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      Or the leaking of the cervical cancer report
      Ask yourself if you want a government in power that leak such a report
      The bit leaked is no inquiry so again the faceless horrors of people are protected as the victims die
      This was deliberate and we need to know
      Was Harris involved
      Was varadkar involved
      I wonder if Leo’s SCU is scanning comments because I see imam going to be banned again for that nugget

  1. Topsy

    Re ‘- concussion in amateur rugby. I didn’t know that amateur rugby was actually played in this country. In fact there’s are more GAA clubs in Co. Cork than there are rugby clubs in all of Ireland.

  2. Simplelife

    I don’t know why people are up in arms with what happened yesterday. Squatters barricaded in private property, property owner employs lads to get them out and take their property back, Gardai come to prevent attacks on the men who are LEGALLY taking back the property!! Although there is a housing crisis, a bunch of students squatting in a house won’t make a jot of difference. Builders won’t build faster, sparks wont wire quicker, chippies wont work any faster and planning won’t be hurried by these protests. If you want to protest lets organise a massive peaceful march through town to get some action but stop being ‘outraged’ over this silly thing where the property owner evicts ILLEGAL squatters from their property!!

  3. johnny

    Digical DeathWatch:
    Some recent interesting ‘news’ from Digi’s deathbed the pulse is weakening……..

    Local papers in Caribbean are now picking up the story,have’nt come across any discussion or analysis in the Irish MSM on DOB extracting such dividends.

    “The practice of the principals taking opportunistic dividends over the years with high holdings of debt would be concerning. One would expect the covenants under the restructured debt to address this fully,” stated Crooks on Tuesday.”


    Nice piece in FT (apols paywall),covers INM and Digi.

    “The question now is whether bondholders — among them Ashmore, BlackRock and Eaton Vance — accept the restructuring plan or seek more favourable terms. Investors contacted by the Financial Times declined to comment. But the banker familiar with the talks said “a wide range” of opinion was expressed on the conference call last Wednesday with an ad hoc bondholder committee represented by Akin Gump, a law firm.

    “It’s not a homogenous view,” said the banker. “Whenever you have a distressed bond and present an offer, there’s always going to be push back from the investors.” On Friday night, Digicel extended by a fortnight until September 28 the early tender deadline for the offer.

    According to the banker, however, Mr O’Brien has stressed very heavily that bondholders are not being asked to accept a principal haircut or reduced coupon payments. “All that’s being asked is really a two-year extension.”


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