Do You Like Spiders?



‘In an attempt to secure their long-term future and prepare for a baby, Conor buys Alice a Chilean Rose Tarantula named Bellhop.

Understandably upset, Alice leaves and Conor’s obsession with Bellhop begins… Brace yourself, this is the greatest spider story since Charlotte’s Web, the most heroic spider since Spiderman. The most romantic spider story… ever.’


A story about love and spiders.

Opening 1pm tomorrow, Thursday, in The New Theatre Temple Bar as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival.

Bring a friend.

Arachnophilia at the New Temple Theatre


Conor and Alice in Arachnophilia

The producers of  Arachnophilia would like it to be known for those scared of spiders that there will be no actual spiders in the show.

2 thoughts on “Do You Like Spiders?

  1. Gabby

    Little Miss Marney
    sat on her barney
    eating her crack & whey.
    Along came a spider
    and sat down beside her,
    So she bashed it
    and smashed it
    with a hash tag.

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