Mary Kennedy


Mary Kennedy

This afternoon, we published in detail a story on the Life Site website concerning remarks attributed to a person ‘identified as Mary Kennedy, of RTÉ,’ reportedly made in the press Centre in Knock, County Mayo during the Pope’s visit on Sunday.

Laura Fitzgerald, Of RTÉ, writes:

Mary Kennedy was not at Knock on Sunday so the article, headline and use of her photo is incorrect

Mary presented the Saturday night programme live from Croke Park in RTE 2 so wasn’t any part of coverage from Knock.

Also for the record that story was referenced on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland which was co-presented live on Sunday morning from Knock and on RTÉ’s One O’Clock TV news bulletin along with subsequent coverage.

We are very sorry to Mary Kennedy.

We should have verified the identification. We have contacted the journalist concerned and will follow up as soon as we know what happened.

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45 thoughts on “Mary Kennedy

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      To be fair to you, Bertie, you’re a stalwart stalker, sorry admirer when you put your mind to it.

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        Yep, I’m very discerning… I’m looking for a woman who combines the face of Mildred with the body of Mildred.

  1. The Old Boy

    And thus ends Broadsheet’s faltering attempt at “balance” by publishing the screaming abdabs of a Yank wingnut.

  2. Owen C

    Ok, seeing as my previous comment was deleted

    For the anti-establishment Broadsheet, who are backing the anti-establishment Presidential candidate, who is threatening people left, right and centre with defamation lawsuits, this is a bit awkward…

  3. curmudgeon

    Hmmm when I call Broadsheet out on their fupp ups they just delete the post and pretend it never happened.

  4. Frilly Keane

    The story now is who is the person that actually told the ‘merican journo that they were told not to report the story
    and who told her that twas RTE’s Mary Kennedy

  5. rotide

    it’s a shame the original comments featuring all the people saying the MSM cannot be trusted are gone now. The irony is overwhelming.

    “We should have verified the identification. We have contacted the journalist concerned and will follow up as soon as we know what happened.”

    This is what news organisations like RTE, The IT etc (usually) do. The original story is completely debunked by the statement by RTE above.

  6. Eamonn

    Story was was on the guardian, Irish Times, CBS in US, The Journal websites on sunday at 3pm.

    The news broke this part of the world in the morning and was everywhere by afternoon.

    I thoroughly searched the RTE news website at that time as I guesstimated that it would not be there :-).

    It was not there.

    No clue if it was on live RTE radio or tv but I thought the website omission was very striking.

    See this Thread :

  7. SOQ

    The best part of the Croke Park gig was the RTE bit after.

    Four Marys thinking of things to say which wouldn’t offend the grannys.

    We should send them all up to the border after Brexit.

  8. Bravo

    So basically: a conservative Catholic propaganda machine’s website sent some of their foot-soldiers who masquerade as journalists to Ireland to highlight the scandal about a pope they hate because he is too liberal in their eyes. They then are annoyed because the Normal media don’t jump on the scandal story immediately.

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