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The How To Be Sound podcast.

With host Rosemary McCabe, who writes:

What’s it like growing up with curly hair, in a sea of ghds? In the latest episode of How to be Sound, I chat to ‘Curly Cailin’ Gabriella Strano (top) about her curly journey, the ‘Curly Girl’ method, puff cuffs, buffs, pineapples and wet plopping.

Alternatively a steam iron at high heat.

How To Be Sound

The ‘How To be Sound‘ podcast

Rosemary McCabe meets much-loved social media fashion plate James ‘Exchequer Street Boy’ Kavanagh.

Rosemary writes:

James talked about what exactly people mean by “PC gone mad”, the variety of STIs he has experience of and how he’d choose to describe himself, given that his main source of income is social media brand partnerships. (Hint: it’s not “social influencer”)…

How To be Sound

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The latest ‘How To Be Sound’ podcast.

Host Rosemary McCabe meets fashion designer Helen Steele (top).

Rosemary writes:

From €650 silk dresses to €15 leggings, designer Helen sat down to talk about her new high-street collaboration with Dunnes Stores, the ethics of impulse buys, how she loves Bono and why she encouraged her daughter Halle to pursue plus-sized modelling….

How To be Sound

The ‘How to be Sound’ podcast

Host Rosemary McCabe (left)  meets playwright Anna Sheils-McNamee, whose play ‘My Dad’s Blind‘ runs in the Dublin Fringe Festival from  September 18-22.

Rosemary writes:

I talk to Anne about her blind dad, Laddie the epileptic service dog and playing tricks on people with disabilities…

How to be Sound

How To Be Sound podcast.

Rosemary McCabe meets comedian Joanne McNally.

Rosemary writes:

I chat to comedian Joanne McNally about whether or not comedy should exist in a safe space, if cultural appropriation is something we really have to worry about and why her parents dressed her brother up as an SS officer….

How To be Sound

How To be Sound podcast.

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Host Rosemary McCabe writes:

On this week’s episode, I talk to senior reporter with The Times Ireland, Ellen Coyne (top), about a post-repeal world, her exposé on crisis pregnancy agencies and why journalism in Ireland is so very middle-class…


How To be Sound

How to be Sound podcast.

Host Rosemary McCabe (above right) writes:

On this week’s episode I talk to radio presenter Saoirse Long (top left) on making impossible decisions and the need to repeal the 8th…

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How To Be Sound

How To be Sound.

The podcast on how to be sound hosted by Rosemary Mac Cabe (left)

Liam writes:

On this week’s episode, Rosemary Mac Cabe meets beauty guru Caroline Hirons (top right) to talk about the internet, the real world and “preventative” Botox…

How To Be Sound

How To Be Sound.

A weekly podcast on how to be sound with Rosemary McCabe.

Liam Geraghty writes:

This week on How to be Sound – Rosemary (above right) discovers that all you need is love (and a good broadband connection) as she talks to Rena Maycock (left) of Intro Matchmaking and scrolls through yoga instructor Tess Purcell’s Tinder!

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How To Be Sound