My Father’s Eyes


The ‘How to be Sound’ podcast

Host Rosemary McCabe (left)  meets playwright Anna Sheils-McNamee, whose play ‘My Dad’s Blind‘ runs in the Dublin Fringe Festival from  September 18-22.

Rosemary writes:

I talk to Anne about her blind dad, Laddie the epileptic service dog and playing tricks on people with disabilities…

How to be Sound

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8 thoughts on “My Father’s Eyes

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      I’m not sure she’s on the right track: “playing tricks on people with disabilities” doesn’t seem that sound to me, wha’?

  1. Dub Spot


    Irish Times blogger and Stellar magazine knowall about fashion turned Repeal bandwagon jumper (see what I did there, bud?).

    I blame MOD of VIP.

  2. Wow!

    I don’t understand what the problem is? Isn’t it a good thing that she’s trying to learn and grow? As for the comment about her playing tricks on disabled people…….. so fupping what? As a disabled person the only time I care about a piss take is if the intent is to humiliate otherwise who cares?

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