Croke Park, Dublin

Dublin fans [taken by the photographers at The People of Croke Park] before and after the All-Ireland Football Final between Dublin and Tyrone. Dublin won securing their fourth Sam Maguire in a row.

David Quinn (another one), of The People of Croke Park, writes:

The sun came out and the fans came out in style. All Ireland Sunday had arrived and the The People of Croke Park were on hand to photograph it. We have now recorded one full season at GAA headquarters. We have the LGFA and the Camogie final still to come….

The People of Croke Park (Facebook)


This morning.

The electric breakfast.

38 thoughts on “Blue Monday

      1. Brother Barnabas

        the underpants also appear to be on back to front

        happens to the best of us on occasion, but still

  1. Worlds Biggest Ranter

    Whinging Culchies insert one of the following:

    Sure they’ve way more players to pick from.

    Ah sure its the population

    How can you compete with their funding.

    Its getting boring now.

    They should divide up the county.

    (none of which explains Kilkenny with a tiny population or Cork with the most amount of GAA Clubs)

    Anyway whinge away …..

    1. Frilly Keane

      I don’t know anyone that’s whinging

      only you

      and Cork might have the most clubs, but they’d be mainly Junior and Intermediate clubs
      that amalgamate and form a divisional side for the club championship
      Like say Joe Deane’s club Killeagh play under Imokilly in the Senior Club Championhip

      I’d say Limerick would have more senior clubs than Cork
      in both codes
      and you’ll find very few clubs the size of Enda’s (Ballyboden) outside of Dublin

      So if population and club size had an’ting to do with winning AIs
      then the Dubs would want ta sort out their Hurling record
      and start explaining their footballers previous dry spell

      Sum’ting else,
      No matter what size your club is, or where it is
      you win nathing without daycent players and that rare gift from the gods we all get every few years

      Henry Shefflin
      Nickey English
      Brian Corcoran
      Maurice Fitz
      Eoin Kelly
      Brian Whelan
      John Fenton
      ugggghhhhh Trevor Giles

      these lads have nothing to do with population or club set up
      I don’t know any genuine GAA person cribbing about Inter County losses being a population thing
      definitely at club level
      but not at Intercounty

      If you don’t have the players you don’t have the winning
      and at the moment Dublin a pulling handy footballers out’ve their ar_se

          1. Frilly Keane

            and note it brudder
            have I let one’ah them apes touch me

            as for losing the other ting

            tis hazy
            could’ah been a blah tbh
            but that could’ve have been the location
            probably a langer really

  2. Joe Small

    Dubs certainly celebrated last night. Dublin Bus running a skeleton service today due to drivers calling in “sick”. just like last year. And the year before. And…

  3. Elron

    There is something unique about these kind of common Dubliners. No-where else do you get that bad skinned, uneducated, entitled, lazy beast that is the true 36 county Re- ub a-lick of Ireland. Its like the unionist enclaves of Belfast. Years of having British soldiers for neighbours and being surrounded by people who hate you will do this apparently.

    1. Elron

      That was autocorrect actually. Anyway, back to my point. Its a purely Dublin, proletariat, colonised, urban peasant frame of mind that is like something you’d find in Preston, Carlisle or Leeds. Nothing Irish about it, which probably explains how they clench to the beautiful game as their only link with something more honest and pure that their own troubled origins.

      1. Worlds Biggest Ranter

        I have to hand it to you. As claptrap goes that took a monumental effort in ignorance. Steady yourself now. That level hatred which creates such a distortion of reality and delusion, all to help convince yourself of your own correctness, is – and I mean this with the greatest of concern – unhealthy. Seek help. There are options out there. You’re not alone.

      2. Brother Barnabas

        you’ve managed to cram four different levels of stupidity into that comment, which, if it all wasn’t so stupid, would be impressive

      3. scottser

        you do know we already have ollie/charger for this type of abasement?
        take a ticket mate, you’ll get your turn.

      4. Elron

        Ah, three Dubs step up to prove my point. The nasal whine of a Dub is testament to years of self abasement whereby their outward whinging has turned inward, generating an echo of pain and ignorance carefully nurtured through decades of shame. Abandoned by their mother country, they quickly realised that the rest of country rightly hated them for their treason and conspiracy. Now they seek some salvation through the Gaelic ways they fought to extinguish.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            4 for now, elron

            let’s not get ahead of ourselves (you know what theyll be like if we start on the 5 already)

          2. A Person

            Four in a row. Only 3 other teams have achieved that in 100 + years. Seems you are the only one whinging. Your’re not Ewan McKenna by any chance?

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