Chain Included


Astrid Fitzpatrick of the Dutch Bike Shop with the Dublin Lord Mayor’s new bike

Tomorrow, Dublin Cycling Campaign will present a new bicycle to Dublin’s Lord Mayor, Nial Ring,

Mike McKillen, of the Dublin Cycling Campaign, writes:

This will provide this Lord Mayor and future Lord Mayors a transport option to get around the city in a convenient, healthy and eco- friendly way.

The ‘Official’ Bicycle was crowdfunded by supporters of Dublin Cycling Campaign.

The bicycle is a Dutch-style city bicycle, which was provided at cost price by the Dutch Bike Shop in Goatstown [Dublin 14].

The bicycle, a Gazelle CityGo C3, is a robust city bike.

The front and rear light are integrated in the frame and are operated by dynamo, so batteries are a thing of the past.

There is both a ring lock and a chain lock included, the chain lock is stored away in a unique case that is built into the frame.

The pannier bag, also known as a saddle bag, sits on the rear carrier of the bike so that the bicycle carries the weight, rather than the rider….

Astrid Fitzpatrick of the Dutch Bike Shop says,

“We’re delighted to support this initiative and we really hope the Lord Mayor enjoys his new bike. We’ve provided a really superb Dutch bike for him, ideal for getting around Dublin’s streets as comfortably as possible.”


Dublin Cycling Campaign

14 thoughts on “Chain Included

  1. dhaughton99

    As an owner of 2 dutch bikes, thats just an awful looking bike.

    Just remembered that John Gormley asked me for directions to the Luas stop on the Naas rd the other night.
    Hello again John.

  2. Rep

    Actual lol. Niall Ring despises everything to do with bikes. He called the upgrade of the cycle lane on the Clontarf Road as being anti-car. Anytme he was on the radio it was to complain about cycling initiatives/cyclists/anything which made it slightly more awkward to drive into the city.

  3. missred

    Nial Ring, he who’d like to see Bertie get back into politics and who said he’d wear the mayor’s chain in bed if his wife let him. Gah

  4. The Dude

    Fair play all round.

    It would also be ‘wheelie’ good if the parked cars could be removed from the front of the Mansion House.

    This recently happened in the Lower Yard at Dublin Castle, which looks much improved as a result.

    Can’t think of any civilized European capital where the front of the Mayor’s mansion is used as a permanent surface car park.

    Come on Nial, you can do it – Please give some civic leadership by relocating the parked cars to nearby a car park? :-)

    1. Presbyterian Sponge Cake Sale

      The voice of the Gasworks-living Googler who bought one to cycle 35 to the gentrified pub speaks.

      Obviously never need on a Vanmoof in her life. They’re dismal.

    2. Termagant

      VanMoof’s claim to fame is taking an existing feature set and packaging it in a sufficiently ugly way to appeal to hipsters and yuppies

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