Meanwhile, In Monkstown


The late Eugene Lambert, who played O Brien in the RTÉ children’s television series Wanderly Wagon with Mr Crow in the Lambert Puppet Theatre in Monkstow, County Dublin on May 21, 2002



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23 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Monkstown

  1. millie st murderlark

    No! I’m gutted. It was a childhood staple. Even the mini murderlark has been to visit it and loved it.

  2. Giggidygoo

    Rumour is that the healy rae’s were interested, so that they would have a supply for killorglin going forward. The deal was cancelled after days of them sitting outside and shouting Hoi Forty Goats! and not one appeared.

    Any truth in it that Judge is in line to be the next Attorney General?

  3. Jayzus B.Christ

    Aw, man. We were taken the to meet Eugene by our old tutor in college (who had designed the Wanderly’s wagon). Eugene was a very nice fella, and even got Judge out and did his voice for us.

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