9 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Where can I go to learn Teresa May’s sexy dance moves? I need this in my life! Romance might well follow.

  2. Giggidygoo

    There’s no referendum now to stop SF putting forward the no confidence motion in Posh Boy Murphy. Will they? Or is it a case of them succumbing to the FF antics of the Grand Old Duke of Cork? I sincerely hope not. If they don’t do it, then they’ve proven correct the anti SF sentiment that they are just the same as FFG.
    Personally I would like to give a chance to a SF participitation in Government, but if we are going to get a no show in matters like Murphy, then hey may forget it.

  3. spudnick

    “Thwarted Dwarf” – I preferred their earlier stuff before they abandoned speed metal and sold out

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