12 thoughts on “Mallorca Nights

  1. Dhod

    All curry’s served with rice and chips €8.95, a few pints of laaaaga and pop into music Dave from newcastle. These are the sort that get irritated when the Spaniard in the other side of the counter doesn’t speak English. They also voted leave and are in for a shock next year when they realise going on holiday won’t be so straight forward

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Ah,a Brexit rant over a mildly amusing photo of a chap from Newcastle singing a few ditties.
      The Irish do seem a bit panicky now the departure date for Blighty is closing in.
      You can see why Sarkozy was able to bully an entire country into voting differently in a
      second referendum.
      The Fighting Irish mehole.

  2. kellMA

    Pasta and chips… the ultimate anti-Atkins.
    Dave from Newcastle; a pretty grim prospect for a night out. May my life never suck that much..

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