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  1. Clampers Outside!

    Broadsheet pre 2017:

    Person A – I like apples.
    Person B – I like pears.
    P. A – That’s cool.
    P. B – Yeah.

    – – –
    Broadsheet 2018:

    Person A – I like apples.
    Person B – So you’re anti pears then.
    P. A – No, I just prefer apples.
    P. B – So you hate pears.
    P. A – I never said that.
    P. B – F*****g pear hater.
    P. A – I don’t hate pears!
    P. B – Yes you do. You make me sick.

    (Stolen from Twitter)

          1. bisted

            …Mani was on here recently…a message directly for Clampers as I remember…still has that Mick Flavin avatar…

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Apparently the Dalai Lama is a neo-fascist now, after he said that “Europe belongs to the Europeans” in Malmo, Sweden earlier this week. The Left has lost any sense of real or genuine thought, and sheepishly follows the radical Leftist hatred of anyone who disagrees with them.

        This is why the far Right is on the rise… identity politics; the nonsense that all cultures are equal; the refusal to push for integration; the belief in multiculturalism, even when some of its’ biggest cheerleaders, Merkel, have said that it has already failed as an experiment.

        Yet, the Leftists keep pushing it… and then they wonder why the Right rises…. Ideological unthinking simpletons. That’s how people like Hungary’s Orban came about.

        – – –

        I’ll await the commencement of a possible exchange similar to the one I outlined above, after this :)

          1. Dub Spot

            So you love the Pope then?

            In fairness, buddhists have always been a shower of sectarian, racists, ethnic-cleansing bastards. The Dalai Lama is Aung San Suu Kyi in a worse dress.

          1. Freedom

            The funny thing is I don’t think they even pay them in cash. Seeing their name in print is enough seemingly. Did you not see the other day someone was saying that it was a bit rich broadsheet claiming to be on the side of the worker etc while it was effectively a neoliberal sweatshop itself and Sibling I think it was came in and said he gets no money. It’s a great venue for frustrated “artists” and self-styled comedians ( Terry McMahon a case in point) with the ego of a totalitarian government, to come in and rant and bitch about what is wrong with the world and how only they have the answer. Sort of religious nuts.
            Clampers, newsjustin, abm, Tony groves, rotide etc – all cheeks of the same arrrrrse

      1. CoderNerd

        A feature where you can set some commenters to ignore would be handy.
        I don’t mind alternate view points but some of the vitriol poured on people here is disgusting. Especially when they do it in reply to pretty much every comment on an article.

        The old Irish thing of sticking your head above the parapet comes to mind and I believe there are media professionals in the comments solely to disrupt every post and wage some sort of vendetta against the site owners.

        It definitely was a more friendly place back in the day, more akin to the BOTT chat pit .

        1. Lilly

          The thing is CoderNerd, it’s probably no more than one or two abrasive little weasels. They have ‘tells’ though, so it’s easy enough to spot them. In the absence of an ignore button, just scroll past them once they’ve shown their colours. I agree it’s a relatively recent thing, maybe dating back to the Kate Fitzgerald story.

          1. Freedom

            That miggeldy character doesn’t like frilly and seems to know her personally

            Someone who knows memes as well

            You should never meet your heroes IRL

            He’s on the money about yourself though Lilly

        2. BTBarnham

          Thoughts from a long time lurker.
          Clampers legit ..just hates the world / females
          Cian …bot / brainwashed ? ..I’d like to think he’s not a troll ..he’s like a young Sean O’Rouke fire fighting with state sanctioned analysis to deflect from crisis to disaster .but there’s deffo a bang of Dalkey Dad is involved with Tammany Hall Gael off him .
          Oliver ..well just scroll past.
          Mary’s ridiculously contrived handle …again scroll past
          Are you alright hun Shayna
          Jason cartoon
          Al shek
          and too many more lost to the bird song

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Correction – I love the world, and no better time to be on it; and I do hate ‘gender feminism’, not to be conflated with women, or genuine equality, good lad.

            Thanks for playing!

          2. Róisín

            I’m a longtime lurker too, US based now sadly and BTBarnham’s contribution was clearly written by Frilly Keane. This place is nothing but a joke these days.

          3. Freedom

            Which of your numerous degrees has given you this uncanny sixth sense?

            My guess is it’s the Masters In silly

      1. johnny

        Is Bloomberg not available where you are -its non paywall, are you looking for me to summarize or paste and clip the “good bits” ?
        Its basically a sly dig at Dennis O’Brien,but you already know that :)

        1. Biggins

          mate, what’s with the aggressiveness? it was a sincere question, I read it and didn’t see what it had to do with Ireland

  2. jon

    when will they ever get it tax breaks are viewed as more profit
    It will drive rents up further
    Bring in rent controls like in Germany

      1. SOQ

        The ‘cloud’ was the biggest IT sales scam ever. Third party storage doesn’t sound the same somehow.

        Of course you can never really delete anything once it is in the ‘cloud’.

      2. Clampers Outside!

        But they got rid og all the comments bar two… :/
        I commented, nothing nasty, nor personal, and even said I enjoyed the piece.

        Hadn’t looked in on it since Friday though, whatever happened since…

        1. Freedom

          That miggeldy character doesn’t like frilly and seems to know her personally

          Someone who knows memes as well

          You should never meet your heroes IRL

          1. johnny

            it appears to have all kicked off over GoD and the election,esclated into fat shaming,skinnny jeans at 50 and caravans :)
            ‘tray bakes’ was a constant-have no clue what that is so……

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