Morning Crunches


Want a five-pack?

High Time.

The cookery show “where the cooking doesn’t really matter” tackles the ‘breakfast of champions’.

Matt (top right) writes:

Which crisp makes the best sambo in a brand blind test?

High Time

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10 thoughts on “Morning Crunches

  1. Dhaughton99

    I saw one of their videos last week on Reddit as a ‘promoted post’, in other words, a paid ad. Does BS get paid to post their videos? I did watch one before about onion rings or something and it was 11 mins of pure bull. Non stop yapping about nothing.

    1. Bodger

      Dhaughton, we don’t sell or ask for payment for posts. We’ve been saying this for years. For those interested, yesterday, we began tinting the ads (provided by evil Google) on the site a shade of grey following complaints that they were looking too much like posts (which they were). Sorry for being ranty, but there it is. Harrumph.

      1. martco

        @Bodger I suspect what Dhaughton is itching at here is the fact that this regular post is utter utter drivel & possibly the worst ever to be deployed on BS…and maybe a bit like meself when drivel like this exists plying its trade (or whatever the fupp its supposed to be trying to be doing) on the back of perfectly good food it upsets something deep inside all of us at some level

        anyway the answer is very very easy and I don’t need the internet to tell me

        everyone knows its the posh tayto (O’Donnells)

  2. Cono

    Ah come on, what is this? Are these fellas going to start replacing that other eejit who spammed broadsheet for years with his inane Americanised ramblings?

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