This Sunday.

Michael Lyster will present RTÉ’s The Sunday Game Live for the final time when Dublin and Tyrone play in the All Ireland Senior Football Championship final, after which Joanne Cantwell will take over as anchor.

Mr Lyster first presented the show in 1984.

Watch his first time presenting the show here

Pics: RTE Archives

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3 thoughts on “Game Changer

  1. Joe

    WHAT!!! A woman is taking over a sports show.

    Jokes aside… best of luck to Michael and to Joanne in the new role. Overheard some auld lads at City West Hotel after the Limerick match commending Michael for his service over the years, and in the same breath marveling at Joanne’s work-rate and how she will be a worthy successor.

    1. A Person

      Why is it man v woman, why so pc. ML did a great job for 30 odd years. I’m sure JC can do the same.

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