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schick-free-your-skin-animal-beards-designboom-01 schick-free-your-skin-animal-beards-designboom-02 schick-free-your-skin-animal-beards-designboom-03
A new ad campaign by Y&R New Zealand for razor company Schick – the aim being to encourage the hipster about town to shave before their facial hair becomes ‘beastly’.

Fail. We want a ferret beard this minute.

According to the ‘creatives’:

…several test comps were done initially to explore the size, type, color & position of the animal. we settled on a mixture of ferrets for the limbs, face & tail & rabbits for the softer fuller fur of the body.  our menagerie consisted of 6 ferrets & 9 rabbits, all various colors….the rabbits were the best looking of the bunch although the ferrets had all the personality & a rather… unique… smell about them.’

Here’s how they composed the images.