9 thoughts on “I Kidney You Not

  1. postmanpat

    sure stay at home with mammy and daddy and tell them go & **ite with rent and you’d have that deposit saved up in a couple of years. After 10 years you’d have most of the money to buy a house out right. I woudnt panic about the house prices rising to fast. “they” try to spin it like theses goingto be a soft landing with frises in 2019. Mark my words, you’d get a house for half the current market price in a couple of years when the market crashes , and it will crash. “soft “landing !!? me **rse ! it will be a crash and IF you have the cash (the banks wont lend a lot during a crash, that’s the only catch) you could be living almost mortgage free. MOVE HOME!!! tell your boomer folks to suck it. Stop wasting €€€€ in rent. not near your job? you’d save more money on the scratch living rent free with the folks than working a well paid job and paying 2 grand a month in rent. do the math and at least think about it.

      1. postmanpat

        People complain about paying 2 grand a month on rent so yeah. Also I said a couple of years saving so if you saved 1500 a month you’d have the 32k in about 2 years. If your working that is.

  2. JunkFace

    The system works! This is exactly what the writers of our constitution imagined a hundred years ago.

  3. Andrew

    This person’s horizons don’t stretch beyond getting a mortgage?
    Just emigrate, you won’t regret it, but remember to stay away. Do not be lured back, you will regret it.

  4. Pat-the-barker

    The seller hasn’t said what blood type they have, if they have antibodies or any specifics about their tissue type. I doubt the seriousness of this offer.

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