Members of the Garda Public Order Unit show off their riot gear during the National Emergency Service Parade [ from Parnell Square to Dublin Castle].

Which they are perfectly entitled to do.


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Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

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49 thoughts on “Show Of Force

  1. phil

    I think it would be better for everyone if they did not cover their faces.

    I wonder if their identification is on the back of their helmets? I hope so ….

    1. Starina

      sure they don’t want any of the lads to get in trouble after busting some disobedient citizen’s head open.

    2. Anomanomanom

      I was wondering why they need their faces covered. I can see the reason if its going into a “conflict” situation but during a parade.

    1. Papi

      Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want a top-of-the-line, crack squad of riot cops. It suggests something is amiss.

        1. Papi

          His mom is making him clean the basement. He’s huffing and puffing down there, but, once a month, without fail, he does. Boxers too, once a month, no arguing.

        2. Ollie Cromwell

          Immigration is certainly going well in Germany.
          Police have revealed the number of migrant murder suspects was up by a third last year.

          1. Papi

            Have a bit of a lie down now, your internetting is getting to you and you’ll do yourself an injury. There’ll be plenty of bilious hatred to spew tomorrow.

          2. Ollie Cromwell

            Fact is I don’t like to sugar coat the news.
            Here’s a list of the 100 murder victims in London this year.
            Can you spot a common theme ?
            Just asking.


            1) Kyall Parnell, 17, was attacked in front of horrified revellers on his way to a New Year’s Eve party and died after being chased through traffic in Tulse Hill, south London. A murder investigation was opened in 2018.

            2) Steve Frank Navarez-Jara was the first person to be killed in 2018. The 20-year-old was stabbed on New Year’s Day in Old Street, north London.

            3) Elizabeta Lacatusu, 44, who came to London from Romania to work, was stabbed in Redbridge, east London on January 3.

            4) Vijay Patel, 49, died on January 6 after being attacked outside a shop in Mill Hill Broadway after refusing a teenager trying to buy Rizla cigarette papers.

            5) Daniel Frederick, 34, died after being stabbed in Hackney on January 8 while walking home after attending a hospital check-up with his pregnant partner.

            6) Harry Uzoka, 25, worked as a model in London and was knifed in the heart in Shepherd’s Bush on January 11.

            7) Seyed Azim Khan’s body was found in Ilford Cemetery with extensive head injuries in February after he went missing on his way home from work on January 24.

            8) Yaya Mbye, 26, died in hospital after being stabbed in Stoke Newington. east London, on January 28.

            9) Juan Olmos Saca, 39, was stabbed in the chest in Peckham, south east London, on the January 29 and died a week in hospital.

            10) Khader Saleh, 25, was stabbed at Wormwood Scrubs prison on January 31.

            11) Eleven-week-old Lily-Mai Saint George was found unresponsive at an address in Tottenham on January 31. She died at Great Ormond Street Hospital three days later.


            12) Hassan Ozcan was just 19 when he died from multiple stab wounds in Barking, east London, on February 3.

            13) Kwabena Nelson, 22, a youth worker from Tottenham, died after being stabbed near his home on February 3.

            Elizabeta Lacatusu had her throat slashed in Ilford +19
            Elizabeta Lacatusu had her throat slashed in Ilford

            Hannah Leonard was stabbed in a flat in Camden in February +19
            Hannah Leonard was stabbed in a flat in Camden in February

            14) Hannah Leonard, 55, was stabbed in a flat in Camden on February 8.

            15) Sabri Chibani, 19, was stabbed in the chest in Streatham, south west London, on February 11.

            16) Bulent Kabala was the first victim to be shot dead in 2018. The 41-year-old was gunned down on February 12 and died at the scene in Barnet, north London.

            17) Saeeda Hussain, 54, was stabbed at a house in Ilford on February 13 and died from her injuries.

            18) Lord Promise Nkenda was just 17 when he was stabbed in Canning Town, east London, on Valentine’s Day.

            19) Mark Smith, 48, died from multiple injuries after being found unconscious in Waltham Forest on February 15.

            20) Lewis Blackman, 19, was stabbed in the early hours of February 18 after going to a house party in Kensington. He died outside the former home of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

            21) Jozef Boci, 30, suffered serious head injuries after being attacked on the street in Greenwich on February 17 and died in hospital just under a week later.

            22) Rotimi Oshibanjo, 26, was stabbed in Southall on February 19 and died from his injuries.

            23) Sadiq Mohammed, 20, died after being stabbed in Camden on February 20.

            24) Abdikarim Hassan, 17, a friend of Sadiq, died on the same night after also being stabbed in Camden.

            25) Amir Ellouizi, 24, was shot in Westminster on February 20 and died seven days later on February 27.


            26) Michael Boyle, 44, died from a single stab wound to the chest. He was attacked on 25 February and died in hospital on March 10.

            27) Christopher Beaumont, 42, was stabbed at a house in Hammersmith on March 1.

            28) Laura Figueira, 47, was found dead at her home in Richmond, south west London, on March 5th having suffered stab wounds.

            29 and 30) Later the same day, her husband Adelino Figueia de Faria, 57 and two young sons Claudio, 10, and Joaquin, 7, were discovered at the bottom of Beachy Head at Birling Gap, East Sussex, with all three having died from ‘multiple injuries consistent with falling from a height’.

            Russian socialite Nikolai Glushkov was strangled at his home in New Malden +19
            Russian socialite Nikolai Glushkov was strangled at his home in New Malden

            31) Kelva Smith was 20 when he died after being stabbed in the stomach in Croydon, south London.

            32) Kelvin Odunuyi, 19, was shot outside a cinema in Wood Green on March 8.

            33) Julian Joseph, 36, died in hospital 11 days after being attacked and suffering a serious head injury on a night bus in New Cross just after midnight of March 13.

            34) Nikolai Glushkov, 68, died from compression to the neck in New Malden on March 13.

            35) Joseph William-Torres, 20, was shot in a car in in Essex Close, Walthamstow on March 14. Two teens, 15 and 17, charged with murder.

            36) Lyndon Davis was 18 when he was stabbed in Chadwell Heath on March 14.

            37) Naomi Hersi, 36, was found with stab wounds at a hotel near Heathrow Airport on March 16 and was pronounced dead 30 minutes later.

            Jozef Boci, 30, was assaulted in Greenwich and later died from his injuries +19
            Jozef Boci, 30, was assaulted in Greenwich and later died from his injuries

            38) Russell Jones, 23, died after suffering from stab injuries and a gunshot wound in Enfield, north London, on March 17.

            39) Tyrone Silcott, 41, died after being stabbed in Hackney on March 18.

            40) Balbir Johal, 48, was admitted to hospital with stab wounds after being attacked in Southall on March 19 and died a few hours later.

            41) Jermaine Johnson, 41, was stabbed to death an an address in Walthamstow on March 19.

            42) Beniamin Pieknyi, 21, was found with stab wounds at the Stratford shopping centre in East London, on March 20 and was pronounced dead at the scene.

            43) Abraham Badru, 26, was shot in Dalston on March 25.

            44) Wieslaw Kopcynski, 59, died on March 27th two days after being found lying in bed in Barking with serious head injuries following a suspected assault. A post-mortem found the cause of death was a complex skull fracture

            45) David Potter, 50, was found dead inside a house in Tooting High Street on March 26 after suffering from stab injuries.

            Hersi Hersi was stabbed in Hounslow in March +19
            Hersi Hersi was stabbed in Hounslow in March

            46) Reece Tshoma was 23 when he was stabbed in Plumstead, south east London, on March 29.

            47) Leyla Mtumwa, 36, was found with stab wounds at a home in Haringey on March 30.

            48) Ourania Lambrou, 80, died in hospital after being pushed to the ground by her attacker in a drunken rage in Camden on March 31.


            49) Devoy Stapleton, 20, stabbed outside bar in Wandsworth in the early hours of April 1.

            50) Tanesha Melbourne, 17, was shot in the chest on April 2 after a drive-by shooting in Tottenham, north London.

            51) Amaan Shakoor, 16, was shot in the face, also on April 2 in Walthamstow and died a day later in hospital.

            52) Career criminal Henry Vincent, 37, died after being stabbed in the chest as he burgled Richard Osborn-Brooks’ house in Lewisham on April 4. The 78-year-old was initially arrested for murder but cleared of all charges and faces no further action.

            53) Babatunde Akintayo Awofeso, 53, died after fight at a bookmakers in Upper Clapton on April 4 following reports of an altercation with another man.

            Russell Jones, 23, became the eighth person in a week to be killed in London in March when he was ambushed outside shops in Enfield +19
            Russell Jones, 23, became the eighth person in a week to be killed in London in March when he was ambushed outside shops in Enfield

            54) Israel Ogunsola, 18, in Hackney after being stabbed, also on April 4. The victim approached police who performed first aid but he died at the scene after 25 minutes.

            55) John Maclean, 35, stabbed at a flat in the Isle of Dogs on April 12th.

            56) Raul Nicolaie, 26, stabbed to death in Zenith Close, Colindale at 6pm on Sunday, April 15th.

            57) Natasha Hill, 18, found dead with head injuries at an address in Sewell Road, Abbey Wood at 4.22am on Sunday April 15.

            58) Samantha Clarke, 30s, stabbed to death in Sudbourne Road, Brixton, at 6:30pm on Sunday, April 15th.

            59) Sami Sidhom, 18, who studied law and history at Queen Mary University, was stabbed in the back just yards from his home in Forest Gate, east London, after going to the West Ham v Stoke game on April 16.

            60) Builder John Woodward, 47, found dead on the roof of the Pressman Mastermelts building in Hatton Garden on April 17. Post-mortem gave cause of death as blunt force trauma to the head.

            61) Aaron Springett, 32, died after street fight outside bookies in Merton, south west London, after suffering from a blunt force trauma to the chest on April 20.

            There was outcry in April when Tanesha Melbourne, 17, was shot in the chest in Tottenham +19
            There was outcry in April when Tanesha Melbourne, 17, was shot in the chest in Tottenham

            62) Kwasi Anim-Boadu, 20, stabbed during a mass brawl in Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, north London, on April 21.


            63) Leon Maxwell, 38, shot outside Queensbury tube station on May 1. A 26-year-old man also shot went to a north London hospital.

            64) Rhyhiem Barton, 17, shot dead in broad daylight near his family’s flat in Kennington on May 5th.

            65) Onees Khatoon, 71, murdered at her home in Gade Close, Hayes, on May 13. Her son Majid Butt, 51, has been charged.

            66) Rosina Coleman, 85, found battered to death at her home in Romford on May 15.

            67) Abdulrahman Nassor Juma, 24, known to friends as Mani, fatally stabbed in the chest in Barking on May 17.

            68) Osman Shidane, 20, stabbed repeatedly in Ruislip on evening of May 15, died three days later on Friday May 18.

            69) Homeless Arunesh Thangarajah, 28, stabbed to death in Mitcham in early hours of Sunday May 20th.

            Rosina Coleman was battered to death at her home in Romford in May +19
            Rosina Coleman was battered to death at her home in Romford in May

            70) Sophie Cavanagh, 31, viciously attacked at an address in Bromley around 6pm on Sunday May 20.

            71) Father-of-two Marcel Campbell, 30, from Tottenham, fatally stabbed outside an ice cream parlour in Islington on Monday May 21st.

            72) Gerry Gaffney, 46, died in hospital on May 21st, eight days after being repeatedly stabbed near The Oval cricket ground in south London on Sunday May 14th.

            73) Molly Frank, 61, a care worker, suffered fatal head injuries at an Islington residential home on May 24 and died in hospital the next day. A special post-mortem examination gave the cause of death as intra-cerebral haemorrhage.

            74) Aspiring actress and singer Bethany-Maria Beales, 22, fell to her death from the 19th floor of The Heron, a 36-storey residential skyscraper in the City on May 26.

            75) Mark Fontaine, 41, from Walthamstow, repeatedly stabbed in Chelsea on May 30.


            76) Andra Hilitanu, 28, who was seven months pregnant with her third child, found stabbed in the neck at her flat in Brent on June 1st. The Romanian national’s family revealed that her unborn child also died.

            77) Edmond Jonuzi, a 35-year-old Albanian, was knifed in park and collapsed near Turnpike Lane station in north London on the evening of Saturday June 9th.

            Katerina Makunova, 17, was stabbed to in Camberwell in July +19
            Katerina Makunova, 17, was stabbed to in Camberwell in July

            78) Gitana Matukeviciene, 50 and originally from Lithuania, found with multiple injuries at a residential address in Dagenham on Saturday June 9th never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead on Tuesday June 12th.

            79) Mark Tremain, 52, died from his injuries on June 14th two weeks after being badly beaten near his home in Albert Square, Stockwell, on May 31st.

            80) Apprentice lift engineer Joshua Boadu, 23, died in hospital on June 18th, seven days after being repeatedly stabbed in Bermondsey.

            81) Matthew Thomas, 39, died shortly after being found with multiple injuries at a flat in Pimlico on Thursday June 21st.

            82) Slawomir Weglarski, 39, died after a fight outside a pub in Greenford in the early hours of Saturday June 23rd.

            83) Gita Suri, 56, found with stab wounds to her back in the garden of a house in Greenwich on Saturday June 23rd.

            84) Schoolboy Jordan Douherty, 15, from Chafford Hundred, stabbed to death after a birthday party in Romford on Saturday June 23rd.

            85) Ishak Tacine, 20, of Enfield, repeatedly stabbed in Edmonton following reports of an altercation between men armed with baseball bats on June 27th.


            Drill rapper Latwaan Griffiths died of stab wounds after he was dumped in a Camberwell street by a moped rider +19
            Drill rapper Latwaan Griffiths died of stab wounds after he was dumped in a Camberwell street by a moped rider

            86) Elderly woman Shuren Ma, 72, found with a fatal head injury at a house in Woolwich on July 1st.

            87) Janek Brakonecki, 57, a Polish national, found critically injured in a car park off Leytonstone High Road on Saturday July 7th.

            88) Katerina Makunova, 17, stabbed to death in a block of flats in Camberwell on Thursday July 12th

            89) Latwaan Griffiths, 18, from Southwark, died in hospital hours after being found with stab wounds in Denmark Road, Camberwell, on July 25. He had been dumped in the street by a moped rider.

            90) Sheila Thomas, 69, was found stabbed to death at her home in Casino Avenue, Herne Hill on Tuesday July 31st.


            91) Drill rapper Sidique Kamara, 23, aka Incognito, stabbed to death in Camberwell in an alleged gang feud on August 1.

            92) Thomas Peter, 50, of Valentines Way, Dagenham, has been charged with murder and arson with intent to endanger life after woman found dead in east London on Thursday August 2nd.

            Joel Urhie was found dead inside the burnt-out shell of his family home in Deptford earlier this month +19
            Joel Urhie was found dead inside the burnt-out shell of his family home in Deptford earlier this month

            93) Malik Chattun, 22, from Surbiton, stabbed to death in group fight in Kingston just after 2am on Aug 5.

            94) Seven-year-old Joel Urhie died in arson attack on his family home in Adolphus Street, Deptford, just before 3.30am on Tuesday August 7th.

            95) Simonne Kerr, 31, A nurse who starred as part of a the B Positive choir who reached the final of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent, stabbed to death at an address in Grayshott Road, Battersea, on Wednesday August 15th.

            96) Joseph Cullimore, 42, died after being repeatedly stabbed at a house in Chingford in the early hours of Friday August 17th.

            97) Gary Amer, 63, a plumber of Holborn, found with multiple knife wounds at an address off the Old Kent Road on the afternoon of Friday August 17th.

            98) Leroy ‘Junior’ Edwards, 66, found with multiple stab wound at an address in Catford in the early hours of Saturday August 18th.

            99) Kaltoun Saleh was badly burnt in a fire at a flat in Finsbury Park on July 5th and died at a specialist burns hospital on Tuesday August 21st.

            100) Carole Harrison, 73, found dead inside her house in Teddington following a fire on Wednesday August 22nd. A post-mortem found she had suffered injuries consistent with an assault.

          3. davali

            And in east Germany today neo Nazi’s were marching in cities
            Most disturbing just like the time when Hitler rose to power
            Europe is going in a dangerous path with racism used for the far right to get control

        1. Brother Barnabas

          well stand back a little, will you?

          I’d have guessed you’re one of those odd little tory fanboys with greasy skin and halitosis, and no understanding of personal space

  2. Giggidygoo

    A show of power. Kinda like North Korea.
    I don’t see any identification on them. Handy when smashing people’s skulls at protests. Dinnys new private army.

  3. Ollie Cromwell

    The sillies on here who spend their times complaining about how unprofessional and behind the times the police are then whinge like a kid with a smacked backside at the sight of riot cops finally having the same gear every other police force in Europe has had for decades.

    There’s some snivelling on BS this morning.

    1. davali

      Strange on the first day of a police commissioner from the north sanctioning this
      Is there a cryptic message here from what we can expect on our streets from a guy who is also tainted by savage unionist policing
      Riot cops
      No need and the timing?
      We have had enough of a corrupt garda without a garda ready to beat anyone who steps out of line
      Bad move drew

  4. Ian-O

    It’s nice to know that the next time they pick and choose which demonstrations to target (NEVER a farmers protest remember) and subsequently batter the protestors, that they will be doing so in nice, new gear.

    Also, I do not see any ID numbers which is to be expected. When one of them loses the plot and near kills someone this will ensure the ensuing shrugs are all we can expect.

  5. davali

    I see as new garda commissioner from midnight he is sending a Belfast style message to the rabble down south
    Missing is the rubber bullets
    I suppose Flanagan with the meeting today has commissioned the new equipment
    Getting more and more like north korea

  6. Lilly

    It all depends which side of the street the riot takes place. If it’s outside M&S on Grafton St, call the Blackrock riot squad. If it’s outside BTs, sorry that’s DunLaoghaire squad. What were you thinking.

    1. davali

      The excuse was that the new commissioner was making a statement that the garda is 24/7
      This little example of instilling subtle messages disturbs me
      It shows that soon we will have a police state under this guy
      Even during the selection process very disturbing questions were being asked about this guys fitness for the job and his role in the collusion of the police in supressing investigations regarding killings of citizens

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Didn’t find that weird at all – flexing muscle I gathered. A deeply republican associate of mine actually believed this appointment would end Garda corruption in such a positive way that it would outweigh the negatives in terms of state security and open 1970s and 1980s cases.
      I am more concerned about troop loyalty to this man. I don’t think he’ll have the old blue brigade behind him and will not last 12 months.

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