Meanwhile, In Glasnevin


Last night.

Spotted on a site on Botanic Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.

Some Dad tweetz:

“This went up on a new housing development planning permission notice in Glasnevin last night… well they are ugly in fairness…”

Glasnevin site makes close to €18m (Irish Times)

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9 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Glasnevin

  1. Rois

    The ‘only rich people can afford houses’ narrative kind of bothers me. I feel like it takes away from the hard work and effort to save that people from ordinary backgrounds also make.

    1. Alan McGee

      You can save all you like as an “ordinary person” you’ll never live in certain Dublin post codes.
      1 income of €50,000 and wife at home with 3 kids.
      €200 a month saved = €2400 per annum
      x 10 years
      = €24,000

      A former council house in the cheapest part of Dublin 14 €300,000

      €24,000 deposit after 10 years of saving not enough for the 10%
      €50,000 x 3.5 (central bank lending rate) = €175,000 – not half enough to mortgage the property.

      “Ordinary” people cannot afford houses no matter what they save.

      1. andy

        So you only start saving when you have kids? No savings beforehand?
        Why isn’t the wife out working….like most couples looking to buy a FTB home?

        So what you’re saying is they basically just save the child benefit of one child for 10 years.

        But yeah, richy rich bad

  2. Jonickal

    Good for them.

    And good for the rich, the banks, and future mortgagees/buyers.

    Good for everyone! Yay let’s all be happy.

  3. Rob_G

    “Those who long to be in grip of death” = (mortgage)

    Bless – the author is still young and free enough to think that they know better than everyone else; give it 5-10 years and they will be saving for a 3-bed in Kilbarrack like everyone else.

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