Deliver Us From Evil


This afternoon.

Tuam County Galway.

Scenes from a vigil and protest to remember the victims of the Tuam Mother & baby home.

Rollingnews/Brian Farrell


This afternoon.

Garden of Remembrance, Dublin 1

Scenes from today’s Stand4Truth solidarity rally for victims of clerical abuse today, including Colm O’Gorman (above), of Amnesty International Ireland, coinciding with Pope Francis’ Mass in Dublin’s Phoenix Park.

Protestors met Garden of Remembrance in Dublin and the event included a concert with performances from Mary Black and Roisin O (pic 4).

Leah Farrell/Rolliingnews


26 thoughts on “Deliver Us From Evil

  1. Ruth

    I am this. It’s a disgrace. Grace Dyas seemed more intent on talking about herself in the third person and reminding us that she’s Grace Dyas than addressing the issue. Brian Kennedy sang ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon, but added in a new verse ‘imagine there’s no pedophiles’, which caused nervous laughter around the event. Mary Black’s daughter sang a song that had nothing to do with anything, while reminding us that it was her first single soon to be released in shops, and that she was Mary Black’s daughter. It’s been a freakshow of self-promotion. Mary Black sang ‘Grace’, which is a lovely song, but what the hell has it to do with anything. The Villagers sang Courage for some reason. So far, apart from O’Gorman, not one survivor has been at the microphone. Why aren’t they speaking? This event’s supposed to be about us standing with survivors in support. If I were a survivor at this event, I’d be very angry. The crowd’s small (from the gates of the Garden of Remembrance to just above the Gate Theatre). Utter disaster, and very disappointing.

    1. SOQ

      So you rushed on to BS to give your opinion then. Really? Sorry if the entertainment didn’t live up to your expectations but it wasn’t a show it was a protest and everyone gave their time for free. If it was polished acts you wanted, maybe you should have went to Croke Park last night instead?

      Some people…. me meme mememe oh, and me.

        1. SOQ

          I did read her comment thank you. I question why someone would attend then rush to post such is all. If and it is a big IF someone used it as a promotional tool then walk away instead of being such a spanner about an issue like this.

          1. ReproButina

            It certainly didn’t come across as self promotional to me, especially when she was telling us how honoured she felt to be on the stage at the protest.

    2. tommy

      This is not about entertainment its about a crime perpetuated on the vulnerable
      Its about seeking justice
      Small crowd or not we are talking about slavery child abuse selling children and dumping babies in sewers
      Also collusion between state and church
      I reckon your post is not about standing with victims but a deliberate attempt to discredit victims and those seeking justice
      Are you a member of Leo’s SCUnit ?

      1. Ina.

        I think her point was that this event should’ve been about survivors giving their testimonies rather than Grace Dyas, etc. promoting their up and coming material/ singles/ events/ self-image. It’s kinda tacky (if she did it) that Black’s daughter mentioned her ‘new single, out now!’ Survivors deserve far better than that. Is there youtube footage of this event to see if Dyas, etc., did behave like that?

        1. Cú Chulainn

          It was. The whole point of the Grace monologue/poem was to repeat what everyone needed to hear, from her conversation with Christine Buckley. I believe you. I believe you. I believe you. That’s all. It wasn’t about tearing your raiments in sorrow or anger. Just a quiet affirmation. We all saw a deserted Phoenix park. I believe you.

  2. tommy

    would say the closing off of the tuam site as a crime scene has nothing to do with crime or a criminal investigation
    Its to do with ensuring the general public cannot protest and embarrass the pope while the event is concluded

    1. Cathal

      Tuam was known about for years, Irish society was well aware what it was but ignored it as the kind of people who went there were considered less than them. The same attitude can be seen today in any member of Fine Gael.

    1. tommy

      Hopefully you are wrong Ron
      I think the trigger will not be be brexit
      But first the nation must fully capitulate.
      I keep changing my username even though I am banned.
      I am tedious and waste the time of the mods.

      1. ReproButina

        Lads, in seriousness, who do you think will replace them? FF&FG are the same. They’ve been conning the Irish for years pretending otherwise but nobody believes it anymore. Labour are dead in the water, SF have too much in their recent history to be trusted, the independents are, mostly, an embarrassment and the SDs and Greens are too small to do anything.

        So who is it that will come charging over the horizon to fill the seats in the Dáil and save us from corruption and endless can kicking?

        1. Ron

          It’s all eyes on the future of the Social Democrats for me… If they don’t fill the void of the disenfranchised and marginalised working and middle class in this country well then I think Sinn Fein will. I would much rather see the SD do it but if it has to be Sinn Fein to finally wake everyone up well then so be it. extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary changes

  3. tommy

    Spot on
    You see it with the homeless families
    I think its something in the Irish psyche
    Imagine the state uses taxes raised from the population to compensate the victims of the church and refuses to extract the money from those who committed these vile acts
    And still to this day they have this organisation teaching children delivering our health services

  4. Cathal

    Just as many animals in the teaching profession as the church. Big thing back in the sixties and seventies to have a teacher or a priest in the family no matter how unsuited they were for the positions .ask any older person what they remember about national school and they’ll tell you about the beatings. Old Ireland was a thug at almost every level.

  5. Papal Bull

    I see the apologists for the Catholic Church are out in force here. Is down? So, you’d rather look for ways out for the abusers and mistreaters of women and kids, huh?

    Some insight you have there.

    Grow up, show some respect. And stop having your mind and views made up for you by your parents, priests, brothers and nuns and their PR machines.


  6. SOQ

    I think maybe a little reflection is called for.

    I have a think for Irish churches, build 1900 – 1950. Every town and city has them, on the highest most prominent hill of the time. The attention to detail, materials used and quality of workmanship is even now breath taking. Money was no object and planning permission was a given, such was their power and influence, even in the north. All of this was going on while most people were living in the Irish equivalent of shacks. Breeding for the glory of God in absolute poverty, with families so large that the eldest became a second set of parents by necessity.

    And now, we have a situation where young people are wearing the event’s tee-shirts as an ironic fashion statement. Yes, the t shirts for this event are actually in demand. I don’t hold any malice towards people who went to see the Pope today; I’d even go as far as to say he is a decent man which means that he wouldn’t have had a look in back then but, my heart must go to #stand4truth and Tuam.

    I expect most other Irish people feel the same.

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