“I Deeply Regret Mandatory Reporting Procedures Were Not In Place At The Time Of Máiría’s Disclosure”


From top Máiría Cahill; Sinn Féin President Mary Louy McDonald

Further to the publication this morning of a Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland report that found Máiría Cahill was failed by a “disjointed police investigation”.

Ms Cahill, a former Labour Party Senator and now SDLP councillor in Lisburn and Castlereagh County Council, said she was raped by an IRA member between 1997-98 and subjected to an IRA investigation into her claims including a face to face meeting with her alleged rapist in 2000.

A subsequent trial later collapsed and MS Cahill had criticised the handling of her case.

This afternoon, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald said:

“I welcome the publication of the Ombudsman’s report and the fact that the PSNI have accepted and will implement the recommendations of that report.

Abuse has scarred too many lives across Ireland. We all have a responsibility to keep children safe. I have no doubt that the three women at the heart of this report have been through an ordeal.

I want to commend their bravery, in particular the bravery of Mairia Cahill for waiving her anonymity.

Sinn Féin has robust procedures in place for mandatory reporting of abuse. I deeply regret that these procedures were not in place at the time of Máiría Cahill’s disclosure. For this I unreservedly apologise.”

Mary Lou McDonald responds to Police Ombudsman’s report (Sinn Féin)


Ms Cahill said on Twitter that she is not satisfied with Ms McDonald’s apology.

McDonald apologises to alleged abuse victim Cahill for ordeal (RTÉ)


78 thoughts on ““I Deeply Regret Mandatory Reporting Procedures Were Not In Place At The Time Of Máiría’s Disclosure”

  1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

    Gerry Adams said there was no cover up and Ms Cahill was not put before a Sinn Fein/IRA kangaroo court. Except she was.

    Hiding terrorists was bad enough, but hiding rapists and peados is fuppin disgusting.

    Shame – Sinn Fein have none.

    1. Clampers Outside!


      or should that be plus twenty odd – the number Michael Martin gave for persons who were assaulted by the rapists and paedos SF kangaroo courts released free to abuse in the South.

      Fupp SF! …about as sincere about their apology as the RCC for doing the same crap of shifting abusers around the country. Scumbags.

    2. Giggidygoo

      ‘…but hiding rapists and peados is fuppin disgusting’
      Thoroughly agree and not only in SFs case, but also FG (Noonan and his support of the predominant and rapist in the Grace case), not forgetting FF and their shying away from the Kenneally.

      So just to get it straight, let’s call a spade a spade. SF hid them, FG hid (more than hid actually) them, and FF hid them. It’s easy to guide comments to the party you don’t like, but if you are doing that, then you have to give an equal sounding to FG FF ?

    3. RuilleBuille

      Ms Cahill asked the IRA to trial Martin Morris. The IRA didn’t initiate this (although they shouldn’t have been involved at all). Morris was put out of the country as a result.

      Ten years later, at the behest of Tony Catney, chief of staff of the Real IRA, who she was romantically involved with, Ms Cahill went public and reported the alleged abuse to the PSNI. Morris was found not guilty in a court of law.

    4. thyme

      Bet she really regretted the fact all the filth came out, regarding the sexual jollies of certain members of republican movement, and what’s worse were the killing of children by the IRA
      Remember Tim Parry 12 years old
      A party with blood soaked hands that cannot be honest with its past.
      Lets hope the ghosts of their organisations military wing keep haunting them till they have the courage to face their vile past.
      She needs to disclose the places where the disappeared are buried if only to show human decency
      Yes a war was waged and yes violence was used
      We have the GFA and at least give peace to the families whose loved ones died
      And god help this nation with a president from Sinn feinn(I am virtually physically sick thinking of the prospect of this)

      1. johnny

        It’s almost the end off 2018,these events happened over 20 years ago, please join us in moving forward into 2019,not 1986.
        Would you like to discuss the report from the NI Police Ombudsman into the failure off the RUC to investigate 3,yes there actually were three women who made very serious complaints, amid widely reported,credible allegations that the RUC was protecting informers.
        You psychosomatic illness would appear to be having some side effects,’gods’ helpers have helped the nation enough,but thanks.

  2. Ollie Cromwell

    The plain fact is Mary Lou is simply the mouthpiece for the PIRA Army Council in Belfast.
    Much as I admire her Sinn Fein is still the unacceptable face of a terrorist organisation.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      “Admire” ….wtf! Herself and Pearse Doherty shouted denials at TV cameras until they were blue in the face when the courts story broke. Putting party before people.

      Again, I say, scumbags!

      1. Giggidygoo

        I haven’t a memory of them shouting anything of the sort to the cameras. Did they?
        I did read of Noonan denial of acting in support of the ‘foster father in the Grace case – funny how the Commission of investigation, due this year, has been (in May this year) granted an extension of a year.
        Funny though – i’d believe Garry O’Halloran sooner than Noonan.

          1. Giggidygoo

            Can you give a link to them shouting denials to the cameras – as they were cameras, surely such a link will exist?
            What did she apologize for on RTE – again, surely a link is available?

          2. Giggidygoo

            @Clampers. Bit of a difficulty reading my comments then? Run away boy. Toddle along. Suckle Noonan, Varadkar, Harris (x2), Murphy tsk tsk.

      2. Alan mc gee

        clampers outside and spaghetti hoop are vigorous Sinn Fein opponents.
        you’ve had almost 100 years of uninterrupted switching between FF and FG service for what.
        Sinn Fein are untested in 100 years of public service.
        spag hoop & clampers are the worst kind of cock blockers.

        1. Giggidygoo

          I know their anti SF bias. Just keep calling them and their FFG similarities to what they’re outraged about out and they run away.

          1. Giggidygoo

            Can you give a link to them shouting denials to the cameras – as they were cameras, surely such a link will exist?
            What did she apologize for on RTE – again, surely a link is available?

            That type of running away.

          2. Giggidygoo

            Still waiting for amy links you can provide to support your argument. Looks like you haven’t any. Toddle along boy.

        2. Trouble

          Other than the fact that every single original FF and FG member had been members of SF beforehand? It’s like red Pringles

        3. Rob_G

          @ Alan –

          SF are “running” things in the North. Other than introducing water charges, achieving one of the highest rates of social deprivation in the UK for their West Belfast heartland, and not turning up to work for the past year and a half, what is it that they have achieved up there that inspires you with confidence that they would do a good job here?

        4. LeopoldGloom

          They’re not untested. They have had authority up north, and have been awful up there at times too as FF/FG have been here

          1. Giggidygoo

            The purse strings are held by London. Maybe FF will change things up there when (if) they decide to participate in elections. FG/DUP aren’t doing much anyway.

        5. thyme

          so what ? Alan mc gee
          Its normal in politics
          Voting for parties that suit your circumstances
          But Sinn feinn
          A party sporn out of a terrorist organisation that cannot be honest with its roots
          To this day Gerry and martin god rest his soul stated they were not members of the paramilitaries
          If they cannot be honest about them selves then what hope have we got that they are honest with us
          Brexit will be Sinn feinns defining time
          Defined from whether the military wing will start their murderous ways again or not
          Until that face is seen voting for them is a vote for terrorism

          1. Giggidygoo

            Martin McGuinness did say he was a member of the IRA. Instead of spewing waffle, do a (very) little bit of research.

    2. Brother Barnabas

      the “unacceptable face” won 23 seats in the last GE, making it the third biggest party in the state. And routinely secures around 25% of votes in NI. anyone without an agenda would regard that as fairly acceptable.

      1. Ollie Cromwell

        Oh,I don’t deny the their electoral success and hopefully in time they can distance themselves from the violent past of their associates.
        But Mary Lou’s overnight flip-flop on the border poll a few weeks ago was very revealing.

        1. Giggidygoo

          Like the fear of having water turned down to a trickle? Like a display of balaclava-covered faces? Like the A-team van? Like Noonan and what he did to Bridig McCole? Like fisticuffs Feighan? Like Sean Conlon glassing someone.The FG boyos are well versed in instilling fear, and well capable of violence.

          1. scundered

            Bit of a difference between that and bombing the crap out of anywhere that doesn’t agree with your politics though, not to mention robbing banks, punishment beatings, extortion, making people disappear, killing Gardai, the list is harrowing by now.

          2. Giggidygoo

            @Scundered Obviously everything i’ve listed is relatively ok in your book then. You made a statement about a party thriving on ignorance and fear. Sauce for the goose etc. FG are men of violence but it doesn’t bother you. Clap clap

  3. johnny

    The report address the failure of the RUC to properly investigate these allegations, as it was suggested they were protecting informants,its not about SF at all.

    ‘An investigation by the Police Ombudsman’s Office of a complaint about how the PSNI handled reports of alleged child abuse has found that police failed those who were said to have been abused.
    The investigation also found that the PSNI’s predecessor, the RUC, had information about the alleged abuse ten years earlier but did not investigate it.”

    It’s simply craven and disgusting, that regular commentators on here use these extremely serious allegations of child abuse,rape and the failure of the policing authorities to properly investigate them to score cheap political points, have some respect for the many victims failed by the RUC,regardless of political party affiliations.


    Well done Mary Lou.

          1. johnny

            Maria made a very serious complaint to the police ombudsman over the handling off her allegations by the RUC,this post is about that report,which was highly critical.

            There’s a high probability she or a family member is reading this, try to have some decorum and class like Mary Lou,this is not about your self loathing or insecurity complex or lack of liathroidi,its about the failure off the RUC,amid allegations that they were protecting informers.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            Mary Lou has no class or decorum that I am aware of.

            – –

            If you read this Ms Cahill, fair play to you on not accepting Mary Lou’s tawdry apology, she has form in delivering such!

            With you all the way!!

          3. Clampers Outside!

            I thought I was below your pay grade… is it a payment for being a shill for SF you mean, I do wonder.

            That wouldn’t be too high now, in fairness, as you’d have to give most back to the party, yeah. You know, the pretend manner SF do, pretending to be doing it for the people, when in reality it’s just to keep the coffers of the party full, init.

          4. Clampers Outside!

            Ya know Johnny, you’ve some warped notion of class / decorum, praising ML, when Maria herself called the apology ‘woeful’.

            I am absolutely certain, I’d put my house on it, that your praise would cause more pain to her or her family than anything else said here, in all fairness.

            Warped I tell ya.


          5. johnny

            Dharling,to paraphrase a famous model I don’t get out of bed for what you make in a month, actually probably a year…….
            I’m not sure what exactly your trying say or imply are you ESL, but I’m about as far from a party employee or shrill as you can get,stay classy;)

          6. Cú Chulainn

            You’re quite right Johnny. It goes back to the notion of equality in NI. Nationalist victims of crime have not received equal treatment from the state. That’s what this is all about.

          7. Clampers Outside!

            You’re still interacting? You said i was below yizzer pay grade. I was clearly having fun with that….

            Maybe you should go to bed, good lad. Have a sleep on why you’ve praised a paedo/rapist protector, as in, protected by releasing them through kangaroo courts, sending them across a border to go free and abuse again. Sleep on that will ya.

          8. Cú Chulainn

            It’s even worse to show you were waiting..!! Anyway, this was as much a rape as the story from the Snapper. I’m not saying it wasn’t, just that attitudes and perceptions change.

          9. Rob_G

            “Anyway, this was as much a rape as the story from the Snapper.”

            – when all else fails, imply that the rape wasn’t really a “rape”

            100 ‘Sinn Féin online activist’ points for Cú

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    I’m vewwwy vewwwy sowwwy that, like the catholic church, we in Sinn Fein were more concerned with protecting our hierarchyof t̶e̶r̶r̶o̶r̶i̶s̶t̶s freedom fighters than reporting rapists and abusers. Our policy of “snitches get stitches” is currently under review. -President Jarry… err Mary Lou.

  5. Dub Spot

    Mandatory Reporting Procedures for dissident republications against the peace process. People like Cahill.

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