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  1. Ollie Cromwell

    I see the walking managerial disaster and loathsome creature Roy Keane has been at it again.
    What is it with the FAI and appointing deadbeats to run their team ?
    That’s O’Neill as well as the Cork tosser.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      Steven McClaren and Sam Allardyce were under contract in Blighty, so we said we’ll go with a Roy.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        You need another English legend like World Cup-winning Jack Charlton,Ireland’s most successful manager.
        16 long years …

        1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

          Not many English people, never mind England legends, on the management circuit.

          The Premier League has 4 English Managers, Cardiff, Palace, Bournemouth and Burnley. I doubt any of them will finish in the top half of the table.

          1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

            just like 4 of the 20 Premier League managers. Did you know there are more foreign than domestic players in the EPL too, it is about 60 – 40 and only going one way.

          2. Ollie Cromwell

            Eoin Morgan and Andy Townsend are a perfect example of the two-way talent drain.
            England get the best Irish players who want to play for a decent side and Ireland gets those who can’t hack it on the mainland.
            Boom !

        2. ReproButina

          “You need”

          So you’re not Irish today? Do you toss a coin every morning to decide your nationality du jour?

      2. Martco

        nevermind the football management drama @Charger….what I’d much prefer to read about here is your opinions on Brexit, how the colonial Empire is actually in tip top shape & maybe some disparaging remarks about non-British citizens

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          Brexit seems to be tipping along nicely and we’ll know more about the likely eventual deal towards the end of the year.Some decent GDP figures out yesterday and exports in goods and services are rising.
          Don’t have any opinion on the colonial Empire.Never have done.It’s history.It seems to bother you though.
          And Johnny Foreigner ? They seem to quite like Blighty considering how many want to move there.Including lots of nice Irish people.
          Any other cheerful news you’d like to hear ?

          1. Listrade

            This is a bit like an impotent man celebrating getting a brief semi.

            For decent GDP, see Office for National Statistics, good weather meant that construction sector could be more productive and people went out and bought beer and barbecues. KPMG not so optimistic about that temporary growth. Good weather can’t maintain retail when wages are still stagnant and house prices are high.

            Exports were up, a small twinge in the groin, but the total trade deficit is £3.4 billion. Manufacturing is officially in recession. And who is to thank for that trade boost? EU. Those exports have been going to the EU. The imports have been coming from the EU. Hopefully there isn’t something on the horizon that might make that semi go flaccid.

            Basically that French and Saunders sketch with the two fat old men claiming “Fwoar I’d give her one.”

          2. Cian

            UK companies stockpile EU products and EU companies stockpile UK products.

            This would lead to a spike in UK production, higher exports and higher imports? I wonder has this behaviour been observer.

          3. Ollie Cromwell

            Pick a headline.Any headline.

            Deutsche Bank commits to London by securing new HQ – The Telegraph

            Brexit boost for London as Bank of America Merrill Lynch eyes new City base – Telegraph

            Wells Fargo buys 33 Central London office for £300 million despite Brexit – Business Insider

            Goldman’s new London office set for occupancy in 2019 | Reuters

            Bloomberg’s £1 billion HQ in London won’t have canteen… to encourage employees to go outside | London Evening Standard

            Google’s new YouTube space in London – Business Insider

            Google’s new £1bn King’s Cross HQ: 11-storey building will boast a swimming pool, gym, games area and a rooftop cafe | City A.M.

            Apple moving into London’s $17 billion Battersea Power Station neighborhood – Business Insider

            Amazon moves staff into huge London office in Shoreditch – Business Insider

            Amazon creates thousands of new jobs in another win for post Brexit UK and Expedia expands London office – City A.M.

            Alibaba takes space in Davidson Building in London – Business Insider

            Microsoft move to Paddington, London | Design Insider

            Expedia takes flight with 400000 sq ft London HQ hunt – CoStar

            Bennetts and AHMM design Facebook’s new London headquarters -Dezeen

            Snapchat sets up international office in London – BBC News

            Chinese swoop on Royal Albert Dock site for new financial hub in London as pound falls after Brexit | London Evening Standard

            Another addition to London’s growing skyline, the new ‘Jenga Tower’ in Blackfriars

            City of London ‘Cheesegrater 2’ skyscraper approved – BBC News

            City of London’s third tallest skyscraper, The Diamond, revealed – The Guardian

            London Docklands Wood Wharf phase 2 to start in 2019 | Construction Enquirer

            21 Skyscrapers that will transform London’s skyline by 2020 – Business Insider

            London’s skyline soars with record 510 tall buildings in pipeline – The Guardian

            More than 500 towers planned for London | Construction Enquirer

            UK set to become third global hub for biosciences as investment booms – The Telegraph

            London is Europe’s number one fintech hub for global investors

            Venture investment in UK fintech more than doubles | Financial Times

            London dominates tech start-up investment in Europe

            2017 record year for London and UK tech investment

          4. Listrade

            I checked a map instead. Turns out the UK isn’t just London. Who’d have thought.

            But that’s ok because all that means that those who are already incredibly rich can maintain their wealth while the rest of the UK falls.

          5. Listrade


            Alright. You know that climate change argument about how you can’t use one spell of weather to confirm or deny climate change…that.

            Couple of things to note. FDI in UK is as low as when we were at peak economic collapse. That’s not good. Of course there is still investment, the pound is weak, but a lot of tech (UK has a lot of eggs in the FinTech basket). Thing about tech jobs is it’s just an office, you can easily relocate. Other thing about tech jobs is it relies on a lot of foreign labour as there aren’t enough local skills.

            But then Paris is now the most attractive FDI city. It overtook London for first time in nearly 2 decades. That’s the same IBM report from the article you linked to. Technical term is called polishing a turd.

            According to EY, 50% of FDI companies expect to move assets out of UK once Brexit done. Wow. I’m sure you know this already but FDI really props up UK economy as it does here. Same report shows that the same companies have put a lot of investment on hold or even cancelled.

            The weak pound means some are happy enough to take a chance, but nowhere near as much as there should be. And there’s still way too much of a risk being taken with FinTech which is one big data breach away from an almighty popping bubble.

            None of which really makes any difference to manufacturing or agriculture or any other industry that isn’t sharing in myopia.

            Still. More skyscrapers for London. What could go wrong with relying on construction to make an economy look strong?

          6. Ollie Cromwell

            We did this last week.
            Panasonic moved their HQ out of London.
            Job losses = 10.
            And from E&Y.
            ” Britain as a whole remained Europe’s top destination for foreign direct investment in 2017, with 1,205 of the 6,653 new FDI projects in Europe, ahead of Germany’s 1,124 projects and France’s 1,019 projects.”

            The Brexit effect,eh ?

            NEXT !

          7. Ollie Cromwell

            Figures out today.
            Unemployment fell by another 55,000 between May and July to 1.36 million.
            There were 488,000 unemployed people aged from 16 to 24 for May to July 2018, the lowest figure since records began for youth unemployment in 1992.
            Wages saw faster than expected growth in the three months to July, as they continued to outstrip rising prices.

            Excluding bonuses, wages grew by 2.9%, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), well above the inflation rate.

            Earnings have now outstripped inflation for four months.

            Brexit,eh ?

          8. Listrade

            Except Brexit hasn’t happened yet, so UK is still creaming off its EU membership. That’s where most of its exports are going and that’s where it is importing most of its stuff from. That runs out March next year. That’s when the doom and gloom is predicted if there is no deal.

            Right now all the fluctuations are based on uncertainty. But what we have seen isL

            Inflation is growing faster than wages. Retail got a boost because of the nice weather. Not for long.
            Pound is weak (10% of pre vote value and 5% since April). That should mean everyone is rushing to buy British exports, but they aren’t. Growth in exports is just about keeping up with general economic upturn. It should be out performing it. But don’t worry, at least Sterling is performing better than the bolivar (Venezuela), but then out of the 140 currencies tracked for comparison sterling lost value against 120.
            Lowest growth of G7 while economies grow. Japan and Italy are struggling but still managed better growth by doing nothing. The rest of the G7 has seen better export growth and they don’t have a weak currency.
            And that whole deficit from trade? I mean it’s great to have a few headlines despite the trickle that is coming in, but to make up for the deficit the UK is borrowing on short term loans. That might not end well if there is no deal and the creditors want their money.
            The services industry (particularly finance) is propping up the jobs market and the economy. Construction is private office construction in London. The same sham that had a big hand in the last economic collapse.
            For every Farnsworth Good News Everybody you shout out, there’s investment that went elsewhere that shouldn’t have. You scoff at HQs with 10 people moving, ignoring that HQs are where the money is funneled. 10 people isn’t a lot, but the profits and patents that flowed through that office means a lot, that’s why each country breaks its back to get HQs set up there.

          9. Ollie Cromwell

            Who to believe ? All those hard-nosed foreign investors confident of Britain’s economic future or some anonymous bloke on an internet forum ?
            Mmm,tough one.

        1. Ollie Cromwell

          Shouldn’t you be worrying your silly little head over a baking show ?
          Or is it a dancing show ?
          Something undemanding anyway.

    2. Bertie Blenkinsop

      England have lost their last 3 games all the same, wonder how long the feel good factor will last if the run continues.

        1. Ollie Cromwell


          But at least you don’t fail to qualify for the Nation’s League …


          1. Brother Barnabas

            seeing as it’s only the fourth most popular sport in ireland, I don’t think anyone’s bothered actually

            as for your lot, though – it’s amusing watching you spunk yourselves with gleeful anticipation every time, only to fail yet again

        2. Bertie Blenkinsop

          Truth be told I don’t mind the English football team and Southgate strikes me as a good egg but there’s no disputing they had an easy run in the World Cup, I think that was lost in the euphoria.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            if you call throwing cafe chairs through windows and setting fire to ambulances “following their team”, then yes fair point

          2. millie st murderlark

            You know Ollie, hashtags aren’t actually a substitute for wit. They just put a hashtag in front of whatever vacuous stupidity you’ve decided to run with today.

            Also, bit rich to say anything about our supporters, don’t you think?

  2. Topsy

    I’m a big sports fan, including soccer. However I don’t know the name of any other international assistant manager, but with Ireland the entire story since he started has been about Keane. The FAI should dispense with this idiot immediately.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Swearing at injured players receiving treatment and squaring up to others seems an unusual managerial style in the modern era.
      And he’s just the oily rag not the engine driver.


    I will spell it out Ollie
    The problem with the Irish team is the FAI
    Its a little clique designed to enrich the board
    When Delaney goes we might just have a chance of building a soccer association to be proud of
    The genesis report exposed the cancer that ruined our chances in Saipan
    As usual they juggled got off the hook and now have a third rate team with a management/board wage structure that even the last world cup finalists association would be envious of

    1. rotide

      The cancer that ruined our chances in Saipan left on a plane before the tournament started.

      No doubt the FAI were behaving badly and taking the absolute pee with how they were treating players, but they didn’t cost us a quarter final place. Having one of the worlds best midfielders self destruct was a much larger cause.

  4. Ollie Cromwell

    A perfect summary of the current situation.
    Delaney does seem to earn a lot of money for someone heading up a country’s football team that hasn’t qualified for the World Cup since 2002.
    16 long years …

  5. Brother Barnabas

    looks like charger’s feeling the pressure

    watching bumbling boris, his fantasy bumboy, implode can’t be easy

      1. Brother Barnabas

        not to worry – it’s amusing me all the same

        have to go now, though

        things to do, you know? (well, no, you probably don’t)


      maybe because charger speaks the reality of when thighs go wrong you do not want to hear it
      You ridicule insult and mock
      We are talking about things that can ruin this country and we need to realise who are friends are
      The bust showed us exactly what Europe thought of us
      We are paying the price of team spirit on the titanic
      Listening to ray basset this morning on TV3 it was sense
      Listening to the Muppet he was on with showed stupidity on a grand scale
      I for one do not want to go down because the gutless government whose only concern is the public sector which were shielded by Europe as the price to pay for shafting this country
      Ray basset has another way which is prudent and keeps our nearest market instead of a hard border which is the reality with the EU and its FU UK agenda

          1. ReproButina

            Well we dealt with your nonsense about an EU FU UK agenda countless times but you don’t have any interest in facts so trying to engage with you is pointless.

            Your posts will be deleted in a couple of hours anyway which also makes engaging pointless.

      1. george

        “maybe because charger speaks the reality of when thighs go wrong you do not want to hear it” – you’re half right.

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          seriously why does anyone bite
          and respond to this knob ?
          naughty child ?
          remove the audience
          works every time

          1. Ollie Cromwell

            Without me you numbskulls would be pontificating about last night’s TV.
            And how dull your lives are.
            Admit it,you feel a flicker in the knickers when you log on to see what Ollie is gonna wind you up about today.

          2. Janet, I ate my avatar

            actually you will probably think result but you’re the main reason you and the other trolls that I barely bother anymore,
            boring tedious and chasing off any craic there used to be on here,
            job well done you must be saying to yourself
            I think it’s pretty poor judgement by the owners here to put up with you or as far as I can tell actively encourage you

          3. SOQ

            No we just wish you would go away oillie, genuinely just disappear.

            I am talking to the bore behind the troll here but you are not funny or humourous, you have nothing to offer this site.

          4. Ollie Cromwell

            Yet day in day out you can’t resist the temptation to comment on my erudite and witty contributions.
            Strange that, isn’t it ?

          5. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I think this is the first time I have ever responded to you and it’s definitely the last, I wouldn’t waste precious oxygen on your negativity
            I’d feel sorry for you but you’re just too obnoxious

          6. Leon Down

            Wow, SOQ, you really hate people who don’t fall in line with you, don’t you? You can’t stand the robust exchange of ideas that you may not agree with or support. Why don’t you head over to Twitter or Facebook or whatever your preferred safe space is? Somewhere, there must an algorithm that protects your purple-tinged la-la-land from the real world.

          7. SOQ

            Oh look and now another shapeshifter appears. If you think this poo is robust debate then I am actually sorry for you.

            Nothing against opposing opinions by any means but this relentless alt Right propaganda is dull as ditch water. It’s just plain boring and is switching people off.

          8. scottser

            i for one hope ollie sticks around until the next uk bailout from the imf so he can receive his due slagging from us. as for goody two davids above, i reckon he should receive some kind of ‘golden douchebag’ award from BS for the most changed username of any poster on here.

          9. rotide

            Agreed Janet, How in gods name has everyone not copped that Ollie is just a highly skilled troll. EVERY morning he spends about 10 seconds writing a clever piece of bait and EVERY morning there’s 57 replies calling him a spa.

          10. Lobster

            Couldn’t agree more. It’s such a bizarre pastime for anyone to have too. “I said offensive things and people got offended. Winning!” Seems to sum it up. Pathetic and the tedious repetition just drains the site of it’s charm.

          11. Ollie Cromwell

            What exactly is offensive by saying Roy Keane is behaving like a tosser in the way he treats the Ireland players ?
            It’s a comment on a major sports news story of the day.
            Or is it just because there’s a discordant sound in your cosy echo-chamber upsetting you.
            Grow a pair.

          12. Nigel

            Ollie is a portrait in failure. Every day he tries to goad people into making racist anti-English comments. Every day he fails. Very proud of Broadsheet commenters on that score.

          13. Frilly Keane

            I don’t bother wi’him tbh

            so did he have an’ting to say about all the ex-Prits swapping over to Irish Citizenship yesterday

            majority at that do in the NCH were former subjects of herself

          14. SOQ

            @ nessy, I have no idea what you said.

            There are two or three characters sitting on this site pumping out the same hateful bile 24/7. It’s not edgy and it is not new, it is bitter middle aged or retired men (always men) with nothing better to do with their lives and it is turning everyone else away.

            I know of one woman who doesn’t bother with here anymore. Her boyfriend is an immigrant and is having visa issues so is out of the country right now. Oh yeah.. he also earns well over 80K a year and his job is held for him until he gets back.

            Such a shame as Broadsheet used to be a place to learn.

  6. Ollie Cromwell

    ‘fings ain’t wot they used to be around here.
    We ‘ad such larks and japes on the forum in the good old days.
    ‘aving a good old natter and trilling uproariously over each others jokes and folderols.
    Why can’t we have our old forum back ?


      Never mind them Ollie
      They hate facing reality
      They hate hearing facts
      Soon they will ban you too
      Bet the SCUnit are posting bodger the list of who to ban and remove their posts soon
      And look another Ollie with a different avatar
      You definatly are on the naughty step

      1. Papi

        HAHAHAHAHA!!! Look at Charger’s back up!! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke. Enjoy yourselves boys, you both deserve each other.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Not now lovey I’m having a nice cup of Darjeeling with my feet up watching the cricket.
        Away off and find another adult to bother.

  7. Dr.Fart MD

    people of ireland: there’s a housing crisis. people don’t have places to live, thousands of homes are solely air bnb lettings, they’re building 79 hotels in dublin right now, but no affordable accomodation.

    the government: … em.. lets stop hotels charging tourists too much.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      People are not as engaged about homelessness as some on the internet/media would have you believe. It affects about 0.002% of the population.


      Ever wonder why they are not building houses or why no delivery of services?

      I think the reason is that there is no money left after the public sector wages/pensions are paid
      So what do we pay our taxes for?
      Employing public sector workers and paying their pensions plus servicing the debt
      Maybe this shower are clinging on to power so the other lot cannot see those books that tell the full story of how much trouble this country is in

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