‘We Need A Radical Shake-Up’


Labour TD Alan Kelly and Labour leader Brendan Howlin

“I think Brendan needs to consider what is best for the Labour Party into the future.”

“I certainly believe from a leadership point of view, after two-and-a-half years, we haven’t been able to turn the ship around. We haven’t even looked like we’re turning the ship around.”

We need a radical shake-up. We need to change the direction of the party. We need a different vision. We need far more energy.”


Comments made by Labour TD Alan Kelly during an interview with Fran Curry on Tipp FM this morning.

Labour needs ‘radical shake-up’: Kelly challenges Howlin’s leadership (Harry McGee, The Irish Times)

Tipp FM

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Martina Fitzgerald, of RTE, reports:

Mr Howlin said he was disappointed that Mr Kelly would make any comments that would seem like the party is divided when they need to work together. He said there is a collective leadership.

He also said that all the parliamentary party, which is made up of seven TDs and six senators, bar Mr Kelly support his leadership.

Mr Howlin said the majority of the party’s 50 councillors support him.

Howlin ‘disappointed’ by Kelly’s call for significant change (RTE)

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9 thoughts on “‘We Need A Radical Shake-Up’

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    they’d have a good shot at getting into power if they were a socialist party. As a ‘labour’ party is supposed to be. But just being a third string FF/FG won’t pull any favour. They were used by FG to dole out the dirty work, but they didn’t exactly shy away from it either. We got to see Kelly and Joan Burton show a genuine vitriol for the people they were supposed to be governing.

    1. Andrew

      In fairness the public sector were well protected by Labour.
      Then again most of their dinner party pals are middle class civil servants/ college lecturers etc.
      Labour are irrelevant now, but Howlin has been very quiet. They have to try something.

  2. Zaccone

    Kelly somehow manages to come across as both excessively clueless and scarily powerhungry. He’s the last thing the Labour party need.

    If they had more TDs they’d be as well off kicking him out.

  3. realPolithicks

    The labour party are like bruce willis in “The Sixth Sense”, they haven’t realized they’re dead yet.

  4. Otis Blue

    Here’s the 2009 rap homage to the man himself. It’s a classic of sorts


    Sample lyric:

    “His opinion isn’t outdated like lino in kitchens – and women like to say he looks like Brian O’Driscoll.”

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