Raising The Farm


Poulaphuca Reservoir, County Wicklow

Poulaphuca Reservoir, County Wicklow

An Garda Síochána write:

While patrolling the Wicklow division The Garda Air Support Unit noticed the ruins of a homestead and a piece of farm machinery (mowing bar) on a raised piece of land which had previously been submerges in the lakes…

Agricultural homestead?

Or early dumping place?

We may never know.

Retreating waters in Co Wicklow lake expose ruins of homestead (RTÊ)

9 thoughts on “Raising The Farm

  1. Joan

    The gardai, in balaclavas, will be evicting the family as soon as they can find a private security firm to help them.

  2. Truth in the News

    Where were the custodians of law and order when the people in the Poulapucha Valley were forced
    out of their homes and farms in the late 1930’s by Mr DeValera and since it is now proposed to pipe
    the Shannon to Dublin what need is their to keep the area flooded..

  3. Dub Spot

    Again, why are we paying taxes to the State to fly helicopters over Poulaphuca? This discovery could have been made with a 200 Euro drone operated by a kid.

    It’s probably already in Daft.ie.

  4. Ben Redmond

    More than 30 years ago, after a period of drought, the Blessington lake level dropped, revealing the remains of dwellings that had been inundated when Poulaphuca dam was constructed. Photos appeared in the papers. It is necessary when reservoirs are created by dams that dwellings in the immediate area be evacuated. If you visit the town of Merano in Northern Italy, you will see in the middle of a lake the jutting spire of a church that was inundated when they built a dam many decades ago. Dublin needed drinking water, so people had to be moved. Pouaphuca dam was part of the hydro-power infrastructure needed for industrialisation. It is a historical inaccuracy to say, retrospectively, that de Valera was anti-modernisation.

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