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Then Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the April 2016 launch in Glasnevin Cemetery of the Necrology Wall, where the names of all those who died as a result of the conflicts in Ireland between 1916 and 1923, are inscribed. These include members of the Black and Tans

This afternoon.

Following a third attack…

“…It is the firm view of Dublin Cemeteries Trust that if the wall were to be repaired for a third time it would be vandalised again.

Dublin Cemeteries Trust is not in a position to cover the costs of continually repairing the wall or in the position to provide the security that would be necessary.

Dublin Cemeteries Trust



RTÉ Broadcaster Joe Duffy, whose book Children of the Rising chronicled the deaths of 40 children during Easter Week, said he intends to hold a protest at the decision.

“I am deeply saddened and shocked that vandalism and thuggery has triumphed in removing the only memorial in the world that names the children and civilian men and woman killed that week.”

Surely our mature country can remember all those who died – most of them Irish – regardless of the uniform they wore.”

Glasnevin Cemetery discontinues controversial memorial wall after vandalism (RTE)


Hello you.

This afternoon.

Blackrock, County Dublin.

Stephen Stewart writes:

Thís is a small statue on a small island in Carysfort Park, Blackrock. I was hoping one of your readers may know the background story of the statue, how it came to be on the island? how he lost his arms..?




Glasnevin Cemetery.

Fluffybiscuits writes:

Those in Eternal Slumber having Sweet Dreams?

Last night.

On Saint Canice’s Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11.

Paul Guy tweetz:

It’s a sad day for Saint Canice’s Road. These mature trees, here since the 1930s are being felled tomorrow [Wednesday] by Dublin City Council. Massive loss for our road, our environment and the natural habitat trees support. Some could’ve been saved with responsible tree management.


This morning.

Glasnevin, Dublin 11.

Sam Boal/Rollingnews



This morning.

Stephen’s Green, Dublin

Sam writes:

An unusual site of a Terrapin Turtle sitting on the side of the duck pond this morning. Some say turtles like this left at the park due to the fact that they are difficult to keep as pets. Several have been reported being in the park…

Sam Boal/Rollingnews