Audience Approval


Behold: the sumptuous interiors of the Delphi Lux cinema in Berlin’s City West district – an extensive foyer, two bars and seating for 600 in seven different auditoria, each one branded with its own combination of LED lighting and geometric decor.


9 thoughts on “Audience Approval

  1. paul

    if this had been around when I was photographing cinemas for my Masters project, I’d have been there in a shot. Beautiful stuff.

          1. paul

            thanks. The prints I have of them are saving me a fortune in wedding presents as my extended family seem to prefer them to IKEA vouchers and fancy kettles :)

  2. martco

    shout out for the best little mainstream cinema I’ve been in recently – if you find yourself bored down Wexford way try out the ARC (beside the train station in Wexford Town)

    everyone gets a big fat electric recliner, sound & projection gear is great

    only came across it myself a few weeks ago & I’ll def be returning

    ps. @Paul nice pics….the one of the mustardy coloured seats makes me want to slap em to see how much dust I can get to come out like on an oul Plaxton bus….brill

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