In fairness.


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  1. The Old Boy

    (In which the pot calls the kettle black)

    He’s been working on his “fond of a drop” complexion, hasn’t he?

      1. Col

        In fairness, what a life, that of an Iar-Taoiseach. Driven around by a Garda, earning more in pension payments than most people earn in salary, going to events with like-minded supporters.

          1. Owen C

            I met him right towards the end of his stint as Taoiseach, he was giving a guest speech at a work event I was also presenting at. He complimented me on my use of the PowerPoint ‘clicker’ (“good man there Owen”). I giggled and blushed a little tbh.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Enda was never afraid of a pint, so I’ve heard.
      I was going to post “Phwoarrrrrrr” but I just can’t do it.

          1. rotide

            Never been in it. Enda loved all hostelrys in D2 equally as far as I could see.

            Best time was seeing him on the 18th or 19th of december one year in McGrattens, absolutely drowning in 12 pubbers looking for selfies. It was pretty comedic, but throughout he kept that cheesy face of ‘Oh howiye’ that was permenantly plastered on his face. You could quote hourly rates his mother charged to his face and it wouldn’t dislodge that expression

          2. Happy Molloy

            The tragedy of Kenny is he’s a really warm, social, and affable guy in person. I’ve seen some of his biggest critics be surprised in that regard when they met him in person.
            He was never able to get that across on TV though.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      I must have missed the Mayo by-election, where he completely stood down from the Dáil after resigning as Taoiseach to become a backbencher for 3 minutes before fupping off

      1. Starina

        I would watch the bejaysus out of that. Antoni (*swoon*) could teach him how to make avocado blinis

      2. millie st murderlark

        I only saw Queer Eye for the first time recently. I was most pleasantly surprised. I may even have gotten a little teary.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Oh, I’ve seen (and cried through) them all.
          * Tan, french tuck
          * Jonathan, pizazz
          *Antoni, makes a cheese sandwich but he’s adorable
          *Karamo, patronising – holding book aloft
          *Bobby, amazing home makeovers in 3 days flat

          That’s it.

  2. johnny

    met him quite a few times in NY-always though he was a smilling,grinning fool completely in over his head.
    he ran around NY ‘selling’ Irelands state assets for pennies,was completely enamored by yank carpetbaggers and vulture funds, cut outrageous tax deals and implemented savage ‘reform’ targeting the weakest members of society.he hid behind the troika,despite having considerably more autonomy than he claimed,or led people to believe,but ah was a great man for a pint,the belle of the ball!

    “The nature of Troika supervision was thus quite different from the popular image of the external imposition of specific reforms. It also differed from my respondents’ expectations prior to the bailout process. While the deficit reduction targets put Ireland in a fiscal straight-jacket, they did allow some room for manoeuvre in terms of the precise tax rises and spending cuts that would be imposed to reduce the deficit.

    Experience elsewhere also suggests that different approaches could have been adopted: Iceland, for instance, chose a 50:50 balance between tax rises and spending cuts during its 2008 bailout from the IMF. The prioritisation of pensioners over children was, similarly, an inherently political choice. Thus, the losses could have been distributed in different ways, with those on lower incomes and children protected to a greater extent.”

    1. deluded

      Thank you Johnny, it’s a point that needs repeating.
      FF handed the financial meltdown over to a dying minister (shur no-one could say a cross word about Brian!) and then this shower of hoors hid behind the troika’s skirts.

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