle with ironing that thing out

          7. Lilly

            That’s where the nuns come in, Frilly. What’s the point in being a Bride of Christ if you don’t get to iron the main man’s drawers? Fair is fair.

          8. realPolithicks

            “I’d like to see him dressed as the real representative of Christ on earth, ”

            I’d like to see him “act” like the representative of JC on earth.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Not €32 million, that’s for sure! Probably lots of hand sanitiser for having to shake hands with quares, lesbitarians and abuse survivors. He wouldn’t want to catch teh ghey or empathy from them.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          joking aside, I would politely decline to shake the hand as someone I view as the head of an evil, corrupt ,woman hating organization

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Getting in on the ever so ‘umble and penitent racket there, Justin.

            It would be interesting to know what reason you’d have for lowering yourself to shake my hand!

          2. newsjustin

            You seem very angry with those you don’t agree with, not just on this topic. The world would be better if more angry people would meet and greet with those they disagree with.

            Being nice to people isn’t humbling oneself. It’s just being nice.

          3. Cú Chulainn

            It’s only right and proper to be angry at people who encourage and support child rape.

          4. b

            Justin, I’m sure Daisy has her own reasons for feeling the way she does, why keep stirring things up and antagonising?

            Not everything can be forgiven, wise up.

          5. realPolithicks

            Newsy loves to try portray himself as this all forgiving lover of his fellow humans, of course because its not real it doesn’t work.

          6. newsjustin

            I’m not perfect. But I’m not filled with hate for people who don’t think the same as me.

          7. realPolithicks

            Its funny how “religious” people like yourself accuse others of hate, its possible to disagree in a profound way with another person without hating them. I don’t hate anyone and never have but I have nothing but contempt for organizations which claim the moral high ground whilst at the same time covering up the horrendous sexual and physical abuse which has been perpetrated against millions of people in Ireland and around the world. You are an apologist for one of those organizations.

          8. newsjustin

            realP I don’t doubt that you don’t hate people and you have plenty of reasons for holding in contempt what the church has done.

            But some people do hate. They hate enough to hope that someone gets raped (see the poem published on Broadsheet today).

          9. Cú Chulainn

            People don’t hate you. They are profoundly disappointed in you and your apologies for the inexcusable. It’s really not ok.

          10. realPolithicks

            I read that poem and my interpretation was that its an expression of the hurt and anger that most people feel over the continued cover up by the cc and this pope of sexual abuse allegations. This is not historical, this is current. Just the other day there were allegations here in Boston that sean o’malley received a letter from another priest just TWO years ago alledging that a priest who was teaching in a school was involved with sexually abusing pupils. O’ malley claims that his secretary received the letter but did not pass it on to him. I mean you can’t make this crap up and this from the guy who is supposed to be “part of the solution” for the cc. Church officials including this pope say all the right things but actions speak louder than words and their actions lead a resonable person to conclude that what they really want is for this “problem” to disappear.

      1. realPolithicks

        Because these lads in the vatican always have their hand out expecting other people to pick up the tab.

  1. Ollie Cromwell

    There will be a lot of Irish people on their knees this weekend.
    However the only thing that has changed is the Pope temporarily takes over from Frau Merkel as the person they’re worshipping.
    Next week it’ll be back to saying The Angela.

    1. Dhaughton99

      And the Irish can be trusted to look after themselves?Back to the days of kids dressed in potato sacks and TB.

      1. realPolithicks

        The brexit negotations are going swimmingly, and people like ollie are helping to make britain great again…pip pip

  2. Pookakie

    I like the subtle message in the background of the photo with Popey in the Skoda Rapid. Get the…

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    Golden Cleric Award rehearsals in full swing in the Park right now. A lot of singing and mike testing wafting over. It’s a lot louder than Ed Sheeran’s gig. Kind of eerie and apocalyptic.

  4. Not on your Nelly Too

    RTÉ are an embarrassment. The government are an embarrassment. The pope is the head of a discriminatory body. Everybody knows it and yet that red carpeted is rolled out… embarrassing on multiple levels.

    The head of Scientology is on the same level of culpability.

    This country has not moved an inch.

    Sanitized tv coverage, reverence, cow-towing… not in my name.

    1. realPolithicks

      “This country has not moved an inch.”

      It’s probably fairer to say that the establishment in Ireland has not moved an inch.

        1. realPolithicks

          I haven’t lived in Ireland in more than 30 years so my views on these things are almost irrelevent. Having said that my daughters are not baptized nor raised in any religion and that would be the case if I lived in Ireland and yes I absolutely would be protesting tomorrowif I was there. Now I’ll turn your questions around and ask them of you.

  5. DeKloot

    Watching proceedings live on de player while on me jollies here in La Rioja in España… the one thing I’m getting from this whole sorry affair is how much a complete and utter sausage fest it all is. I mean, there’s not one single woman on the alter in the Pro. And he’s up there banging on about marriage…. G’wan outta dat. It’s nothing but an oul cod.

    1. Dhaughton99

      When I was making my way through the city around 12, there was a massive amount of Spanish lining the barricades to welcome himself.

      1. SOQ

        Not just because I have a number friends in and from Catalonia but why is there so many all year round Spanish tourists in Ireland? They are like flies to be swatted when you go about your daily business.

  6. Catherine costelloe

    Hope he reads the Maurice Mc Cabe , alleged rapist of a child, debacle during his visit. And Leo’s handling of it.

  7. john f

    Listen I don’t want to sound too contrarian………….. people are rightly getting bent out of shape over the €32 million cost. That’s a lot of money and a could be used to provide valuable services. That being said if people got even half as upset over the 2000 million euro wasted on Irish water or the 13,500 million owed to the state by Apple society would be better off.
    In almost every piece I have read on the visit the cost has been mentioned and has been framed as the main negative talking point. The debate is the debate has been left out for people.
    It’s almost like putting blinders on a horse will limit its focal point and control it.
    There are hundreds of thousands of people that will get some sort of benefit from the pope’s visit. Although it’s not really my cup of tea I wouldn’t begrudge them any perceived benefit. Live and let live.

    1. b

      @ John f – Easy to say “live and let live” when your young body wasn’t plundered by the filth of the CC – and their puppet master in Rome poncing about on our dime as though none of it happened. WTF is wrong with you?

      1. john f

        I am not for a moment suggesting that the church he let off as if nothing had happened. I am just pointing out how pointless the personal attacks against those who want to see the Pope is. You mention “on our dime”, without doubt you are referring to the 32 million pricetag. Like I have said that money or part of it could be used more beneficially elsewhere. But I also made the point that people are focusing on the 32 million euro waste and for the most part are silent about the 15,500 million euro wasted elsewhere. That’s not to mention the billions from the banking legacy debt.

        1. newsjustin

          The Govt has only committed to paying 3-4 million for this whole thing. The bulk has been raised from directly within the church.

  8. SOQ

    Daniel ‘s performance in Croke Park was half arsed. Then again, he is the son of a single mother who married a divorcee and actively supports LGBT+ rights so performing in front of a Catholic pope was probably never really on his ‘to do’ list I expect.

  9. The Disbeliever

    Some friends and family of mine are attending tomorrow’s Mass in the Pheonix Park.
    The majority are bringing children with them. The children outnumber the adults, almost 2 to 1.


    It’s like in the 60s, where the head-nun would chastise you for not having a thumbprint on your forehead on Ash Wednesday.
    Everybody wants to appear holy.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t true.

    We all LOVE F the Pope, none more than me… BUT…
    … his dismissal of the past makes him a collaborator.
    … his anecdotes make him a bad apologist.
    … his associates make him look bad.
    … his wealth makes him seem disingenuous.
    … his interpreter makes him seem believable.

    But he’s so cuddley.
    – and never forget, he speaks for Jesus.


  10. The Disbeliever

    Francis the Obfuscator.
    He talks about your Family Values. And faith.
    His employees alter your boys and f up their lives.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t true.

    He wasn’t a member of the Hitler Youth, so I suppose he has that going for him.

    1. The Disbeliever

      It’s usually just you.
      – unless there’s a G.A.Y. match going on.
      – I could be wrong.

      Croke Park is NOT Hampstead Heath.
      Fix your Sat-nav.

      1. Topsy

        Is it just me or did a crowd of many many thousands line the city streets today to greet the Pope.

      2. SOQ

        I comment on the empty seats and you reference a cruising park in London? Keep your homophobic opinions to yourself, you stupid clown.

        The capacity of Croke Park is 82 300 which oddly enough is the estimated attendance, except the entire top layers were empty and clear gaps all round the stadium. 50 000 would be a more accurate figure but it was a ticket only event so there shouldn’t be a need for any estimates.

    2. Cú Chulainn

      Very not full.. a good quarter empty.. cameras keep pulling away from empty rows.. wondering about the turnout tomorrow.

  11. Niallo

    Popestock throws into sharp relief how out of touch the church is, and how out of touch we are with it, which, imho is not such a bad thing.

  12. The Disbeliever

    There weren’t 1,000s lining the streets.
    There were millions staying at home.

    Waiting for it to be over…

    Cop yerself on Topsy.

    The majority of this country HATE the Church.
    We tolerate you.

        1. scottser

          There is nothing wrong with hate. If there is love, there must be hate. Jesus hated all kinds of stuff. He’d really hate to have seen his message corrupted and his church a cess pit of abuse of women and children. He’d have hated to have seen rich clergymen preaching the glory of abstinence and the piety of the poor.
          If you swallow the church’s teaching don’t be surprised if it makes you sick. I hate the church and all it stands for, and i’d be happy to kick over the tables in your temple any time.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      From the country that will turn up for a can opening, the numbers on the street were sobering. From what I saw it was tourists, people living adjacent, and less than 5k holy joes. And I’m not sure about that

  13. The Disbeliever

    I needed to make travel arrangements on public transport today, so I checked on the RTÉ Player to see what was being disrupted.
    Papa F was talking about a ‘family with Faith’ who’s 8yr old ‘answered the door to a ‘poor person who was looking for food’. The Mother of the family told the child that he ought to give the visitor half of his food, not to feed him from the leftovers.

    The older parables were better.

    Then the camera moved to a woman picking her nose.


  14. The Disbeliever

    A mate of says he just saw The Pope in Temple Bar, locked out of his head and harassing any passer-by, offering absolution if they’ll buy him drink.
    He’s being increasingly aggressive.

    I don’t know if it’s true or not.

    1. The Disbeliever

      Hang on…
      Now he’s claiming he can make you a Saint if you buy him two pints.

      … Says he can turn it into two bottles of wine.

  15. The Disbeliever

    I don’t think he’s really the true embodiment of anything.
    I think he’s just drunk on power.

    He could be just a well-versed impersonator.

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